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Abstract-An Outlook on the Main Components of a Bridge Management System | Bridge | Engineering

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  First International Conference for PhD students in Civil Engineering  CE-PhD 2012, 4-7 November 2012,Cluj-Napoca, Romania www.sens-group.ro/ce2012  AN OUTLOOK ON THE MAIN COMPONENTS OF A BRIDGEMANAGEMENT SYSTEM Laurentiu Pavelescu *1 1 Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Lacul Tei Bvd., no. 122 - 124 RO 020396, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania Abstract Starting from the well-known importance of the transport network for Europe's economic and socialdevelopment and taking into account that no man-made structure is built to last forever, whatever materials or forms of construction are used, the problem of maintenance of a stock of bridges inorder to ensure a satisfactory level of serviceability should be a major concern of any administration body at the state or the local level.Maintaining the works of art (bridges, in particular) in a serviceable condition is a complexendeavor and this is due to the wide variety of structural types. Whilst the majority of modernstructures are of reinforced or prestressed concrete construction, there are also a large number of composite bridges with steel beams supporting a concrete deck and a smaller number of steel bridges. The majority of the older structures are of masonry arch construction. Each type of structure behaves differently, suffers from different types of deterioration and has differentmaintenance needs. Add this to the financial constraints and we could form an opinion on the greatchallenges a manager faces.A so-called Bridge Management System (often abbreviated as BMS) addresses all activitiesthroughout the life of a bridge from conception through design and construction, and finally toreplacement or demolition and is aimed at ensuring their safety and functionality. This requirestechniques and procedures that ensure that bridges are regularly inspected and assessed, and thatappropriate maintenance is carried out to achieve a required standard of condition throughout their service life.   This paper presents the main components a BMS relies upon; the analysis has been conducted in acomparative fashion, following the in-force Bridge Management Systems around the world andstressing characteristics such as: Inventory Component, Inspection Component, Cost Component,Maintenance Options, Bridge Condition, all of them being related to the Management Controlthrough the core Database.The conclusions of this paper stand as a basis for a Romanian Bridge Management System thatcould be implemented by central or local administrative bodies in order to ensure a coherentapproach with respect to the maintenance of a pile of bridges in service on our network. References [1]Petroski, H. - Engineers of dreams. New York: Allfred A. Knopf, 1995[2]Michael J. Ryall - Bridge Management, 2nd Edition, 2010[3]*** BRIME report BRIME: BRIdge Management in Europe, Final report, European Commission DGVII, 4th Framework Programme, 2001 1* Corresponding author: Tel./ Fax.: +40769871088E-mail address: laurentiu.pavelescu@gmail.com  First International Conference for PhD students in Civil Engineering  CE-PhD 2012, 4-7 November 2012,Cluj-Napoca, Romania www.sens-group.ro/ce2012 [4]*** THE IABMAS BRIDGE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - Overview of Existing BridgeManagement Systems, 2010[5]*** Arches, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures, Recommendationon Systematic Decision Making Processes Associated with Maintenance and Reconstruction of Bridges,Deliverable D09 (ARCHES-02-DE09), August 2009[6]*** Miscellaneous web sources
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