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o T k c a B l o o SchTechnological gifts for students How scholastic sports are going digital Getting kids the homework help they need August 2019 A Special Supplement toZone Four Serving West Babylon2www.southbaysneighbor.comBACK-TO-SCHOOLZONE FOURSpecial SupplementFor More Information, Call: 631.226.2636Special Supplement3BACK-TO-SCHOOLSarah wants Sarah wantsher herdaughter daughter to succeed ininschool. to succeed school. We make thefocus focus to to do We make suresure sheshe hashas the doso. so.Back to School $99 2 pairs of glasses**99 35 25 OFF $SAVE AN EXTRA35AN of EXTRA Back pairs glasses** Save an extra $ to School $99 2SAVE$ $OFFA COMPLETE PAIR West BabylonDIGITAL PROGRESSIVE LENSES Off WITH PURCHASE OF A A COMPLETE a COmplete pair PAIR COMPLETE PAIR OF GLASSES Of eyeglaSSeS rxOR SunglaSSeS IN ADDITION TO STOREOr SALE VISION INSURANCEIN ADDITION TO STORE SALE OR VISION INSURANCEValid at at Validonly only West NYNY WestBabylon, Babylon,631-893-0135(Corner of Great Valid only at West Babylon East Neck Road)25$Offa COmplete pairSave an extra $35 when you buy a complete pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses (frames and lenses). prescription Excludes certain frames including Maui Jim, Oakley. May be combined Save an Valid extra $25 when you required. buy a complete pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses (frame and lenses). Valid with vision and insurance benefi plans and other offers. validframes on previous contact prescription required. Excludes "$99ts2or pairs of glasses coupon" andNot certain includingpurchases, Maui Jim and Oakley lenses, accessories, non-prescription sunglasses. Cannot combined withor$99 To School ** For kids until age of readers 17, Single or vision only. May be combined with vision and be insurance benefits plansBack and other offers. Not valid on previous purchases, contact lenses, accessories, or non-prescription sunglasses. Discount Special. Discount off tag prices. Taxes extra. Savings appliedreaders to lenses. Valid at participating West Babylon, when you buy a complete off location. tag prices. Limit Taxes one extra.coupon Savings applied to lenses.No Validcash at participating WestPearle Babylon,Vision. NY location. Limit one coupon NY per customer. value. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. or prescription sunglasses per customer. No cash value. ©2016. Pearle Vision. All Rights Reserved. Offer ends 10/01/2016. US013 Offer Ends 9/30/19West Babylon, NYWest Babylon, NY 613 W Save an extra $35Montauk Hwy pair of eyeglasses 631-893-0135Of eyeglaSSeS Or rx SunglaSSeS Valid only at West Babylon, NY355519N0814OF EYEGLASSES West Babylon, OR NY RX SUNGLASSES 613 W Montauk HwySave an extra(frame and lenses). Valid prescription required. * exams available by Independentincluding Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states. Doctors in some states are employed by Pearle Vision. Excludes Eye certain frames Maui Jim, Oakley. May be combined with vision Save an extra $25 when you buy a complete pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses (frame and lenses). Valid and insurance benefits or plans and other prescriptionZONE required. Excludes frames including Maui Jim and Oakley www.southbaysneighbor.com More Information, Call: 631.226.2636 FOUR"$99 2 pairs of glasses coupon" and certainFor ** For kids until age of 17, Single vision only. May be combined with vision and insurance benefits or plans and other contact lenses, accessories, readers or nonoffers. Not valid on previous purchases, contact lenses, accessories, readers or non-prescription sunglasses. DiscountTaxes extra. Savings applied to lenses. Valid offattag prices. Taxes extra. Savings applied to lenses. Valid at participating West Babylon, NY location. Limit one coupon4Full Page BtS STS:Paragon7/12/19 4:03 PM Page 1Special SupplementBACK-TO-SCHOOLAn Award Winning Reputation for Safety.LONG ISLAND2018Each day we transport nearly fifty-thousand students to and from school. Every child is greeted with a smile and we don’t tolerate any bullying. Over twenty school districts and communities rely on our highly trained drivers to go