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  ABSTRACT The title of the project is “A STUDY ON THE IDENTIFICATION OFNON PERFORMING DEALERS AND MEASURES TO BE TAKEN TOCONVERT THEM INTO PERFORMING DEALERS OF TALKING POINT INCHENNAI” .This research work is done for Tata Indicom Franchisee in Chennai. Under thisfranchisee all 120 dealers did not show a similar level of performance in meeting thetargets (No. of connections per month). The study was concluded to identify the non- performing dealers and to know why they are not performing. The main incomes for meeting the targets are commission and other incentives.Data was collected regarding the average sales and the commission level categoryto which they belong. From these figures the non-performing dealers are identified. Theresearch design adopted was descriptive type and data was collected using aquestionnaire through the interview mode. There are 120 dealers and all of them whereinclude in the study, hence, this is a population study.Percentages and cross tabulation were used for the study. Based on thecommission level the study revealed that 73% of the respondents are non-performing. Toimprove them the franchisee should have good relationship to improve the sales. Their commission structure has been discussed with the dealers and the dealer’s suggestionsshall be considered. Some prefer most for sales promotion, to be carried out.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my sincere thanks to the Thiru.B.ARUNKUMAR M.Sc., Director,Xtragenius Education Centre, Dharmapuri for giving this opportunity.I express my sincere thanks to the Ms G. ANITHA MBA. , Coordinator,Xtragenius Education Centre, Dharmapuri for giving this opportunity to acquire the realcorporate experiences.I take this opportunity to express my indebtedness and profound sense of gratitude to my Project Guide Thiru. K. ANAND, M.B.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Asst.Professor, Department of Business Administration, DONBOSCO Arts and ScienceCollege, Dharmapuri for his valuable guidance.It is my pleasure to record my deep sense of thankfulness to Mr. P.M.Shaji (Managing Director) and Capt. S. SESHADRI, (Director, Sales & Marketing) for     providing me an opportunity to do my project in their esteemed organization.Lastly I would like to acknowledge the wholehearted support of my parents,faculty members and friends who helped me at various stages in completing this projectwork successfully  (ARUN KUMAR.B)  LIST OF CONTENTSCHAPTER NO.PARTICULARSPAGENO.LIST OF TABLESLIST OF FIGURES1INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction 11.2 Objectives of the study61.3 Scope of the study71.4 Limitations of the study81.5 Company profile91.6 Product Profile10 2RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 2.1 Research Design122.2 Population122.3 Data Collection method132.4 Data analysis and interpretation13 3ANALYSIS AND RESULTS & DISCUSSIONS 3.1 Analysis of data15 4RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 4.1 Findings 494.2 Suggestions and recommendations514.3 Conclusion52 APPENDIXREFERENCES  LIST OF TABLESTABLENO.PARTICULARSPAGENO. 31.1Profile of the respondents153.1.2No. of. years of business with Tata Indicom 163.1.3Total connection sold during the last 6 months183.1.4Tata indicom connection sold during the last 6 months203.1.5Commission per month earned by the dealer223.1.6Opinion about commission given by the competitors243.1.7Companies that give more commission253.1.8Satisfaction level on commission rate263.1.9Motivation of sales promotional activity273.1.10Satisfaction level on service provided by Tata Indicom283.1.11Expectations on the customers using Tata Indicom connection 303.1.12Satisfaction regarding the frequency of advertisements of thecompany323.1.13Incentive provided by various companies333.1.14Satisfaction level on Tata Indicom’s incentive scheme353.1.15Dealer expectations from franchisee 363.1.16Non performers’ satisfaction level on commission rate383.1.17Non performing dealers’ satisfaction level on service provided by Tata Indicom393.1.18Customer expectation amongst non-performing dealer 41
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