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Abstract # 4 Examining the Relationship Between between Social Media and Nursing Education Engaging Formatted: Strikethrough title. I believe this does create interest for readers. Learning Outcomes 1. The learner will be able to identify seven social media applications. 2. The learner will be able to discuss five teaching strategies using social media applications. 3. The learner will be able to integrate two s
  Abstract # 4 Examining the Relationship Between between Social Media and Nursing Education Engaging title. I believe this does create interest for readers. Learning Outcomes 1.   The learner will be able to identify seven social media applications. 2.   The learner will be able to discuss five teaching strategies using social media applications. 3.   The learner will be able to integrate two social media applications into their current nurse education curriculum. Learning outcomes are identified and measurable. Session attendees will be able to envision/ anticipate what they will learn.  Purpose The purpose of this session is to examine the utilization and application of social media in nursing education. The primary focus on how various forms of social media have been integrated into nurse education and provide an overview of social media technology will be discussed. More than 80% of nursing students are millennials who view technology as part of their everyday life (Peck, 2017). Social media is a method of communication that is changing the way individuals and organizations send and receive information. It can serve as a creative, engaging approach for educating future nursing professionals by promoting and expanding discussion  beyond the traditional classroom, promoting critical thinking, providing collaboration among faculty and students, and assisting with patient education.  Nice ! How do you suppose nurse educators can satisfy the learning styles of millennial students and those outside that generation ? Gap in Practice This session addresses the prevalent use of social media among students and the need for improved faculty understanding of its use in nurse education. Many nurse educators are not embracing the use of social media in their curricula, enhancing their teaching strategies. The rapid growth of technology has kept nurses struggling to keep pace. Nurses are late adopters of technology, with increasing age being an important contributing factor to this delay (Peck, 2017). In addition, risks of policy or privacy violation, time, cost, and lack of familiarity with technology continue as barriers for nursing faculty in the acceptance of new technology into curricula (Peck). Interesting. I wonder why nurses and/or the nursing profession has been reluctant to embrace the age of social media. Interesting discussion none the less. Nurse Education Focus: Technology Due to the increased use of social media by the student population, faculty are faced with the challenge to use technology to better understand various learning styles and engage nursing students. Social media applications include; wikis (Wikipedia), blogs, and microblogs (Twitter), content and video sharing (Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube), and social media sites (Facebook and LinkedIn) that allow users to connect with other individuals and share information (Ross & Myers, 2017). Examples of social media application in nurse education include; a) blogs, which   Formatted:  Strikethrough  Abstract # 4 allow for asynchronous discussion posts, b) Twitter, a microblog, promotes interactions among students and faculty fostering collaboration, and c) YouTube, offering a variety of case studies and educational videos, promoting student engagement through active learning. OK. There are some good social media suggestions here.  Conclusion With the implementation of new teaching strategies that use technology such as social media within the nurse education curricula, promotion of student engagement, student interaction, and active student learning will occur. Good !   Abstract # 4 References Schmitt, T., Sims-Gidden, S., & Booth, R. (2012). Social media use in nursing education. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(3). Retrieved from http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/TableofContents/Vol-17-2012/No3-Sept-2012/Social-Media-in-Nursing-Education.html.aspx Peck, J. (2014). Social media in nursing education: Responsible integration for meaningful use. Journal of Nursing Education, 53(3). 164-169. doi:.org/10.3928/01484834-20140219-03 Ross, J. & Myers, S. (2017). The current use of social media in undergraduate nursing education: A literature review. Computers informatics nursing, 35(7). 338-344. doi: 10.1097/CIN.0000000000000342.  Abstract # 4 Assignment 2: Conference Abstract Rubric Use the scoring rubric to evaluate how well the abstract written. Please use the following scale: 5 Excellent 4 Very Good 3 Good 2 Fair 1 Weak Question Score 5 - 1 TITLE Does the wording in the title describe the ideas presented in the abstract? Is the title succinct or too lengthy? Does the title create interest in the reader? 5 OUTCOMES Are there measurable outcomes for the abstract? Can session attendees envision what they will learn and how it will apply to their work? 5 ABSTRACT CONTENT Is the abstract well organized, appealing, clear, descriptive and interesting? Does the abstract have clarity and does the outline provided participants explicit and thorough information? 5 CURRENCY/ IMPORTANCE  Is the topic of interest to the intended audience? Is the immediately relevant to practice? Does the abstract propose an idea that is novel or of value to the field? 5 SUPPORT Does the abstract provide information to justify need for the presentation? Is the abstract based on evidence? Is the abstract clearly written and logically organized with all references properly cited? 5 CONCLUSION Does the abstract strongly present the purpose of the presentation and articulate the importance of the topic? Are the important points stated in a clear manner? 5 TOTAL SCORE 30 Comments:  Conference abstract accepted. Abstract was well organized and easy to follow. The topic is interesting and extremely relevant to today’s nursing climate. The outcomes were easy to identify and measurable. Your use of evidence in the abstract was excellent. Many nurse educators will find the information interesting and through this conference may even finds ways to incorporate social media into academic curriculum.
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