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PO R TFO LI O KHOR XIN SUAN Selected Projects 2017 - 2019 Glasgow School of ArtsFINAL DESIGN THESIS CITY AS PALIMPSEST : ARCHITECTURE AS PALIMPSEST Kipdorp Poorte Musuem and Archive Centre Location : Antwerp, Belgium Year : 2019 MayHow can the metaphor of palimpsest applied to new architecture reveal the complex memory of a historic urban location?Franklin Rooseveltplaats, near the Central Station, is undergoing significant change of identity with the tunneling of vehicular traffic. This large open square is an important location because it reveals traces of the city’s history. The renaming of the square from Gemeenteplaats to Victorieplaats, and now Franklin Rooseveltplaats corresponds with the city’s turbulent history. This place has witnessed multiple ‘erasures’ important to the wider history of the city. Beneath the square lies the archaeological artefact of the historical city wall and gate, the Kipdorp Poorte. This thesis explores ‘architecture as palimpsest’ with a programme for a new museum and archive centre dedicated to the Spanish Wall. The building’s function is to preserve memories, both tangible and intangible. Built over and incorporating the ruin of the Kipdorp gate, the architecture re-establishes an important city threshold, while redefining Franklin Rooseveltplaats. Historic layers of the city are overlaid with new ones to allow for multiple interpretation. The architecture becomes a collection of complex layers, evoking memory of the medieval quarter, city fortifications, the 19th century Royal Theatre and celebrated square at an important moment of change for this place in the city. The new architecture evokes memories of this location: the intimate scale of the demolished 19th century Flemish theatre is mirrored, the historic gate location becomes the building entrance and the 18th century plot pattern, following the demolition of the defensive wall, provides the rhythm of new internal walls. The monumental wall becomes the key new ordering element through scale, construction and inhabitation. The intimate qualities of being ‘within the wall’ thickness (circulation and display) is contrasted with the vertical space created when moving ‘between the walls’.KIPDORP, A BRIDGE TO THE PASTMEMORIES “Building as an architectural artifact, a palimpsest of its own history” Peter Eisenman, 1994 “Memories can be attached to or associated with objects, artefacts, buildings, sites and landscapes.” Francis Yates, 1966Originally from the Greek word ‘palimpsestos’ meaning ‘scraped again’ was used in reference to handwriting onto parchment, where new text had been applied on top of the scraped off, but still discernable, earlier writing. In architecture, the metaphor of the palimpsest is used to describe a situation where multiple layers of historic buildings are visible as traces, and these can be discerned simultaneously with the superimposed new layer.Ruins of Spanish Wall’s foundation beneath the siteRoyal Theatre of Antwerp Built at the site on 1866 and demolished on 1960 Footprint of the Kipdorp gate, which was the entrance to the city18th century plot pattern, formed after the demolition of Spanish WallCITY AS PALIMPSEST : ARCHITECTURE AS PALIMPSEST Cities are constructed through the superimposition of successive layers over time. A city’s past is multiple layers of conflicting memories that are reflected in its built fabric. These layers allow us to investigate the relationship that exist between the past, present and future. The continuous process of accumulation, considered as a palimpsest, contributes to a city’s identity and sense of place. The medieval core of Antwerp has been continuously built up by different power and occupants, each of whom added to the city. The urban landscape changed, each with new ruler however, individual traces remain. This research explores how these traces of the past might be used to make a contemporary architecture. A morphological chronology is the starting point, from macro to micro scale, to reveal the palimpsest layers of Antwerp.161018301853186918741930BOULEVARD , THE SPANISH WALL The entire enclosure consisted of 9 bastions, 8 fronts and 5 city gates with monumental bridge over the canal. It was built in 1542 by the Holy Emperor Charles V and was demolished in 1859. Although the upper structure city wall was completely demolished, the foundation still lies beneath the boulevard. Recently, the construction of North-South tramway connecting the Eilandje with the Niew Zuid, unearthed the ruins of Spanish Wall.FRANKLIN ROOSEVELTPLAATS 1858 - 1902 - 2020STAGE 4 URBAN HOUSING Wynd, Square, Threshold Location : Glasgow, UK Year : 2018 JanuaryWYND, SQUARE, TRESHOLDSTAGE 4 URBAN BUILDING The Silence Place Location : Glasgow, UK Year : 2018 MayTHE SILENCE PLACE“I just wanted to come and sit somewhere quietly on my own. I am going to drink a cup of tea maybe do some drawings.” “I like the idea of a quiet, calm atmosphere - they are difficult to find.”Have you ever find yourself spacing out in the middle of conversation? Have you ever wanted to say nothing and stay quiet in a corner of a room? I think that is completely normal to have a moment of silence so that you could listen what is deep inside you. Some silence time is important for people living in the city. I want to create a quiet place where people have a chance to sit and think without so much outside interference. These kind of spaces are very personal. The designed architectural journey provide spaces where the occupants can absorb, process and respond. Located in the city center of Glasgow, the Silence Tower is tucked in from the main streets, Ingram Street and Miller Street. The site is hidden within an area enriched with history and significant architecture importance dated back to the 1700s, mainly four to five storey height. The chosen site is tucked in from the crowd giving an impression where you need to find in order to reach the place. A series of experiential spaces playing with light and shadow, travelling from lower ground floor to the top of ‘tower’ that goes up to seventh floor. The activites are arranged in a pryramid form where the privates are located at the top of the building. Each floor consists of one function room.I would like to create poetic spaces where people are drawn by light and shadow. The architectural journey starts from low, wide space to tall, narrow space. Opening and windows are used to frame the street and city views.VIR GIN IA S TRE ETGLA SSF ORD STR EETVIR GIN IA PLA CEMIL LER STR EETING RAM STR EETLOCATION PLAN7.5mSECTION EAST-WEST 10 mSECTION NORTH-SOUTH5mSOUTH ELEVATION5m
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