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  Abstract  / 1   A critique interpretation of the conflict between Democracy and the shape of city in the political philosophy — Shahidipak Mohammadreza   Abstract Any scholars have been studied social philosophy of democracy by some various methods. Paper investigated democracy by reexamine the story of city in passing of history. City and politics has a unit root in the vocabulary of Greece and the beginning of democracy because democracy is based on the classic pattern of police or city- state of Greece. And shaping and formation of city upon democracy has been in the form of tension between the individual and society. And it is always the main topic of political theory and social theory and historical research. In the contemporary era of the relation between association and democracy is at the heart of research, including pluralistic  Abstract  / 2   theory is Robert Dahl the sample was democratic system. Democratization fixed axis of political studies. City always in transition from totalitarianism to liberal democracy and democratic consolidation finally. And democracy is the only as play in city and set its map and the central axis of the policy network in history. This study demonstrated the formation of city by democracy and democracy as a philosophy of harmonious social changes in the context of the ideas of Socrates and Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, al-Farabi, Avicenna, Ibn Khaldun, Averroes, Hobbes and Hegel and Marx and Jeremy Bentham and John Rawls has examined. These scholar and scientists have been the Prime Minister or the highest political and legal advisers of caliphate, government and monarchy. In the modern period of western history , Hobbes (1679) ,Locke (1704), and Rousseau (1778) by analyzing and critiquing the social philosophy of Aristotle and Plato introduced the new image of practical relation between democracy and city . Kant (1804), Hegel  Abstract  / 3   (1831) and Marx (1883) by re-thinking the evolution of Greek political philosophy of democracy based on freedom and equality, education, peace, human right and religion. And Bentham (1832) showed the economic play between democracy and city in utility theory of democracy and finally Rawls (2002) analyzed shaping city upon justice by rethinking again the state of nature of Hobbes. Paper continued to study the new performance and new shaping cities by new imagination of democracy in the world special in new election in 2017 and paper determined relation between peace and human right as a core of democracy. . A critique interpretation of the conflict between Democracy and the shape of city in the political philosophy   City & Democracy Democracy &City Democracy from ancient to Modern Democracy from Socrates to Rawls Aristotelian ‘justice  Avicenna and individual Dr.   Mohammadreza Shahidipak Department of History Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch  Abstract  / 4  
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