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Academic Writing Jan 2017 | Argument | Educational Assessment

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Academic Writing
   Academic Writing FMS PGR Writing Development Centre @ncl_wdcWriting Development CentreExplore the possibilities  @ncl_wdcWriting Development Centre Explore the possibilities  Today’s session Writing as Process ã  Your developing authorial  voice ã Writing as complex process ã  You as a writer – preferences, practices Writing as Product ã Macro: ã  Aims ã Structure ã Micro: ã Paragraphing  ã Sentences ã Style  @ncl_wdcWriting Development Centre Explore the possibilities  Your voice, your authority Why is this happening? “Many a doctoral thesis has left an examiner underwhelmed because it doesn’t seem to be written by an expert researcher. The writing is hesitant and deferential at the very times when the writer should be showing that they are assured and assertive. It’s as if the nearly doctor is possessed by an inner doctoral “student” whose writing is tentative, distant, impersonal, formal. And that “student” needs to be got rid of.”Pat Thompson, ‘ Exorcise the inner doctoral student from your  writing ’ (blog post June 8 th , 2015)  Writing as Process
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