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  Project Title: Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Network Speciality: Cellular Network Prepared BY: Sana Ullah Khan  Abstract: This paper presents the analytical models of power consumption in macro cell, microcell, Pico cell and Femto cell based networks. Five case studies are presented in this paper where macro cells, microcells, Pico cells and Femto cells are deployed based on the number of mobile customers present in a region, mobile user traffic in that region and the area of the region where cellular network coverage has to be provided. A comparative study is performed between the power consumption by the base stations in each of these five cases and that of the only macro cell based network. The simulation results demonstrate that using each of these five strategies the power consumption by the base stations can be minimized than that of only macro cell based network. Based on the power consumption by the base stations in these five schemes, we have categorized the networks into five classes, A, B, C, D and E, each of which contains cells of different types to reduce power consumption to achieve green cellular network
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