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  • Abstract Send to Hypertens Pregnancy. 2016 May;35(2):170-80. d!: 10.310"#106$1"55.2015.1122036. %p&b 2016 'eb 2$. Effect of regular exercise on blood pressure in normotensive pregnant women. A randomized controlled trial. Haastad A 1 * %d+ardsen % 1 * ,   1 . Author informationAbstract OBJEC!"E# / e+a&ate te eect  reg&ar eerc!se n 4aterna arter!a bd press&re (,P) at rest and d&r!ng &p! a!ng* !n eaty r4er !nact!+e pregnant 4en. $E%O&S# A s!nge-b!nd* s!nge-center* rand4!ed cntred tr!a !nc&d!ng 61 &t  105 eaty* !nact!+e n&!par&s pregnant 4en* !n!t!ay enred !n a cntred tr!a st&dy!ng te eect 12 ees  aerb!c eerc!se (60 4!n 2#ee) n 4aterna e!gt ga!n. Pr!4ary &tc4e as te 4ean ad&sted d!erence !n cange !n rest!ng syst!c and d!ast!c ,P r4 base!ne t ater !nter+ent!n. ecndary &tc4e as te 4ean ad&sted d!erence !n cange !n syst!c ,P d&r!ng &p! tread4! a!ng at cr!t!ca per. Meas&re4ents ere perr4ed  pr!r t te !nter+ent!n (gestat!n ee 17.6 9 $.2) and ater te !nter+ent!n (gestat!n ee 36.5 9 0."). 'ES()S# At base!ne* rest!ng syst!c and d!ast!c ,P as 115#66 9 12#7 and 115#67 9 10#" 44Hg !n te eerc!se (n  35) and cntr gr&p (n  26)* respect!+ey. Ater te !nter+ent!n* rest!ng syst!c ,P as 112 9 8 44Hg !n te eerc!se gr&p and 11" 9 1$ 44Hg !n te cntr gr&p* g!+!ng a beteen-gr&p d!erence  7.5 44Hg ("5 <= 1.5 t 12.6* p  0.013). >!ast!c ,P as 71 9 " and 76 9 8 44Hg* !t a beteen-gr&p d!erence  3." 44Hg ("5 <= -0.07 t 7.8* p  0.05$). >&r!ng &p! tread4! a!ng at cr!t!ca per* te  beteen-gr&p d!erence !n syst!c and d!ast!c ,P as 5." 44Hg ("5 <= -$.$ t 16.1* p  0.25$) and 5.5 44Hg ("5 <= -0.2 t 11.1* p  0.05")* respect!+ey. CO*C)(S!O*S#  Aerb!c eerc!se red&ced rest!ng syst!c ,P !n eaty r4er !nact!+e pregnant 4en. +E,-O'&S# Aerb!c dance; bd press&re; eerc!se; pregnancyPM=>:26"0"888>?=:10.310"#106$1"55.2015.1122036
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