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metal cutting and tool design
   Abrasive Flow Mac hin ing (  AFM ) S emih   Sa nc ar  2062285 S el çuk Ünal 2062297 Yunus Ko ca bo zdo ğ an 2051980  Go al s ?   Getting basic knowledge ab o u t AFM ?   Clasification of   AFM ◦ One -w a y AFM ◦ Two-w a y AFM ◦ Orbital  AFM ?    Application areas of   AFM ?   Research areas of   AFM  Outline ? What is AFM ? ? Why a smoothsu r  f  ace? ? Classification of AFM machine ? Key Components of AFM P r  o cess ? P r  o ce ss   i npu t   P ar  ame ter  s ? Oper  ati n g   Ran ge ? P r  o p er  ti es   of   AFM ? One-way AFM ( advantages ) ? Two-way AFM ( advantages ) ? Orbital  AFM ( advantages ) ? M o n i to r  i n g   of AFM P r  o ce ss ? Rese ar  ch    Areas of   AFM ?  Applications of   AFM ? S u mmar  y ? R ef  er  en ces  What is AFM ? ? Developed method in 1960s, by Ext r  ude   Hone Corporationã  AFM c a n ? Polish and debur  r    pa r t s   inter  na ll y ? Through holes ? Inter  s ec t ing holes ? Ca li br  a t e   fuel inj ec t ion   nozzles to a specific flow r  a t e ?  A method to r  a dius   difficult to r  ea c h   surfaces like intr  ic a t e g eomet r  ies ? Produce surface finish (Ra) as good as 0,05 µm debur  r    holes as small as 0,2 mm r  a dius   edges from 0,025 mm to 1,5 mm ? Widely used finishing process to finish c om pli c a t ed   shapes a nd pr  ofile s
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