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AFB Sputum Staining

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Sputum AFB – Procedure and Processing CRRI Skill Presentation Dr Irfan Ismail Ayub Guide Dr Sandheep S MD, Assistant Professor 1uberculosis ÷ Disease Burden India has 20 % of the world's TB population. Globally 5000 people die every day. Most common age group involved is 15 - 54 years. RNTCP was started in 1998 using DOTS as the means of control. Importance of AFB Sputum staining The DOTS program under RNTCP requires a good diagnostic tool for the success of the program. Sputum mi
  Sputum AFB –Procedureand Processing CRRI Skill PresentationDr IrfanIsmailAyubGuideDr SandheepSMD, Assistant Professor          !! # $  %&'( ))*!+,-  Importance of AFB Sputumstaining  The DOTS program under RNTCP requiresa good diagnostic tool for the success ofthe program.  Sputum microscopy has98 % casedetection rate whereas Chest X-ray has 50% detection rate only.  Sputum AFB staining is also necessary forfollow-up.        
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