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2019-2020 Annual Information

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ANNUAL INFORMATION2019-2020RECEPTION, FORBES HOUSEAll campus visitors must check-in and receive a badge. Monday to Friday (Term Time) Monday to Friday (School…
ANNUAL INFORMATION2019-2020RECEPTION, FORBES HOUSEAll campus visitors must check-in and receive a badge. Monday to Friday (Term Time) Monday to Friday (School Holidays) SCHOOL SHOPMonday & Wednesday Tuesday & Thursday Friday CENTRE FOR ENQUIRY Monday - Friday 0745 - 1745 0830 - 1200 & 1330 - 1630 1005 - 1035 & 1220 - 1415 1005 - 1035 & 1515 - 1720 1005 - 1035 0800 - 1700HEALTH CENTREAppointments: 024 496 6133 | Emergency Mobile: 079 293 02 00 Monday-Saturday 0830 - 1200 1200 - 1245 1245 - 1600 1600 - 1700 from 2130 Open (Appointments Only) Closed, Lunch Open (Appointments Only) Open (Student drop-in Clinic) Closed (Emergency Nurse on Call)Sunday until 1400 Closed (Nurse on Call) 1400 - 2130 Open (Appointments Only) from 2130 Closed (Emergency Nurse on Call)Students who feel unwell should in the first instance speak to their houseparents. If further advice is required, the houseparent will contact the Health Centre for an appointment. In the case of a medical emergency, a member of staff can call the duty nurse at any time, day or night, on the emergency mobile number.ACCESSING INFORMATION ONLINEThe most recent and up-to-date information can always be found online. Please access iSAMS (isams.aiglon.ch) or download the mobile app. If you need any help with 2 Aiglon’s online services, speak to your tutor, houseparent or ICT.SCHOOL & STUDENT LEADERSHIP Executive Director, Richard McDonald (RMM) Ext. 366 | director@aiglon.ch Bursar, Patricia Bremner Gadotti (PLB) Ext. 123 | bursar@aiglon.ch Head of School, Nicola Sparrow (NS12) Ext. 166 | head@aiglon.ch Deputy Head, Chris Chalcraft (CDC) Ext. 152 | studentlife@aiglon.ch Director of Admissions & Marketing, Valerie Scullion (VCS14) Ext. 126 | admissions@aiglon.ch Director of Learning, Tom Duckling (TMD17) Ext. 356 | TMD17@aiglon.ch Head of the Junior School, Stuart Hamilton (SBH13) Ext. 141 | junior@aiglon.ch Director of Development & Alumni Relations, Reid Ching (RAC19) Ext. 186 | RAC19@aiglonc.h Assistant Head (Curriculum), James Pigott (JAPI) Ext. 356 | JAPI@aiglon.ch Assistant Head (Senior Tutor), Esmond Tweedie (EMXT) Ext. 155 | EMXT@aiglon.ch Assistant Head (Student Life), Brian Martineau (BCM13) Ext. 116 | BCM13@aiglon.ch --Guardians: Sylvia Ang, Eloy Gorrono Piedra Prefects: Luza Aguilar Guimaraes, Ludwig Asberg Montgomery, Omar Baothman, Philip Bayntun, Marc Chu, Nina Dabrowska, Camilia Fateh, Ondine Peck-Voll, Egor Shmatok, Iana Timofeeva, Iona Vasilescu, Jan Wiacek3ADMINISTRATION, ANCILLARY & WELLBEING Reception, Ext. 161 | reception@aiglon.ch Admissions Office, Ext. 177 |  admissions@aiglon.ch Development Office, Ext. 186 |  advancement@aiglon.ch Centre for Enquiry, Ext. 104 |  library@aiglon.ch Communications Office, Ext. 180 | communications@aiglon.ch Computer Services, Ext. 200 |  it@aiglon.ch Enterprise Office, Ext. 172 |  enterprise@aiglon.ch Estates Office, Ext. 165 |  estates@aiglon.ch Finance Office, Ext. 130 |  finance@aiglon.ch Gouvernante Générale, Ext. 110 |  gouvernante@aiglon.ch Operations Office, Ext. 109 |  dboperations@aiglon.ch Personnel Office, Ext. 