the extra mile to make sure every rider is safe.631 665 3245 x8Isuffolkbus.comWalk-in Hiring Centers in Bay Shore & Coram. Rates start at $21.91 - $27.29. Visit suffolkbus.comwww.southbaysneighbor.com360194N0814We’re Hiring.Click on the JOBS link.ZONE FOURFor More Information, Call: 631.226.2636Special SupplementTried-and-true ways to raise a confident kidO NI S G ILS A L ANN D WWWW . LWOWN. LG DDDA NACNE FCOER FC EO. CROCM E . C O MChildren raised to be confident have the tools to be resilient in a challenging world. Confidence helps children handle peer pressure, stress, obstacles, and much more.FALL REGISTRATION FALL REGISTRATION August 20 - 22 August 20 - 22 August 27 - 29 August 27 - 29 AL 5 PM - 8 PM GOO WR IAL CI360942N0814There’s a fine line between developing confidence and raising kids who are overly boastful. Parents, teachers and other influential figures can ITE C SPE G 5 PM 8 PM E LEG A Wr SP ER -4) 2 ite employ various research-based REOO R R E ) L 2 2 EC VI GL a L 2-D4D ges 8/ EW E IE DD RE strategies to start boosting kids’ TO (agesTO y (8A/2te2r By e RE $10 VE RE Vconfidence. E OF IEW GI C b s v i i M r I g e E S VE TR F $1 iste vRee a Rec STU g A 0 R e O e T O i EIOG R C c F e • Allow children to make F E NI!ST R EE RE RA FR FME! TIO mistakes and learn from them. N! STU Mistakes happen, and children CO $30 Registration Fee benefit from making mistakes $30 Registration Fee  and learning from them. Children Multiple Class Discounts! who fail, pick themselves up and Multiple Class Discounts! try again are learning lessons BALLET *HIP HOP * JAZZ * TAP * CONTEMPORARY *  LYRICAL TODDLERS * COMBO CLASSES * MOMMY AND ME * ADULT of resiliency. Their confidence ALLET *HIP HOP * JAZZ * TAP * CONTEMPORARY *  LYRICAL develops as they pick TODDLERS * COMBO CLASSES * MOMMY AND ME * ADU LT Long Long Island Island Dance Dance ForceForce themselves up again, learn from 303 Montauk Highway, Copiague, NY 303 Montauk Highway, Copiague, NY their mistake and ultimately meet Long Island Dance Force Call 631-956-5433 for inquiries. with success. 303 Montauk Highway,for Copiague, NY  Call 631-956-5433 inquiries. LIDFDANCE@gmail.com Call 631-956-5433 for inquiries. LIDFDANCE@gmail.com LIDFDANCE@gmail.com5BACK-TO-SCHOOL• Resist the temptation to “fix”everything. Parents may get hung up on trying to improve on their children’s efforts to make it perfect. This may occur with school work. According to the mental health wellness resource Psychology Today, constant intervention undermines children’s confidence and prevents them from learning for themselves.• Model and teach positivity. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of saying things like, “I’ll never be able to do that” or “It’s too difficult.” But parents must remember that their children take their cues from mom and dad. Parents who stay positive in the face of adversity will instill the same attitude in their children. • Give praise when it’s deserved. Praise children when they do their best, but avoid praising kids when they don’t try their hardest or if they are still working toward solvinga problem they haven’t yet figured out. In lieu of praise, provide encouragement and urge youngsters to try again and practice.• Value their ideas. Ask children for age-appropriate advice, suggests the growth mindset company Big Life Journal. Showing kids their ideas are worthy can instill confidence.• Skip the rescue operation. Parents often are quick to swoop in and try to prevent kids from feeling hurt or discouraged. However, according to Robert Brooks, PhD, who coauthored the book “Raising Resilient Children,” it’s alright for kids to fail and feel sad or angry. Success is learned by overcoming obstacles rather than having all obstacles removed. Above all, children who are loved and supported can develop confidence through the years with some well-placed guidance.At The UPS Store, We Do A Lot More Than Shipping50BACK TO SCHOOL & COLLEGE SPECIALSSHREDDINGMailbox Service • Printing • Fax Notary • Shredding Packing • DHL Services Computer Rental & Much More! 26 Railroad Ave., Babylon, NY 11702 631.321.8810return center Returns Accepted From ALL Carriers 1488 Deer Park Ave., North Babylon, NY 11703 