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English Language Centre Northumbria English Language Pre-sessional Academic Writing Handbook Academic writing handbook 2 Table of Contents Table of contents Acknowledgements 1. The academic writing handbook 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Academic writing 1.5 If you have done a project before 1.3 Tracking your extended writing project 2. The Academic Word List 3. Learning about your topic 4. Requirements 4.1 Organisation 4.2 Length 4.3 Word processing 4.4 The sections of the paper 4.4.1 Title page 4.
    English Language Centre Northumbria English Language Pre-sessional Academic WritingHandbook    Academic writing handbook 2  Table of Contents PageTable of contents 3Acknowledgements 41. The academic writing handbook 51.1 Introduction 51.2 Academic writing 51.5 If you have done a project before 71.3 Tracking your extended writing project 62. The Academic Word List 73. Learning about your topic 124. Requirements 144.1 Organisation 144.2 Length 144.3 Word processing 144.4 The sections of the paper 154.4.1 Title page 154.4.2 Table of contents 154.4.3 (Abstract) 154.4.4 Introduction 154.4.5 Body 164.4.6 Conclusion 174.4.7 List of references 174.4.8 (Appendix) 174.4.9 Headings and subheadings 174.4.10 Copies of your project 175. Joining the academic community 185.1 Example of referencing 205.2 The parts of a reference in your list of references 215.3 Writing your list of references, Harvard system 226. Assessment 26Project marking 26Criteria for an A level project 27Appendix I, Doing research: Questionnaires 29Appendix II, Writing on a computer 33Spelling and grammar 33Page numbers 33Word count 34Line spacing 34Changing font styles, bold, italic or underlined 35Making overhead transparencies 36Appendix III, Giving a spoken presentation 37Appendix IV, Assessment criteria for projects 39List of references used in preparing this handbook 43   Academic writing handbook 3   This handbook could not have been created without the help of many people.Jane Carnaffan encouraged the creation of the handbook, supplied materialsto support the development, and sustained it with her generosity. Peter Palmer also developed materials, as well as offering ideas that greatlyimproved this unit. David West, the current head of Pre-sessional courses,and Graham Hall, the head of the English Language Centre, supported methroughout the most discouraging times. They are the best of all possible bosses. Pippa Macleod, Barbara Tully, Jason Soffe, and Joan Hewittcontributed to the creation of this handbook; I am grateful for their generoushelp.Many teachers who taught on the Projects unit in 2001 contributed their ideasfor the development and improvement of this handbook. Their responses,often through anonymous feedback, inform this handbook and are deeplyappreciated, though they cannot be individually acknowledgedStudents who wrote projects and also took time to discuss their experiencesafter entering degree courses provided invaluable advice. Their contributionsmake this a better course for future students.© Northumbria University 2002Created by Erik Borg Academic writing handbook 4
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