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N$4namib times SERVING THE COASTAL COMMUNITY SINCE 1958 NO 68799 TUESDAY 27 AUGUST 2019 Tel: +264 64 - 205854 / +264 64 - 461866 /Fax: +264 64 - 204813 / 064 -…
N$4namib times SERVING THE COASTAL COMMUNITY SINCE 1958 NO 68799 TUESDAY 27 AUGUST 2019 Tel: +264 64 - 205854 / +264 64 - 461866 /Fax: +264 64 - 204813 / 064 - 461824 / Website: www.namibtimes.netFire horrorinside Walvis turning into a filthy townFull report on page 2 Page 3Boyfriend stabbed to deathEighteen shacks up in flames Manganese frustration clings to Lüderitz Eileen van der SchyffAttempts failed recently to close the open-top containers in the port of Lüderitz laden with manganese ready for export. The manganese arrived from South Africa's Northern Cape at Lüderitz by rail in these containers which are open at the top. It resulted in a black dust covering parts of the town and resident irked by what they describe as environmentally unaccountable practice. Following complaints by residents, workers attempted to cover the open containers with shade net and tarpaulins but Lüderitz' unforgiving wind soon tore it open and it was back to square one. According to Lüderitz Marine Research, workers this weekend first attempted to cover the top containers with shade net and then with black tarpaulins on Sunday. In the normal weather conditions of Lüderitz with the south wind that is back, the tarpaulins started to tear. Residents are asking why properly handling a toxic material is an issue. An article by the Lüderitz Marine Research on social media read after this weekend: “For today the generated dust was blown straight onto the norther end of the quay and into the sea (with unknown consequences on Continues on page 2The pizza that never arrivedA pizza delivery man was lucky to escape unscathed on Friday in Walvis Bay’s main street, when his motorbike was bumped over by a passing vehicle. Motorists are reminded to take extra caution with pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, as in most cases these accidents ends as serious and even fatal.Page 4To be an au pairPage 5Region 5 Junior Youth Darts Championships at the coastPage 122 NAMIB TIMES27 AUGUST 2019Devastating fire in KuisebManganese frustration clings to Lüderitz mond Vandalised fire hydrants worsen fire fighters' job Rudi BoweContinues on page 2our marine environment)... but for Tuesday night and Wednesday some serious east wind conditions are predicted... and the dust will then affect Shark Island and its inhabitants and workers. My office is there too! Answers please! is this legal? If so, then it is not adequate, nor responsible! and needs to be remedied a soon as possible. Again, this is not meant to tarnish the image of this project! We would indeed welcome a new project which would benefit the town and the region... as long as it is a clean operation not detrimental to the environment of people health and follows legal requirements (we have stated this several times before).” Residents feel answers should come from TradePort and other stakeholders.WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Self Catering - Unit ON ERF: 1216 TOWNSHIP: Nr 1 Dunensicht STREET: c/o 4th Street South/8th Street West.Strong winds and vandalised fire hydrants made it extremely difficult to extinguish a devastating fire that destroyed at least 18 shacks in Tutaleni, Kuisebmond on Saturday 24 August. The fire started in the backyard shacks of three main houses and left between thirty to fourty people homeless. The fire started just after lunch in one of the shacks and the strong wind quickly caused the fire to spread to the neighbouring shacks. All the shacks were destroyed while the main houses on the same plots sustained only some damage. The occupants of the shacks lost all of their belongings. The Chief of the Walvis Bay Fire Brigade, Dennis Basson said that the Fire Brigade reacted immediately even before the Emergency alarm was sounded. “ Vigilant fire fighters saw the smoke rising into the air and this made responding very fast,” Basson said. Some of the hydrants in the vicinity of the blaze were damaged by vandals and thieves and this made the work of the fire fighters extremely hard. Basson added that the damage caused to fire hydrants in Walvis Bay by vandals is a problem that keeps the fire brigade from executing their task efficiently. As a result, the fire fighters had to rely on the mobile water supply truck to extinguish the blaze. The heat from the east weather conditions over the past week along with strong winds contributed to the fast spreading of the fire. The men extinguished the fire and kept it from spreading to more houses. Nobody was injured, and the cause of the fire is still unknown. The value of the destroyed and damaged properties is not yet known.Web site: www. namibtimes.netIn terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to establish a Self Catering Unit on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 119, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and undersigned, in writing, not later than 10 September 2019. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): R Y Grebien, P O Box 684,Walvis BayCoastal schools are in shock and dismay over a bus accident near Mariental in southern Namibia on Sunday morning in which two Grade 7 learners of the Windhoek Gimnasium private school died. The learners were underway to the Orange River for a camp when tragedy struck. The driver of one of the buses lost control of the vehicle, it left the road and overturned. Learners Angela Maiba and Jacques Venter were killed27 AUGUST 2019NAMIB TIMESCommunity concerns grow over “filthy” Walvis Bay Eileen van der Schyff Concerns are growing over Walvis Bay becoming an eyesore in many instances. It is always easy to point fingers at the local authority, but sadly to say most of these eyesores are caused by our residents themselves. Also, temporary residents in the form of foreigners who make business here, only to leave when the money is in the pocket with no care in the world the havoc they leave behind. From building rubble, heaps of unused building sand and building gravel, sand encroachment not properly managed, litters, household waste piling up on empty plots, old vehicle wrecks, empty houses stripped of doors and windows, foreign trucks parked in the streets and open lots and large volume of litter on our streets and in the Walvis lagoon – there is little pride left in us as residents to keep our town clean and tidy, several residents reported this week. Residents who complained feel the only way they are heard is when their complaints are published in the Namib Times. One resident said she is fed-up with her neighbour's building rubble piling up on the pavement and a broken-down vehicle nearby to complete the ugly picture. The vehicle is parked on the pavement already for months with not a single traffic officer acting.“I have contacted the relevant authorities. No action has been taken to date”, said this very disgruntled resident. Adding, sidewalks are there for pedestrians to use. Instead, pedestrians must stumble over building rubble and walk into the street to avoid the wrecks parked on the pavement. What was said above can be regarded as an over exaggeration. However, here are more examples of complaints received. ·Three vehicle wrecks on the parking lot in the cbd (pictured). · Dilapidated houses (pictured) which is not only an eye sore but is a springboard for vagrants and criminals. · Littering across town and along the Walvis Bay lagoon. · Vandalism of general infrastructure like the lagoon park over the weekend (pictured) and the vandalism of road signs. (pictured)34 NAMIB TIMES27 AUGUST 2019Spitzkoppe community's first Boyfriend Stabbed to Death ever Rock Festival Sharlien Tjambariproceeds we make during the Rock Festival will go towards the craft market which we are planning to build for the community, especially those seating under the sun while contacting their business. Tjongarero said. The show will take the audience on a magical musical experience. The venue is located a kilometre away from the SpitzThe Spitzkoppe community will enjoy their first Spitzkoppe koppe Mountains Rock Festival ever this year in conjunction with the annual and promises a great Rock Spitzkoppe Community Run and Mountain Bike view, musical entertainment, beer tent, Challenge. family fun, refreshThe festival kicks September visitors Afrikaans music ses- ments and food. Tickets are available off on 13 Sep- will be enchanted sion at the campsite. tember, at the Spitz- with great live music Lesley Tjongarero of at Compu Ticket for k o p p e T e n t e d by the talented Jacob Spitzkoppe Events N$60 or at the gate Camps and Camp- and Taylor, Sean K, said the Rock Festival for N$80. Doors will site, with a movie Claudine Nelson, is an opportunity to open at 4pm on 14 night, free of char- Janelle Botha and Ou help the Spitzkoppe September. The running and ge. Mengo for an inter- community. On Saturday, 14 active Rock, Jazz and “About 30% of all cycling community, music and nature lovers in general are encouraged not to miss this event. “Bring along your camping chairs, cool box and picnic blankets. There will be a lot of fun for everyone. Jumping castles for children. This will be a family fun day”. said Tjongarero. The organisers and sponsors are Erongo Marine Enterprise, Spitzkoppe Events a n d Wa t e r B a y Woods and Joinery. Contact 081-805 3178 or 081-211 6291 for more information.Isaac ChikosiFillipus Mateus (38) succumbed to knife wounds inflicted by his 36year-old girlfriend on Saturday in Mondesa, Swakopmund.A heated argument between the two resulted in the 36-year-old suspect stabbing the deceased multiple times in the chest, shoulder and neck, according to Regional crimes coordinator Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu. The suspect