631.242.6245Store Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM-6:30PM • Saturday 9AM-4PMwww.southbaysneighbor.com5 OFF$ZONE FOUR362373N0814PACKING SERVICE ON ALL COLLEGE & SCHOOL ITEMS%OFFFREESCHOOL ID, PASSPORT & PERMIT PHOTOFor More Information, Call: 631.226.26366Special SupplementBACK-TO-SCHOOLHEADS UPWe’ve moved to a Bigger & Better location!Full Service Hair Salon Sabrina Is Back On Saturdays!715 N. Wellwood Ave. (next to Modern Warrior)How scholastic sports are going digitalWe Specialize In... • Men, Women & Children • Buzzes & Fades • The Latest Hair Color & Cut Trends • Bridal Party Specialist We Will Come To You! • WaxingGift Certificates AvailablePlease Call For Appointment, But Walk-Ins Always Welcome! HOURS: Monday, Tuesday 10am-6pm; Thursday, Friday 9:00am-8pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 9am-3pm. Closed WednesdayBACK TO SCHOOLKERATIN SPECIAL140$Includes Hair Cut (Long Or Thick Hair Extra) Not Valid With Any Other Offers. With Coupon Only. Exp. 9/30/19CHAIRS FOR RENT CALL FOR INFOLOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED STYLISTS ORNOVICES WILLING TO TRAIN & GROW WITH US20% OFF ANY SERVICEStudents & Teachers (ID Required) Not Valid With Any Other Offers. With Coupon Only. Exp. 9/30/19715 N. WELLWOOD AVE • LINDENHURST 360581N0814Just North of Straight PathHeadsUpHaircareInc.com LIKE US ONE nroll NOW for September 631-225-1565 Affordable Copiague Private Christian impactFULL technology has Pre-School and videos of their children if they DAY School Academy and 3 & 4 yearhehadold in the 21st century can were unable to attend a game orSunshine PreschoolT3 or 5 Days Per Week be felt just about anywhere, and scholastic playing fields are no exception.take any photos or videos while there.Many school districts now rely on apps, the internet or a combination of both to help athletes and their parents in a variety of ways. The following are just a few ways parents, coaches and school districts can benefit from employing apps or the internet during upcoming seasons.• Community: By employing a user-friendly app or website, parents, coaches and school officials can foster a sense of community around their team. Such setups also can allow former players to stay connected with their schools, further strengthening the community surrounding a scholastic athletic program.FULL DAY Kindergarten & 1st Grade Small Classes with a Qualified Staff Over 25 Years of Quality EducaonMUCH MORE THAN DAYCARE!*** FULL DAY *** 3 & 4 YR. OLD PRESCHOOL AND LOWER ELEMENTARY GRADES $520.00 PER MONTH• Scheduling: Apps and the internet can help parents monitor kids’ athletic schedules. In addition, certain programs and websites can even alert parents and athletes if there are any schedule changes, such as delays, postponements or cancellations due to factors like inclement weather.2675 Great Neck Rd Copiague NY 11726Over 30 Years Of Quality Education2675 Great Neck Road Copiague, NY 11726360811N0814Enroll NOW for September(631) 842-5993 www.southbaysneighbor.com(631) 842-5993• Photos: DigitalSports®, a national forum for communities, schools and teams, makes it easy for members to share photos, videos and stories. This can be a great way for parents to access photosZONE FOUR• Organization: Some apps and websites may even facilitate the process of registering young athletes. School officials may be able to upload permission slips, medical forms and other documents that parents will need to fill out in order for their children to be eligible to play. Apps and websites can help parents, coaches and school officials stay connected and foster a sense of community around scholastic athletic programs.For More Information, Call: 631.226.2636Special SupplementSTOP BY FOR A FREE PEN! TO START YOUR SCHOOL YEAR OFF WITH AN “A”BACK-TO-SCHOOLBACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALSOIL CHANGE SPECIAL+FREE Seasonal Check-up! • Brake Check • All Fluid Levels Check • Suspension Check • Lights Check• Radiator and Coolant Check • Belts & Hoses Check • Tire Safety Check • Plus... Road Test726$95HOMEWORK! Call Stack’sAuto For Your Next Se rvice Due On 8/31/1 9*For faster service, please call ahead for an appointment. 