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  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The researcher wishes to extend her gratitude to God Almighty for His spiritual support and temporal blessing and for providing needed sources of motivation to come up with this research and the divine inspiration that made this study possible.No words are appropriate enough to express the researcher’s gratitude to the following:rs. !ristina illiams# the thesis adviser for the unstoppable shower of patience sealed with motherly advice and constructive recommendations$The %chool of Nutrition and Hospitality family# for providing the researcher  with full support and gave the courage throughout the time and for being the mentor while doing the study$&r. 'rna (abut# the researcher’s professor on statistical methods for research who taught her patiently.  DEDICATION This wor) is lovingly dedicated to the researcher’s family and *atric) for providing the strength which the researcher is able to hurdle all the barriers that hindered while ma)ing the research$ To %NH family# co teachers and cowor)ers’# the researcher’s home to relieve stress# gain wisdom and support$ To the former students of the researcher who never failed to assist while underta)ing the study$  MARKETING MIX USED BY THE LOCAL OCEANARIUMS INMETRO MANILA BASIS FOR PRODUCT POSITIONING by Catherine SrianMti!atin i the #r$e that initiate % &'i(e % an( )aintain &a*+riente( beha!ir , It i -hat $a' e the t'ri t t ta.e a$tin% t !i it ne- /*a$e % an( t try ne- thin& , Thi i -e** inter/rete( in Abraha) M *-0 thery% 1Hierar$hy # Nee( %2 -hi$h /re ent (i##erent ty/e # )ti!atin at (i##erent *e!e* ,A )ar.etin& trate&y $n i t # e*e$tin& an( (e i&nin& the /r/er )i3 # /r('$t% /ri$e%  /*a$e% /r)tin% /hi* /hy% /e/*e% /r$e % /er#r)an$e% PO4% an( / itinin& t )eet the nee( an( -ant # the tar&et )ar.et5$n ')er # the $)/any, The ai) i t .n- an( 'n(er tan( the $' t)er  -e** that the /r('$t r er!i$e #it the) an( e** it e*#% Dr'$.er 6789:;, A $)/any% in r(er t $)e '/ -ith the be t )ar.etin& )i3% nee( t ( )e #'rther re ear$h r t'(y Statement of the Problem The #$' # the t'(y i t a e the )ar.etin& )i3 ' e( by the *$a* $eanari') + La Far*a an( Mani*a O$ean Par. -hi$h -i** er!e a a ba i #r /r('$t / itinin&S/e$i#i$a**y thi '&ht t an -er the #**-in& <'e tin =7,4hat i the /r#i*e # the re /n(ent a$$r(in& t the #**-in&= a&e% &en(er% natina*ity% ty/e # !i itr% $$'/atin an( a!era&e )nth*y in$)e,>,4hat i the rea n t'ri t !i it the $eanari')?:,4hat i the /er$e/tin i# the t'ri t ab't the (i##erent )ar.etin& in tr')ent ' e( by the t- *$a* $eanari') ?  @,H- (e t'ri t /er$ei!e the $eanari') a (e tinatin a$$r(in& t the 7/ # )ar.etin&= /hi* /hy 6/r)i e;% /r('$t%/ri$e%/*a$e%/r)tin% /e/*e%/r$e %  /er#r)an$e% PO4 an( / itinin&?,H- (e /r('$t / itinin& # the t- *$a* $eanari') $)/are?,H- (e the /er$e/tin # the re /n(ent $)/are -hen &r'/e( a$$r(in& t= natina*ity% ty/e # !i itr an( a!era&e )nth*y in$)e?9,H- i)/rtant # tren&thenin& /r('$t / itinin& in ter) #= bran( a-arene % (yna)i ) an( <'a*ity # er!i$e? Procedure De $ri/ti!e <'antitati!e )eth( -a ' e( in thi t'(y t a e the )ar.etin& )i3 ' e( the *$a* $eanari'), The re ear$her /r!i(e <'e tinnaire -hi$h -a #r)'*ate(% !a*i(ate(% /re+te te( an( -a a()ini tere( t &ather re*iab*e an( !a*i( (ata, In#r)a* inter!ie- -a a*  $n('$te(, Re /n(ent -a /arti$i/ate( by the !i itr # the t- *$a* $eanari') , Treatment of Data In r(er #r the re ear$her t ana*ye an( inter/ret the (ata &athere(% the re ear$her ' e( the #**-in& tati ti$a* treat)ent= Per$enta&e #r re /n(ent /r#i*e an( rea n # t'ri t t !i it the $eanari')% -ei&hte( )ean in a e in& the an -er in /rb*e) n')ber three% Stan(ar( (e!iatin ' e( t a e an -er in /rb*e) n')ber #'r% T+te t ' e( in $)/arin& La Far*a an( Mani*a O$ean /ar. in <'e tin n')ber #i!e an( an!a ' e( in $)/arin& three !ariab*e in <'e tin n')ber i3 an( e!en, The *i.ert $a*e -a a*  'ti*ie( t
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