handed herself over to the police after the incident and was arrested. Police investigations into the matter continue.Arrested for rape of a minor Isaac ChikosiInvestigations are ongoing into complaints received by police on the alleged abuse of a minor at Otjimbingwe. Erongo regional crimes coordinator, Erastus Iikuyu confirmed that the suspect who was identified as Simon Theofilus Tjombe (44), stands charged with rape of a 15-year-old girl on three occasions in August. Tjombe was arrested and appeared at the Karibib Magistrate Court on Friday 23 August.Swakopmund Mini expo back Sharlien Tjambari again Namibia's small to medium enterprises (SME's) will be provided with a platform to promote and market their products and services to different business industries and the public during the upcoming Swakopmund Mini Expo. The Expo will be held from 26 September – 29 September. Apart from presenting a highly effective showcase for exhibitors active in the SME sector, the organisers aim to host the exhibition yearly expanding the showcase. The Expo will host exhibits by local, regional and international exhibitors and also features self-made products in Namibia, as well as a host of fun activities to attract travel enthusiasts, foodies, friends and the public. We hope that you will be part of our success! According to the Founder of Nashville Investments CC Nangula Nashandi, The Swakopmund Mini Expo is supported by numerous governmental parties such as the Swakopmund Municipality, Erongo Regional Council, to name a few. The Expo is open to all SME's who are coming up and are looking to expand their businesses, as well as representatives of food and beverage companies. A company profile indicating the nature of the business must accompany the application form. “Where a business is not an SME, the organizers may request an additional motivation for participation. This will be duly considered and the final decision on participation is at the discretion of the Swakopmund Mini Expo organizers”, said Nashandi. To secure your stand, payment must be done no later than Friday, 1 September. Only full payments by 1 September of Stand will confirm your booking and no refunds will be given for cancelled stands. Should you require more information regarding the Swakopmund Mini Expo please do not hesitate to contact Nangula Nashandi at 081 476 9304 or Tyrone Nashandi at 081 795 6709.27 AUGUST 2019Residents Build on unserviced Sharlien Tjambari land in UsakosNAMIB TIMES5To Au Pair or notSharlien Tjambari Build Together houses in Usakos are standing on unserviced land which means no sewage lines are in place. Most of Young people in Namibia, especially females, are interested in au pair work. the people at the Build Area have water and electricity in Although au pair work is a fairly common work practice around the globe, it is still their homes but what do you do with water if you don't have necessary to do your research well before embarking on such work adventure. ablution facilities?A young lady who opted to remain anonymous said she obtained her Au pairs have different stories to tell – for some and living as part of, a host family abroad. Tythat turned out a wonderful experience abroad, pically, au pairs take on a share of the family's build together erf in 2012. “I built a shack there and luckily there is water but, no electricity and sewage pipes. We do not have any toilet but others had nasty experiences. Ruth, a young responsibility for child care as well as some lady from Karibib shared a story to Namib housework. They receive a monetary allowanfacilities because the land we are on was not serviced, we must dig ce for personal use. holes to make open-pit toilets ourselves. Since I moved there, I had to Times of her journey as an au pair. Ruth met with her agents some time in 2002, Au pair arrangements are subject to governdig close to four holes in my yard. I have kids at home who plays around. This is not safe but what can we do? We needed land, we were immediately after she completed her high ment-specific restrictions. In some countries allocated land and we are grateful that we have a piece of land we call school. The first family she worked for was like the United States families utilising an au our own”, the young lady said. German. She had German as a subject at school pair need to ensure they are studying. Residents in this area are paying for services. An old lady who makes and she fit in well. “I had very good ex-perience Namib Times spoke to Inamarie Louw of money from selling ice blocks said she got her house in 2010 through as an au pair. I would recommend it to anyone”, Carla's Au Pairs Agency. She recommends au the Shack Dwellers Federation. Her house is without water and there she explained. pairing to anyone. “Any young woman who is no toilet due to the absence of sewage pipes. She says Erongo Red Adding, it is important to apply through an meet the requirements can definitely