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Teacher Support Team Process TIER I: Quality classroom instruction - Teacher identifies student with learning or behavior difficulty. TIER II: Student referred to Grade Level Team for interventions. Grade Level Team gathers and reviews data with teacher to develop interventions. Teacher implements interventions for a minimum of six weeks. Teacher implements a second intervention cycle. UNSUCCESSFUL Grade Level Team reviews progress in 3 weeks on the effectiveness of interventions effectivenes
  Teacher Support Team Process   Interventionscontinue. SUCCESSFUL Grade Level Team gathers and reviews data withteacher to develop interventions. TIER II: Student referred to Grade Level Teamfor interventions.Teacher implements interventions for a minimum of  six weeks.Grade Level Team reviews progress in 3 weeks onthe effectiveness of interventionseffectiveness of interventions. TIER III : Teacher will notifyschool-wide Teacher Support Team Chair and complete TST referral packet. Meet within 2weeks of referral - schedule vision/hearing test UNSUCCESSFUL TIER I : Quality classroom instruction - Teacher identifies student with learning or behavior difficulty. Teacher implementsa secondinterventioncycle. Teacher Support Team and teacher meet to developinterventions.Interventionist or Teacher implements interventionswith a review each 3 weeks.Teacher Support Team meets to discuss theeffectiveness of interventions and modify if needed.Teacher Support Team Recommendation made atthe end of the16th week of interventions (total Tier III process should not exceed 18 weeks without oneof the following recommendations):~ Interventions are successful; student remains in regular ed.with or without further interventions based on TSTrecommendations. ~ Interventions are unsuccessful; student remains in regular ed.and conduct further interventions (academic or behavioral). ~ Interventions are unsuccessful; student is referred to DistrictReview Team for Child Study consideration.   SUCCESSFUL  Academic Indicators and StandardsTier I (Quality Classrooom Instruction) Tier I : Intervention FocusFor all studentsProgramResearch Based CurriculaGroupingMultiple grouping formats to meet students needsInterventionistGeneral Education Teacher SettingGeneral Education ClassroomPossible Interventions to consider for Tier I – Academic / Behavioral ã Explicit and systematic small group instruction within theregular classroom ã Instruction that has been broken down into manageable steps ã Instruction has been provided using a different teachingstrategy ã Instruction was provided using a different responsemechanism ã Student has been provided with additional practice activities ã Student has been provided with immediate and specificfeedback  ã Good classroom management techniques ã Class involvement in developing classroom rules ã Clarify the social rules and external demands of the classroom ã List and/or post all steps necessary and required to completeeach assignment ã Class wide reward/token economy system for positive behaviors ã Key points to discuss are differentiation of instruction,grouping of students, how behavior is addressed, theutilization of technology, how learning styles are addressed,how procedures are taught and reinforced, etc. Tier II (Supplemental Instruction) Tier II : Supplemental Instruction FocusFor student identified with marked difficulties and who has not responded to Tier I efforts(Any student making an “F” in a core subject)ProgramFocused supplemental instruction & interventions will address multiple modalities in additionto core instructionGroupingHomogenous small group instruction (1:3, 1:4, or 1:5)Time15 – 30 minutes per day 3x per week in small group instructionAssessmentProgress monitoring weekly on target skill to ensure adequate progress and learningInterventionistPersonnel determined by the school (e.g., a classroom teacher, a specialized teacher, anexternal interventionist)SettingAppropriate setting designated by the school; may be within or outside of the classroomPossible Interventions toconsider for Tier II ã Explicit and systematic small group instruction outside of the regular classroom ã Supplemental instruction has been provided using a different teaching strategy ã Student has been provided with additional practice activities ã Instruction has been provided targeting specific areas of weakness  Tier I Documentation of Student Intervention / Strategies (Quality classroom instruction universal to all students in the class.) Student ________________________________Subject Area ___________________ Teacher_______________________ Grade _______________Date ________________  Reading Series ____________________________________________________________________________ Language Series ___________________________________________________________________________ Math Series _______________________________________________________________________________ Science Series _____________________________________________________________________________ Other Series ______________________________________________________________________________ Resources and Strategies Utilized: ___ Tutorial Services (Site-based and Community)___ Small Group ___ Individual Activities___ Whole Group ___ Technology Resources___ Classroom Discipline Plan ___ School Based Counseling___ Classroom Rewards ___ Mental Health Services (Site based and Community)___ School Discipline Plan ___ Other (Specify) ________________________________________________________ Tier I description (refer to indicators for keypoints): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  TST 1  Tier II Documentation of Student Interventions / Strategies (Supplemental instruction targeting specific students) Student ____________________________ Subject Area ______________ Teacher_______________ Grade _______ Date_______ Date of Parent Contact __________ Method of Contact ___________  Assessment Information Type of Assessment Used: __________________________________________________________ Indicate content area being assessed: _________________________________________________ Baseline (Beginning of Year) Mid-Year End of YearIntervention Cycle 1 (Conduct 3 weeks)Referring Problem/Objective: ______________________________________________________  Intervention Start Date: ___________Review Date: ___________End Date: ______________ Description of InterventionsProgress MonitoringTST 2a K-3 or 3-11
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