125 |  personnel@aiglon.ch School Restaurant (Cuisine), Ext. 107 |  cuisine@aiglon.ch School Shop, Ext. 136 |  shop@aiglon.ch Studies Office, Ext. 170 |  curriculum@aiglon.ch Travel Office, Ext. 139 |  travel@aiglon.ch Health Centre, Ext. 331 |  health@aiglon.ch Wellbeing Coordinator, Ext. 354 |  pastoral@aiglon.ch Designated Safeguarding Lead, Ext. 152 | studentlife@aiglon.ch Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Ext. 1604Updated details are available online.ACADEMIC & ACTIVITY DEPARTMENTS ​​​ Activities Coordinator, Ext. 163 | cascoordinator@aiglon.ch Biology, Ext. 147 | biology@aiglon.ch College & Careers Counselling, Ext. 375 | careers@aiglon.ch Chemistry, Ext. 184 | chemistry@aiglon.ch Drama, Ext. 159 | drama@aiglon.ch Economics, Business & Management | business@aiglon.ch English, Ext. 158 | english@aiglon.ch Environmental Systems & Societies | science@aiglon.ch Expeditions, Ext. 164 | expeditions@aiglon.ch Geography, Ext. 149 | geography@aiglon.ch History, history@aiglon.ch ICT, Ext. 129 | ict@aiglon.ch Learning Support, Ext. 160 | learningsupport@aiglon.ch Mathematics, Ext. 148 | maths@aiglon.ch Modern Languages, Ext. 157 | languages@aiglon.ch Music, Ext. 134 | music@aiglon.ch Physics, Ext. 147 | physics@aiglon.ch Physical Education, Ext. 173 | peandsports@aiglon.ch Round Square Coordinator, Ext. 163 | roundsquare@aiglon.ch Theory of Knowledge & Religious Studies, studies@aiglon.ch Visual Arts, Ext. 101 | art@aiglon.chInformation may change after publication.5BOARDING HOUSESAlpina Staff on Duty: Ext. 211 | alpina@aiglon.ch Houseparent: Mr Léger Ext. 213 AHP: Mr Rumbold Ext. 214 Aide de Maison: Mr Jones Tutors: Mr Kilgour, Mrs Hamilton, Mr Turner, Ms Watson, Mr Willett Belvedere Houseparents: AHP: Staff on Duty: Ext. 221 | belvedere@aiglon.ch Mr & Mrs Knight Ext. 223 Ms Lumsdaine Ext. 224Tutors: Mr Bayntun, Mr Dargaud, Mr Fairweather, Mr Hahn, Mrs WrightLe Cerf Staff on Duty: Ext. 231 | lecerf@aiglon.ch Houseparent: Mrs Duckling Ext. 233 AHP: Ms Beatson Ext. 234 Aide de Maison: Ms Le Blond Tutors: Mr Coe, Ms Fons, Mr Krueger, Ms Prahin, Mr Saunders Clairmont Staff on Duty: Ext. 241 | clairmont@aiglon.ch Houseparent: Ms Lopez Sancho Ext. 243 AHP: Ms Broerse Ext. 244 Aide de Maison: Mrs Teal Tutors: Mr Chapman, Ms Ford, Mr Sparrow, Mr Teal, Ms Grinevskaya6Visit www.aiglon.ch/calendar for latest updates.School Diary, Autumn Term 2019Delaware Staff on Duty: Ext. 251 | delaware@aiglon.ch Houseparent: Mr Haynes Ext. 253 AHP: Ms Knowles Ext. 254 Aide de Maison: Mrs Gaston Tutors: Mr Bland, Mrs Haynes, Mr Higgins, Mr Ligertwood, Mrs Hahn Exeter Staff on Duty: Ext. 261 | exeter@aiglon.ch Houseparent: Ms Tierney Ext. 263 AHP: Ms Vivian Ext. 264 Aide de Maison: Mrs MacDonald Tutors: Mrs Krueger, Mr Logie, Ms Jones, Ms Widdows, Ms Osborne St Louis Houseparents: AHP: Staff on Duty: Ext. 291 | stlouis@aiglon.ch Mr & Mrs Goff Ext. 293 Ms Bilsland Ext. 294Tutors: Mr Hayden, Mr Carter, Mr CoulsonLa Baita Staff on Duty: Ext. 271 | labaita@aiglon.ch Houseparent: Mr Hamilton Ext. 273 AHP: Mr Martin Ext. 274 Aide de Maison: Ms Godinho Santos Tutors: Mr Machin, Mrs Hu, Ms Khan, Mrs Ray, Mr Wise La Casa Houseparent: DHP: Staff on Duty: Ext. 281 | lacasa@aiglon.ch Mr & Mrs Rowntree Ext. 283 Mrs Luco Ext. 284Tutors: Mrs Kellet-Smith, Mrs Thompson, Mrs BrookeInformation may change after publication.7STAFF LIST AHMETI