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Abramelin the Mage 2 | Planets | Prayer

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Occult book with rituals
                  The Sacred Magic of  Abramelin the Mage Book IITranslated by S.L. Mac Gregor Mathers  The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the MageBook IIThis Adobe Acrobat edition contains the complete and unaltered text of thecorresponding sections in the second (1900) edition published by John M. Watkins,London.Prepared and typeset by Benjamin Rowe, December 16, 1998.                  41 THE Second BOOK  OF THE HOLY MAGIC,  WHICH GOD GAVE UNTO MOSES, AARON, DAVID, SOLOMON, AND OTHER SAINTS, PATRIARCHS AND PROPHETS; WHICH TEACHETHTHE TRUE DIVINE WISDOM. BEQUEATHED BY ABRAHAM UNTO LAMECH HIS SON. TRANSLATED FROM THE HEBREW.  .  The Sacred Magic 42 THE SECOND BOOK OF THE SACRED MAGIC. Prologue. HE Wisdom of the Lord is an inexhaustible fountain, neither hath thereever been a man born who could penetrate its veritable srcin andfoundation. The Sages and Holy Fathers have drunk long draughtsthereof, and have been fully satis fi ed therewith. But with all this, not oneamong them hath been able to comprehend or know the Radical Principles,because the Creator of all things reserveth that unto Himself; and, like a  jealous God, He hath indeed wished that we should enjoy the fruit thereof,but He hath not wished to permit us to touch either the Tree or its Root. It isthen not only proper, but further also we are compelled to conform ourselvesunto the Will of the Lord, walking in that Path, by the which also ourpredecessors went, without seeking out through a vain curiosity how it is thatGod reigneth and governeth in His Divine Wisdom; because such would be a very great presumption and a bestial conceit. Let us then content ourselves with only knowing how many blessings He hath granted unto us Sinners, and what extent of power He hath given unto us mortals over all things, and in what way it is permitted unto us to use them. Let us then content ourselves with this, laying aside all other, curiosity, observing without any comment that which shall be set down in this Book with fi delity. And if ye do follow my advice, ye shall be infallibly comforted thereby. 1 
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