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Academic Word List
  HeadwordsOther words in the family. abandon stop doing something because of problems abstract  based on ideasacademyconnected with education access accommodatea place to live or workaccompanysomebody goes with someoneaccumulategradual increase in quantity accurate exactly correct achieve succeed in doing something goodacknowledgeaccepted that something was trueacquireget somethingadapt adequate enough for a particular purpose adjacent  next to somethingadjustchange or move something slightlyabandoned, abandoning, abandonment, abandons, e.g.abstraction, abstractions, abstractly, abstracts, e.g.academia, academic, academically, academics, academies, e.g.accessed, accesses, accessibility, accessible, accessing, inaccessiblefind and use information, especially on a computer accommodated, accommodates, accommodating , accommodationaccompanied  , accompanies, accompaniment, accompanying, unaccompaniedaccumulated, accumulating, accumulation,  accumulatesaccuracy, accurately, inaccuracy, inaccuracies, inaccurateachievable, achieved, achievement, achievements, achieves, achieving acknowledged,  acknowledges, acknowledging, acknowledgement, acknowledgementsacquired, acquires, acquiring, acquisition , acquisitionsadaptability, adaptable, adaptation,  adaptations, adapted, adapting, adaptive, adaptsa change in something so that it can be used in a different situationadequacy, adequately, inadequacies, inadequacy, inadequate, inadequatelyadjusted, adjusting, adjustment,  adjustments, adjusts, readjust, readjusted, readjusting, readjustment, readjustments, readjusts  administrateadultfully grown advocateaffect  cause a change aggregate total aid  aided, aiding, aids, unaidedhelp or support albeit  althoughallocate alter  change or make something change alternative alternatively, alternatives ambiguous having more than one possible meaningamendmake small changes or improvementsanalogysimilar to another situation or thinganalysecareful examination annual  annuallyhappening once every year anticipateexpect something to happen apparent  apparentlyeasily seen or understoodappendadministrates, administration,  administrations, administrative, administratively, administrator, administratorsthe work of managing the affairs of a companyadulthood, adults advocacy, advocated, advocates, advocatingsay you strongly support a way of doing thingsaffected, affecting, affective, affectively, affects, unaffectedaggregated, aggregates, aggregating, aggregationallocated, allocates, allocating, allocation,  allocationsdecide to use something for a particular purposealterable, alteration, alterations, altered, altering, alternate, alternating, alters, unalterable, unalteredsomething you can do instead of something elseambiguities, ambiguity, unambiguous, unambiguouslyamended, amending, amendment,  amendments, amendsanalogies, analogous analysed, analyser, analysers, analyses, analysing, analysis , analyst, analysts, analytic, analytical, analytically anticipated,  anticipates, anticipating, anticipation, unanticipated appendix  , appended, appends, appending, appendices, appendixesa part at the end of a book or report that has additional information  appreciateunderstand a difficult situation or problem approachappropriate suitable for a particular time or purposeapproximatea little more or less than an exact number  arbitrary  arbitrariness, arbitrarily area areasa particular subject or type of activityaspect  aspects one of the parts of a situation or subjectassembleassessassigngive somebody a job to doassisthelp and support assume think that something is trueassureattachfasten or joinappreciable, appreciably, appreciated, appreciates, appreciating, appreciation,  unappreciatedapproachable, approached, approaches, approaching, unapproachablea way of doing something or dealing with a problemappropriacy, appropriately, appropriateness, inappropriacy, inappropriate, inappropriately approximated  , approximately, approximates, approximating, approximation, approximationsnot based on any practical or good reasonsassembled, assembles, assemblies, assembling, assembly  a group of people who have come together for a particular purposeassessable, assessed, assesses, assessing, assessment  , assessments, reassess, reassessed, reassessing, reassessment, unassessedexamine something and make a decision about it assigned,  assigning, assignment, assignments, assigns, reassign, reassigned, reassigning, reassigns, unassigned assistance,  assistant, assistants, assisted, assisting, assists, unassistedassumed, assumes, assuming, assumption, assumptions assurance , assurances, assured, assuredly, assures, assuringtell somebody that something will definitely happen or is true attached,  attaches, attaching, attachment, attachments, unattached  attainattitude  attitudes what you think and feel about somethingattribute author  authored, authoring, authors, authorshipsomeone who writes a book or article authority  authoritative, authoritiesautomatewithout much human control available availability, unavailablethat you can get, buy or use etc aware awareness, unawareknowing about or realising something behalf  instead of someone benefit  an advantage or improvement bias biased, biases, biasing, unbiased bond  bonded, bonding, bonds brief  brevity, briefed, briefing, briefly, briefscontinuing for only a short time bulk  bulkyin large quantities capable capabilities, capability, incapable capacity  capacities, incapacitate, incapacitatedcategoryceasestops doing something or stops happening challengechannel  channelled, channelling, channelsuse something for a particular purpose chapter  chaptersone of the parts that a book is divided intoattainable, attained  , attaining, attainment, attainments, attains, unattainableachieve something after trying for a long timeattributable, attributed,  attributes, attributing, attributionsaid that something was caused or written by someonesomeone who is respected because of their knowledgeautomatic, automated, automates, automating, automatically  , automationbeneficial, beneficiary, beneficiaries, benefited, benefiting, benefitsan opinion that unfairly influences how you do somethinga shared feeling or interest that unites peoplehaving the skill, power or other qualities that are needed to do somethingthe amount that a factory or machine can produce categories , categorisation, categorise, categorised, categorises, categorising, categorizinggroups of people or things that have the same qualities or featuresceased, ceaseless, ceases , ceasingchallenged, challenger, challengers, challenges, challengingsay you doubt whether something is right or true
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