Mendushe Lingère AHMETI Mirjete Lingère AHMETI Valentina Femme de ménage ALLY Marie-Claude Health Centre Manager ARIFI Rinor Finance Assistant (Purchase Ledger) BAILLIF Olga French Teacher BALTASAR DOS SANTOS Alcino Technicien en maintenance BARBOSA Amelia Femme de ménage BARKER Seth Communication & Marketing Officer BARRÉ Frances Head of Chemistry BARRELL Ciara Teaching Assistant BARRETT Rebecca Expeditioner BAYNTUN Jonathon English Teacher BEATA Manuela Gouvernante Générale BEATA Marco Director of Estates BEATSON Jacqueline Assistant Houseparent Le Cerf BILSLAND Emily Assistant Houseparent St Louis BLACK Steve Speech and Drama Teacher BLAND Adam Maths Teacher BLONDEL Florie Sports Assistant BLOOR-BLACK Melanie Head of Drama BOVAY MUNRO Ingrid Assistant to the Enterprise Manager BREMNER GADOTTI Patricia Bursar BROERSE Hannah Assistant Houseparent Clairmont BROOKE Louise Head of English, Spiritual Coordinator CALISE Laurent Technicien en maintenance CARDOSO Joao Technicien en maintenance, Chef d’Equipe CARTER Ian Head of MFL CHALCRAFT Chris Deputy Head, PE Teacher CHAMSEDDINE Farid Arabic Teacher CHAPMAN Peter Chemistry Teacher, Physics Teacher CHAPMAN Sarah Expeditioner CHING Reid Director of Development & Alumni Relations CLAVIJO FLORES Paola Femme de ménage COE Anthony Business Management + Economics Teacher COE Asami Japanese Teacher CORNISH Mike Service and Spiritual Life Leader COULSON David Head of Economics and Business Management COZZAROLO Alexandre Technicien en maintenance CROFT Andy Deputy Bursar (Operations) CRUZ FERREIRA Damiaò Finance Assistant DA SILVA FERNANDES Lidia Femme de ménage8Please contact Personnel for any questions or changes.School Diary, Autumn Term 2019 DA SILVA Marc DA SILVA SANTOS Ondina DARGAUD Nicolas DE ALMEIDA C. R. Sonia DE ANDRADE G. N. Rosa DE SOUSA FERREIRA Sandra DE S. MARTINIANO Maria DELAC Dajana DEVANTHERY Nelly DEVEAUX Maria Teresa DONNET Rosa DRAPER Christopher DUCKLING Katherine DUCKLING Tomas DUPERTUIS Manon EARL Mervyn EGAN Samantha ELLIOTT Mary FAIRWEATHER David FANELLA-KOCH Patience FARIA FERNANDES M. Nélia FERGUSON Hannah FERGUSSON Katherine FERNANDES BOTELHO Fatima FERNANDES G. Aurea FERREIRA DA S. L. Fatima FITZGERALD Ruth FONS Maria FORD Jiongzhou FOXWELL Victoria FUENTES VILAS Maria GAILLARD Marine GASTON Jackie GASTON Nigel GEORGE Deon GERHARDT John GERHARDT Tanya GODINHO SANTOS Carla GOFF Martin GOFF Sue Technicien en maintenance, Chargé de sécurité Femme de ménage Head of French Lingère Lingère Femme de ménage Femme de ménage Femme de ménage Personnel Officer Secretary to the Health Centre Femme de ménage Head of Chemistry Housemistress Le Cerf, English Teacher Director of Learning, TOK Teacher, Psychology Teacher Finance Assistant (Fees Ledger) Science/Art Technician Class Teacher Year 5/6 Music Teacher (Cello) Physics Teacher, Round Square Coordinator Director of College and Career Counselling Femme de ménage Nurse Nurse Lingère Femme de ménage Femme de ménage Wellbeing Coordinator French and Spanish Teacher Mandarin Teacher Expeditioner Femme de ménage Academic Assistant House Aide Delaware, Head of Instrumental Music Head of Music Sports Centre Manager Senior Computer Services Technician Maths Teacher Femme de ménage, House Aide La Baita Houseparent St Louis, English Teacher Houseparent St LouisInformation may change after publication.9STAFF LIST