consider took pity on them and put electricity in their homes, they get water agent. Agents are proficient in the application signing up for the au pair program. It's a life from a water point at the end of the street and there is only one water processes, registration and placement. As an au changing experience and can benefit you as a meter, meaning the shack dwellers community have to divide what- pair it is also important for you to know your person in many ways”. ever amount the council charge them for water, rates and taxes and for rights and your duties. There are registered According to Louw, Carla's Au Pairs helps other services, among themselves. “We also pay for waste disposal agents who stand for the rights of au pairs. young ladies with the whole process from facilities but rubbish here is not collected nor were we allocated with Make sure you talk to the right people”, further applying to finding a family and seeing them dustbins. off at the airport. “Our company specifically Those living in the informal settlement in dire situations, especially in explained Ruth. In her time as au pair, Ruth travelled around support our candidates throughout the year as Ongulubashe are only fearing for the lives of their children, they Europe where she worked at various host famiwell by checking in with them as to how they claim that recently five cases of the Hepatitis E outbreak were lies. She admits there were some of the families are doing. Candidates are welcome to contact reported in Usakos and it is because of the unhygienic environment they are living in, “our children are at risk, because of no toilet who wanted to take advantage of her, but know- us for advice”, said Louw. facilities people relief themselves everywhere and children are play- ing her rights and her duties she could manage It is important to note that the Au pair program is in fact a cultural exchange program and not ing everywhere and with anything. The living conditions at the infor- the situation. mal settlements in Usakos are deteriorating and council need to react With savings from her earnings as au pair, she necessary an employment opportunity. managed to study, got a full-time job in a bank Louw further said so far, Carla's Au Pair Agennow before we all get sick”. There are trenches at some areas and and now permanently lives in the United States cy is the only registered agency in Namibia. community members report that those dugouts are from last year of America. “Companies like Cultural Care/Au Pair Care when council promised them that they were going to bring sewage lines but to date nothing has been installed yet. Council was contacted What is an au pair: An au pair is a domestic have selected agents in the country but they for comment on this issue, but no feedback was given at the time of assistant from a foreign country working for, have not yet opened any branches in Namibia going to print. for their business”.27 AUGUST 20196 NAMIB TIMESWater leakage spills huge volumes of fresh waterThe water tower at the entrance of the port of Walvis Bay’s main gate sprung a leak of sort on Saturday morning resulting i huge volumes of fresh water spilling on the street. The problem was sorted out later the day, but not before many litres of very precious fresh water spilled.Tuesday 27 August Low Tide: 06:53 High Tide: 13:21 Low Tide: 19:18 High Tide: 01:39Thursday 29 August High Tide: 02:28 Low Tide: 08:29 High Tide: 14:54 Low Tide: 20:55Wednesday 28 August Low Tide: 07:44 High Tide: 14:10 Low Tide: 20:09 High Tide: 02:00Friday 30 August High Tide: 03:13 Low Tide: 09:12 High Tide: 15:37 Low Tide: 21:38Port LogNAMIB TIMES27 AUGUST 20197PROPERTYTIMES TO RENT: Bachelor flat to rent Kuisebmond N$ 3 200.00 p/m Deposit N$ 500.00 W/E incl. Garage to rent N$ 500.00 p/m Deposit N$ 300.00 All available 1 September Contact: 081 490 4185 TO RENT: One bedroom flat, open plan kitchen and bathroom. W/E incl. Walvis Bay - Town N$ 4 000.00 p/m Deposit negotiable. Contact: 081 279 0260 TO RENT: 3 bedroom, one bathroom, open plan kitchen. No garage Located close to Nara Primary School, Kuisebmond N$ 5 000.00 p/m N$ 5 000.00 deposit Water incl. Electricity pre paid. Contact: 081 170 0784 TO LET: Narraville A bachelor flat will be available end of August 2019. The flat has a kitchen with built-in cupboards, shower and toilet. The flat has an open plan with a cupboard in the bedroom. It is very neatly tiled and beautiful. Ideal for a single person. Prepaid electricity is installed. Rent: N$ 2 800 per month.( Water is included) A deposit will be required but is negotiable. Contact: 0814554176 Narraville One-bedroom flat with a kitchen, shower and toilet available at the end of August 2019. There are built-in cupboards in the kitchen. The flat is situated in a safe area. Prepaid electricity is installed. Rent: N$ 2 600 per month.( Water is included) A deposit will be required but
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