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Thursday, July 11, 2019ISO9001/2015 Internal Audit - SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT V1DateTuesday, June 11, 2019Audit Number2019 Q2 09Name of AuditorLucy Bennett-PooleScope…
Thursday, July 11, 2019ISO9001/2015 Internal Audit - SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT V1DateTuesday, June 11, 2019Audit Number2019 Q2 09Name of AuditorLucy Bennett-PooleScope & Objective of Audit To ensure that Section 8.4.1-8.4.3 of the QMW is being adhered to. To ensure that all suppliers and third party providers are of a suitable standard to ensure the su cient levels of service our client base expects.What our QMS States...... 8.4 Control of externally provided processes, products and services 8.4.1 / 8.4.2 & 8.4.3 PWS Limited is dedicated to ensuring all suppliers meet a standard when products or services are supplied. Whereby a supplier does not have a certi ed quality accreditation, the use of them is decided by way of recommendation and reference. All suppliers are required to complete our Supplier quality questionaire - results of which can be viewed HERE. This is deemed adequate for the evaluation, selection and monitoring of performance. We also maintain a non conforming product log and late deliver log, which will re ect on any of the suppliers logged. No provider, unless is is deemed essential, shall provide goods directly to our customer on our behalf. There are exceptions to this, but they are exceptions and must be authorised verbally by one of the directors.AUDITING DOCUMENT CONTROL Have there been any changes to the QMS section 8.4 since the last audit?NOAre the Supplier quality accreditation submissions being kept up to date?YES Requested - But some have not respondedHave there been any suppliers causing signi cant quality or service reliability issues since the last audit? Are there any suppliers that require a 'quality review' as a result of poor performance?NONO1Statement of Finding Suppliers are sending their quality accreditations as they are requested. Some of our suppliers do not have any accreditations, and they are monitored closely with regards to performance, and in some cases have been dropped as a result of poor or inconsistent performance.Requirement The requirement, as stated in section 8.4 of ISO9001:2015 and our statament within the aligned section 8.4, requires that suppliers are monitored regularly to ensure quality standards are met.Evidence The supplier assessment has been reviewed, alongside the non conforming product log. These are live on the PWS QUALITY WEBSITE and can be viewed at any time by any member of the PWS team.Corrective Action RequiredNoHow have we related the ndings back to the standard? We have ensured that the ndings of this Audit conform to section 7.5 of the PWS QMSResult of AuditPassUpload copies of evidence / related documents here2
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