GONCALVES SILVA Liliana GRCAR Anja GRINEVSKAYA Irina GRUJICIC Nada GRÜTER Annemarie HAGAN Bryn HAMILTON Laura HAMILTON Stuart HANN Des HANN Emily HANNINGER Wolfgang HARRIS Lindy HAYDEN Simon HAYNES Naomi HAYNES Timothy HEATHFIELD Stephanie HIGGINS Thomas HU Yuanyuan ISOZ Francine IULIANI RENDA Valérie JESKANEN Pia JONES Brent JONES Liz JORDAAN Andre JORDAN Laurence KAN Jane KASCELAN Dragana KELLETT-SMITH Lara KILGOUR Rory KNIGHT Jesse KNIGHT Kate KNOWLES Alison KOHLI Geneviève KOSZALI Estelle KRÜGER Kathrin KRÜGER Thomas LA MARCA Luigi LEBLOND Viola LEFEBVRE Ginny 10Nurse, Summer School Staff Receptionist Russian Teacher, EAL Teacher Femme de ménage Receptionist Nurse Environmental Systems and societies Teacher, Assistant IB Coordinator (Extended Essay) Head of Junior School, Religious Studies Teacher, Housemaster La Baita English Teacher Drama Teacher Music Teacher (Saxophone & Clarinet) Independent Listener Head of Physical Education Biology Teacher, Service Coordinator Housemaster Delaware, Maths Teacher Senior Admissions Officer Head of Mathematics Mandarin Teacher Nurse’s Assistant Exam Officer, Studies Office Assistant House Aide Exeter House Aide Alpina Art Teacher Director of Computer Services Assistant to the Bursar, Recruitment Assistant Head of Learning Support Femme de ménage Geography Teacher, English Teacher Geography Teacher Houseparent Belvedere, History Teacher, Religious Studies Teacher, TOK Teacher Houseparent Belvedere, PSHE Coordinator Assistant Houseparent Delaware Travel Secretary PA to the Executive Director and Head of School Head of EAL, German Teacher, English Teacher Maths Teacher Music Teacher (Percussion) House Aide Le Cerf MIS CoordinatorPlease contact Personnel for any questions or changes.School Diary, Autumn Term 2019 LEGER Daniel LIGERTWOOD Ivor LOGIE Carol LOGIE George LOPEZ SANCHO Mila LOVATEL Vicki LUCO Francisca LUMSDAINE Katie MACHIN Jason MANSFIELD David MANSFIELD Lindsey MANSFIELD Sarah MARTIN Guy MARTIN Jeremy MARTINEAU Brian MASON Jamie MATOS M. Margarida McDONALD Richard MILETTO Edith MISINI Ajshe Lingère MORAIS Elisabete MORISOD Félicie MOSS David MYFORD Melanie NAJI Rachida NAVARRO Marianne NIKOLIC Slava NORTON Ashley NOVELLI Jean-Pierre O’HARA Helen OLIVEIRA PINTO Teresa OLIVER Mark ORTET Christine OSBORNE Natalie PASCHE Milica PEGADO Régina PEIXOTO DA SILVA Eliane PERRIER Patrick Housemaster Alpina, Geography Teacher, History Teacher, PSHE Teacher, TOK Teacher English Teacher Assistant to College & Careers Counselling Office Maths Teacher Housemistress Clairmont, Spanish Teacher Class Teacher, Literacy Teacher Deputy Houseparent La Casa, Head of Spanish, PSHE Teacher Assistant Houseparent Belvedere Computer Science Teacher Ski Race Team Manager French & English Tutor PE Teacher Expeditioner Assistant Houseparent La Baita Assistant Head, Music Teacher (Academic) Music Teacher (Piano) Femme de ménage Executive Director Assistant Director of College & Careers Counselling Femme de ménage Administrative Assistant Technicien en maintenance Librarian Femme de ménage Biology and Chemistry Teacher Femme de ménage AV and sound Technician Computer Services Technician Admissions Assistant, PA to the Director of Admissions & Marketing Lingère Expeditioner School Shop & Stationery Store Manager Learning Support Teacher Femme de ménage Lingère Lingère Music Teacher (Guitar)Information