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As 2916-2007 Symbols for Graphic Representation of Coal Seams and Associated Strata | Coal | Australia

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     AS 2916—2007   Australian Standard ®   Symbols for graphic representation of coal seams and associated strata A S 2  9 1  6 —2  0  0 7     T   h   i  s   i  s  a   f  r  e  e   6  p  a  g  e  s  a  m  p   l  e .   A  c  c  e  s  s   t   h  e   f  u   l   l  v  e  r  s   i  o  n  a   t   h   t   t  p  :   /   /   i  n   f  o  s   t  o  r  e .  s  a   i  g   l  o   b  a   l .  c  o  m .     This Australian Standard® was prepared by Committee MN-001, Coal and Coke. It wasapproved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 6 February 2007. This Standard was published on 23 February 2007. The following are represented on Committee MN-001: ã  Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy ã  Australian Building Codes Board ã  Australian Coal Association ã  Australian Coal Preparation Society ã  Australian Institute of Energy ã Coalfield Geology Council of NSW ã CSIRO, Energy Technology ã Department of Mines and Energy (Qld) ã Minerals Council of Australia ã National Generators Forum ã University of New South Wales ã University of Queensland This Standard was issued in draft form for comment as DR 06639.Standards Australia wishes to acknowledge the participation of the expert individuals thatcontributed to the development of this Standard through their representation on theCommittee and through public comment period. Keeping Standards upKeeping Standards upKeeping Standards upKeeping Standards up----totototo----datedatedatedate  Australian Standards® are living documents that reflect progress in science, technology andsystems. To maintain their currency, all Standards are periodically reviewed, and new editionsare published. Between editions, amendments may be issued.Standards may also be withdrawn. It is important that readers assure themselves they areusing a current Standard, which should include any amendments that may have beenpublished since the Standard was published.Detailed information about Australian Standards, drafts, amendments and new projects canbe found by visiting www.standards.org.auwww.standards.org.auwww.standards.org.auwww.standards.org.auStandards Australia welcomes suggestions for improvements, and encourages readers tonotify us immediately of any apparent inaccuracies or ambiguities. Contact us via email atmail@standards.org.aumail@standards.org.aumail@standards.org.aumail@standards.org.au, or write to Standards Australia, GPO Box 476, Sydney, NSW 2001.    T   h   i  s   i  s  a   f  r  e  e   6  p  a  g  e  s  a  m  p   l  e .   A  c  c  e  s  s   t   h  e   f  u   l   l  v  e  r  s   i  o  n  a   t   h   t   t  p  :   /   /   i  n   f  o  s   t  o  r  e .  s  a   i  g   l  o   b  a   l .  c  o  m .     AS 2916 — 2007 Australian Standard ®   Symbols for graphic representation of coal seams and associated strata Originated as K183—1970.Previous edition AS 2916—1986.Second edition 2007. COPYRIGHT © Standards Australia All rights are reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or byany means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the writtenpermission of the publisher.Published by Standards Australia, GPO Box 476, Sydney, NSW 2001, AustraliaISBN 0 7337 8055 5    T   h   i  s   i  s  a   f  r  e  e   6  p  a  g  e  s  a  m  p   l  e .   A  c  c  e  s  s   t   h  e   f  u   l   l  v  e  r  s   i  o  n  a   t   h   t   t  p  :   /   /   i  n   f  o  s   t  o  r  e .  s  a   i  g   l  o   b  a   l .  c  o  m .   AS 2916—2007 2 PREFACE This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee MN-001, Coal and Coke,to supersede AS 2916—1986.Graphical representation of coal seams and associated strata permits a rapid appraisal of coal seams and geological sections without reference to lengthy written descriptions. Thegraphic sections are invaluable for correlation between borehole logs or outcrop sections.Description of coal seam plies and subsections in terms of their overall megascopicappearance is well established. The macroscopic appearance of many coals, particularlyhigher rank materials, is generally best described by terms based on the relative abundanceof dull and bright lithotypes. Other coals, however, including many lower rank materials,are often more satisfactorily described by terms based on colour and texture. Definitions of higher rank and lower rank coals can be found in AS 2096, Classification and coding systems for Australian coals .Two systems of symbolic representation for coal lithotypes are given in this Standard; oneis based on shading (preferred) and the other on close-spaced diagonal lines (alternative).Although the same symbol is shown for ‘coal, undifferentiated’ and ‘coal, bright’, the twoare never used together on the same representation. An alternative symbol for ‘coal,undifferentiated’ is provided, for use when confusion is likely to arise.A series of symbols is provided, as an appendix to this Standard, to represent the non-coalrock types and mixtures of non-coal rock types commonly associated with coal seams.Symbols for the different classes of material have been assigned an abbreviation. Theseabbreviations may be used, instead of the graphic symbols, up to the stage where formalgraphic presentation is required. No abbreviations have been assigned, however, to mixturesof two or more rock types.The objective of this Standard is to provide a simplistic graphical representation of geological strata associated with coalfields.The term ‘informative’ has been used in this Standard to define the application of theappendix to which it applies. An ‘informative’ appendix is only for information andguidance.    T   h   i  s   i  s  a   f  r  e  e   6  p  a  g  e  s  a  m  p   l  e .   A  c  c  e  s  s   t   h  e   f  u   l   l  v  e  r  s   i  o  n  a   t   h   t   t  p  :   /   /   i  n   f  o  s   t  o  r  e .  s  a   i  g   l  o   b  a   l .  c  o  m .
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