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  Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2) Many people say that the only way to guarantee getting a good job is to complete acourse of university education. Others claim that it is better to start work after schooland gain experience in the world of work.   How far do you agree or disagree with the above view?  Parents value education and encourage their children to attend university maintaining that agood job will be waiting for them when they graduate. On the other hand some people valuework experience over education and prefer to enter the working world instead of pursuingfurther studies.With many countries facing a financial crisis, university graduates are not always able to findemployment. In fact, there is no guarantee that any young person will get a job irrespective of their education or work experience. Many professions require a university education, for example doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers etc. and employers will prefer students whohave one. Graduates tend to focus on one particular subject and so their knowledge will bevaluable to an employer. Similarly, a university education teaches adults other skills such asencouraging critical thinking, time management and communication skills.Those who enter the workplace directly have a head start. Although they begin at lower levels, for example as trainees or junior staff, they are able to climb the career ladder withtheir practical knowledge and relevant work experience. Sometimes workers who chose thisoption feel that they are at a disadvantage because they don’t have a formal education.  Whether a person choses to join the workforce directly or decides on further studies depends on a person’s preferences, beliefs and financial position. As getting a university education is exp ensive and time consuming those who don’t enjoy studying often go to work after high school. To what extent should television participate in children’s education?  When someone thinks of television they usually point out the negative impacts that it mighthave on a child, for example, the use of violent images and inappropriate language that a child is likely to imitate. It is for this reason that many parents limit their children’s viewing time. Television is sometimes used in schools to educate children and there are manyinformative programmes that can enlighten a young child.A teacher may use a television programme during a lesson as this has sound, colour, characters etc. that are likely to grab a child’s attention. Likewise, some students are better   able to remember visual information. Similarly, many shows have an educational value, for example, general knowledge quizzes, live competitions between schools on a particular subject and sometimes a tutor may deliver a lesson on TV.Although many parents limit the time their children watch TV, some channels and  programmes, for example science, geography and history may actually enrich a child’s knowledge as well as improve their language skills. In some cases, busy parents are awayfrom home for many hours and a TV set acts as an educational tool for children.  In terms of education, TV should be used as an alternative teaching source if a parent or teacher feels a programme is likely to benefit a child. TV does not only provide mindlessentertainment but if it is used appropriately it can help young children make sense of their environment in an engaging way. Question taken from Target Band 7 p. 55 Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2) Home schooling belongs to the past and is unacceptable in modern society. To whatextent do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Home schooling is still practised in some remote areas, often when children are unable toattend school because of their location, for example in some parts of Australia or whenchildren have a busy professional schedule such as famous child actors. Sometimes homeschooling is merely a preference chosen by parents.Traditional methods of schooling are the norm as parents feel that schools provide theappropriate environment for a child to learn. They do not only engage in classroom activities but children also become sociable by interacting with others their own age. Goodcommunication skills and team work are skills that can be used later on in life.There are some benefits attached to home schooling. A child learns better and faster whenthey have individual attention and will most likely be academically brighter than other children. They might also feel safer in their home environment and will be able to have muchmore time for other commitments.It is however unlikely that a single tutor will have all the knowledge required to teach allsubjects equally well and a child might not receive the appropriate instruction in each subject.In addition, a child might become spoilt in this way and have unsociable behaviour. They will be unable to draw a clear line between home and school as the environment is the same.Similarly, they might have difficulties relating to their parents as teachers in cases where theyare taught by them.Even though home schooling is not an outdated practice and some communities practice thismethod of teaching, I believe a child will receive a well-balanced, rounded education andmake more friends in a traditional classroom setting. Question taken from Target Band 7, p.57  
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