may change after publication.11STAFF LIST PETKOVIC Milica Femme de ménage PIGOTT James Assistant Head (Curriculum), Biology Teacher PIRES BARBOSA E. Paula Femme de ménage POROES BATISTA C. Paula Femme de ménage POUSAZ Frédéric IT & AV Technician PRAHIN Laetitia French Teacher, German Teacher PRATI Massimo Italian Teacher QUEIROZ PEDRO Ana Lucia Portuguese Teacher RAMONDA ESTOPPEY Marianna Personnel Officer RAY Eileen Business Management Teacher REY-MERMET Aline Finance Assistant (General) REYNOLDS-WRIGHT Peter History Teacher RHYNER Caroline Geography Teacher RODRIGUES Bernadete Femme de ménage ROSADO CORREIA Graça Femme de ménage ROSADO CORREIA Margarida Femme de ménage ROSA-GUERREIRO Irène Femme de ménage ROSE Angus Ski Race Development Squad Coach ROWNTREE Alanna Houseparent La Casa ROWNTREE Simon Houseparent La Casa, Religious Studies Teacher, TOK Teacher, Philosophy Teacher, Assistant IB Coordinator (TOK) RUMBOLD Nick Assistant Houseparent Alpina, Activities Coordinator SAKIC Jack Music Teacher (Guitar) SALAMIN Eléonore Music Teacher (Upper strings) SANDRI Karen Senior Advancement Officer SAUNDERS Steven Head of Geography SCHMID Aurélie Finance Assistant (General) SCOTT Matthew PA to Deputy Head SCOTT Robin Music Teacher (Trumpet) SCOTT Sophie Operations Assistant SCULLION Valerie Director of Admissions & Marketing SCUPHAM Roger German Teacher, SSST Teacher SEKINE (BARR) Natsuko Japanese Teacher SELMONAJ Blerina Finance Assistant (Purchase Ledger) SMITH Ben Expeditioner SOUQUET Sharon Speech and Drama Teacher SOUSA Maria Femme de ménage SPARROW Adrian Maths Teacher SPARROW Nicola Head of School SPRÜNGLI Monique Deputy Bursar (Finance)12Please contact Personnel for any questions or changes.School Diary, Autumn Term 2019 STEWARD Luke STJEPANOVIC Mirjana STOREY Natasha SUTER Carol TEAL Nick TEAL Sophie THIERRY PALOMINO Valeria THOMAS Louise THOMPSON Michael THOMPSON Tanya TIERNEY Claire TURNER John TWEEDIE Esmond TWEEDIE Fiona VIRET Lynn VIVIAN Katie Assistant VUKOVIC Ruza WATSON Florence WIDDOWS Lucy WILDEBOER Nathalie WILKS Chris WILLETT Claire WILLETT Peter WILSON Richard WISE Darren WISEMAN Gemma WRIGHT Tracey YENDELL Elaina Admissions Officer Femme de ménage Librarian Nurse History Teacher House Aide Clairmont, Performing Arts Assistant Music Teacher (Guitar) Head of Expeditions Head of Sport, PE Teacher English Teacher Housemistress Exeter, English Teacher Head of Physics, Survey Coordinator Assistant Head (Senior Tutor), IB Coordinator, Economics Teacher Enterprise Manager Maths Teacher Houseparent Exeter Femme de ménage French Teacher Head of History, UK University Counsellor Advancement Assistant IT Technician Nurse Head of Art Expeditioner Director of ICT, ICT Teacher Teaching Assistant Maths Teacher, International Award Coordinator Laboratory TechnicianInformation may change after publication.13TERM DATES | 2019 - 2020 AUTUMN TERM 2019 29 - 31 August Staff development days Saturday, 31 August New students arrive and all students returnMonday, 02 September Lessons commence Friday, 18 October - Sunday, 03 November Autumn half term break Monday, 04 November Lessons commence Friday, 13 December Autumn term 2019 endsWINTER TERM 2020 Saturday, 04 January All students return Monday, 06 January Lessons commenceFriday, 07 February - Sunday, 16 February Winter half term break Monday, 17 February Lessons commence