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Annual Report 2008 v2 | Scouting | Balance Sheet

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Bishop’s Stortford and District Scout Council Annual Review 2008 …the UK's fastest growing District 2008 Bishop’s Stortford and District annual review 2008 s Today’s modern Scouting is: fun to be part of and GROWING! a large international mixed children’s and youth Movement, works with children and young people aged 6 to 25 years of age outdoor focussed, more than just an activity club, firmly rooted in a clear Purpose, focussed on international and local community issues, Our Purpose is
    Annual Review 2008    B   i  s   h  o  p   ’  s   S   t  o  r   t   f  o  r   d  a  n   d   D   i  s   t  r   i  c   t   S  c  o  u   t   C  o  u  n  c   i   l …the UK's fastest growing District 2008    Bishop’s Stortford and District annual review 2008 s Join theadventure The Scout Association 2 Today’s modern Scouting is: fun to be part of and GROWING!a large international mixed children’s and youth Movement,works with children and young people aged 6 to 25 years of ageoutdoor focussed,more than just an activity club,firmly rooted in a clear Purpose,focussed on international and local community issues, Our Purpose is to: ‘To help young people achieve their full physical, intellectual, socialand spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and asMembers of their local, national and international communities’. We do this by helping young people to develop and become;self reliantcaringresponsibleshow commitment. We believe the world is a better place when young people:  are trustworthy, self-controlled and self-confidenthave self-respect and respect for otherswork together to serve other people and to improve societyshow responsibility towards the natural worldhave proper respect for possessions and propertyhave an active religious faith  Did you know there are:1 Scout Network for 18 – 25 year olds in our District 3 Explorer Scout Units for 14 – 18 year olds in our District 8 Scout Groups our District 28  million Members worldwide 36 Unit meetings of young people each week in our District 216  countries in the world have Scouting. 300  million people in the world have been Scouts since 1907 856 Members in our District and growing 12,400  Members in Hertfordshire and growing 100,000  adults volunteer as Leaders in the UK today 500,000 people are in UK Scouting today  Bishop’s Stortford and District annual review 2008 s Join theadventure The Scout Association 3 The District Commissioner… Greg Stewart Our Centenary year wasa year packed with fun,adventure andoutstanding success,which ranged from someMembers meeting thethen Prime Minister,Tony Blair MP, a SilverCross for bravery to anExplorer Scout to moreand more people joiningScouting in the area.We are now officially theUK’s Scout District withthe largest increase inmembership in 2008.Bearing in mind thereare over 1000 Districtswith 500,000 members –this is by no means andsmall achievement byour Leaders and GroupExecutive members. Youwill see from the table inthis report that we havehad a huge 30% increaseon last year, exceedingour target of 720 to anew membership total of  856 .We are now just 33members short of the alltime record membershipof 889 set in 1982 . The2008 national averageincrease is about 3%. Itlooks even more likelythat we will reach over1000 members by 2010.However it is not justabout figures – it showsthe outside world andparents that we areoffering young peoplewhat they want, excitingand challengingprogrammes, fun andexcitement. We are growing and still relevant to today’ssociety. More adults arejoining us because theysee success. We are byfar the largest mixedyouth and children’sprovider in the area.The Centenary year gaveus the opportunity to dothings differently. Onewas the St George’s DayActivity event at GilwellPark where over 400members enjoyed a dayof adventurous activitieswhich involved a renewalof Promises. It was sosuccessful that Leaderswanted to change theformat again for 2008!We also had a greatmorning on August 1 st ontop of the Castle MoundBishops Stortford wherewe joined 20 millionScouts from around theworld in renewing ourPromises. We alsounveiled a specialcommemorative plaquein Bishop’s Storftfordtown Centre and werejoined by Mark Prisk MPand the UK Commissionerfor Programme.The District had thelargest contingent of youth at theRemembrance SundayParade in Bishop’sStortford and also wehad good representationon this solemn occasionin Sawbridgeworth andMuch Hadham.Our new Awards nightand AGM format last Mayproved to be a goodsuccess which will nowbecome a regular featurein the District calendar. …the UK’s ScoutDistrict with thelargest increasein membershipin 2008… Our annual Leadersconference  Advance continues be helpful infocusing Groups ondevelopment andproviding help andassistance. The trend forthis event is movingmuch more towardproviding leaders withpractical programmingideas and support.  Bishop’s Stortford and District annual review 2008 s Join theadventure The Scout Association 4 At Section level, theDistrict team continuesto be impressed by theenthusiasm anddedication of theLeaders and Helpers. Thequality of Scouting eachnight of the week, in 36Sections is excellent.The District team hasfocussed time andenergy to Sections whoneed help to overcome afew minor problems, giveguidance and ideas tonew Leaders.There have been manycamps and outdooractivities which youngpeople are clamouringfor – it is readilyprovided to the youngestBeaver Scout to theolder Scout Networkmember.The year has seen usbuild stronger bridgeswith our local authoritiesand Member of Parliament, but alsolocal business who arekeen to support and beassociated with Scouting.These include the HSBCBank, North Street,Photosound, Intercounty,Cox photographers andOutdoor Wear.Over the past two years,I have found it difficultto get about and visitSections as much aswould like to, but I amcomforted by havingsuch an effective andsupportive District Teamand it would be remissnot to express my thanksto them all andespecially to the DistrictChairman and hisexecutive who support usall in the background Imust not forget Emily mywife and the family forletting me get out andabout to do this role forScouting.An excellent year toreport on and we are allworking hard tostrengthen and extendScouting in 2008/2009with many new andexciting activitiesplanned with theobjective of getting as toas many young peopleand adults involved inthe great game of Scouting. Bishop's Stortford & Scout District Membership 6226226266406225925746578560100200300400500600700800900200020012002200320042005200620072008
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