Friday, 20 March Winter term 2020 endsSUMMER TERM 2020 Saturday, 04 April All students return Monday, 06 April Lessons commenceSaturday, 30 May Class of 2020 graduation ceremony Friday, 19 June Summer term 2020 ends 14School Diary, Autumn Term 2019 IMPORTANT NOTES ON TERM DATES Please note that on return dates, the following is expected: junior school boarders should return to houses between 16h00 and 18h00 and senior school borders should return to houses between 1800 and 2000. Please note that on departure dates, the following is expected: students may not depart school until after 1220, or until the end of junior or senior prize giving ceremonies. Please check online for any changes to term dates or for provisional dates for the next academic year: www.aiglon.ch/news/term-datesInformation may change after publication.15AIGLON WORKING DAY & WEEKDAY EVENINGS Monday - Friday 0755 - 0815MON: Tutor Time, TUE: School Assembly WED/FRI: Meditation, THU: Faith Groups/Meditation0820 - 0910Period 1*0915 - 1005Period 2*1005 - 1035Break (Monday, Staff Notices)1035 - 1125Period 3*1130 - 1220Period 4*1220 - 1415Years 5 - 10, Lunch* 1220 - 1320Years 11 - 13, Period 5a* 1225 - 1315Years 5 - 10, Period 5b* 1325 - 1415Years 11 - 13, Lunch* 1315 - 14151420 - 1510 1515 - 161516Period 6* Period 7* Ends 1605Activities Session One* Ends 16151620 - 1720Activities Session Two* Years 12 & 13 Villars Permission*1745 - 1815Dinner or House Meetings*1815 - 1845Dinner or House Meetings*1845 - 2015Prep Session with Tutor MeetingsVisit www.aiglon.ch/calendar for latest updates.School Diary, Autumn Term 2019 Autumn & Summer Weekday Evenings 2015 - 2130Senior School Evening Free Time* Houses and Sports Centre open until 21252130 2200Years 9 - 11, Return to houses* Years 12 - 13, Return to houses*2130 2200 2215 2230Years 5 - 8, Lights out Years 9 - 10, Lights out Year 11, Lights out Years 12 - 13, Lights outWinter Weekday Evenings 2015 - 2100Senior School Evening Free Time* Houses and Sports Centre open until 20552100 2130Years 9 - 11, Return to houses* Years 12 - 13, Return to houses*2100 2130 2145 2200Years 5 - 8, Lights out Years 9 - 10, Lights out Year 11, Lights out Years 12 - 13, Lights out* Asterisks indicates required registration, check-in or check-out slot. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime checks are carried out each day during term time by Houses in addition to registrations in lessons, activities and other formal school events. This schedule also applies to any students who arrive back to school early or who leave late and are therefore outside the normal term time routines.Information may change after publication.17AIGLON WEEKENDS & WEEKEND EVENINGS Saturday Daytime 1000Breakfast*1215 - 1315Lunch*1315 - 1730School Campus / Villars Permission*1700 - 1800House Registration*1830Dinner Years 12 & 13 Villars Permission* Years 9 - 11 School CampusSunday Daytime 1030 - 1230Brunch1245 - 1300House Registration*1300 - 1730School Campus / Villars Permission*1730House Meeting & House Dinner** Asterisks indicates required registration, check-in or check-out slot. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime checks are carried out each day during term time by Houses in addition to registrations in lessons, activities and other formal school events. This sche
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