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Limited time only.Monday - Friday 7:30am-5:30pm • Saturday 7:30am-12:00pmStack’s School Bus Runs All Day. Get A Ride To Home, Work Or Train Station www.southbaysneighbor.comZONE FOURMy first time at Stack’s. I can not express enough the level of great customer service I experienced today. From all of the mechanics to the managers. Very fair in their pricing, parts & labor. I would recommend STACK’S AUTO to everyone!! A+ all around. ~ Nick For More Information, Call: 631.226.26368Special SupplementBACK-TO-SCHOOLGetting kids the homework help they needHomework has long been a way to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom and ensure that the learning process continues when students leave school each day. A recent survey of teachers conducted by the University of Phoenix College of Education found that high school teachers assign about 17.5 hours of homework each week (3.5 hours per class), middle school teachers assign about 3.2, and elementary school teachers assign about 2.9 hours per week.have already “been there, done that” in terms of assignments. Oftentimes high school and college students volunteer their time for community service hours. Ask at the local library or at schools in town if older students offer homework help.Thanks to ever-evolving curriculums and new problem-solving methodologies — particularly in mathematics — parents may no longer have the expertise to help their children with their homework, leading to confusion and frustration.So where does a parent and student turn when homework has become challenging? Students who are struggling should not feel embarrassed about the fact that homework has become an issue. Such students should speak with their parents, teachers or school counselors if they are havingdifficulty with their homework. Such discussions alert teachers that there are potential issues. Teachers can be important resources because they can give specific advice on assignments or strategies for tackling complex processes. Next up, students and parents can consult with older students whoFamilies also can do their best to make the environment at home conducive to homework. Scholastic suggests setting up a schedule that includes a time indicating when assignments must be completed. In addition, setting up a quiet, distraction-free zone for doing homework can help kids concentrate on their assignments. Students can tackle harder assignments first, as they will likely take the bulk of the time, and then move on to the easier assignments. If homework is taking a long time to complete, parents can speak to teachers about when it might be alright to offer youngsters some extra help. If these homework helpers are ineffective, families can hire private tutors who can work on homework with the student and reinforce classroom lessons.Sod Lawns • Overseeding & Aeration • Ornamental Shrubs • Privacy Planting Mulch • Seasonal Plantings • Land Clearing • Debris RemovalMake Your Home Beautiful.355471N0814Call now to schedule your FREE Consultation for Landscape Design & Maintenance for 2020!N UPFALL CLEA$50 OBFSF ALL JO led By Schedu 11/30/19KASTELANDSCAPE & DESIGN INC.Serving Long Island For Over 25 Years888.454.5896kastelandscape@aol.com • kastelandscapingDA.com • Nassau Lic. #H208026000 • Suffolk Lic. #43299-H www.southbaysneighbor.com300 OFF Any Job$ZONE FOUR500 OFF Any Job$1000 OFF Any Job$of $3,000 or Moreof $5,000 or Moreof $10,000 or MoreWith This Coupon. Not Valid With Other Offers or Prior Purchases. Expires 11/30/19.With This Coupon. Not Valid With Other Offers or Prior Purchases. Expires 11/30/19.With This Coupon. Not Valid With Other Offers or Prior Purchases. Expires 11/30/19.For More Information, Call: 631.226.2636Special Supplement9BACK-TO-SCHOOLYou can always Our BE COMFORTABLE with En d Of We Specialize In Replacement Central Air ConditioningHigh Efficiency System Upgrades. Replacement of Outdoor Units. Residential and Commercial Contractor.Our Installations Are Performed by Top Experts.WE OFFER0% FINANCINGMANUFACTURER REBATE $ UP TO 100 *Some Restrictions Apply350901N0822FOR 18 MONTHS. OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLESummer SavingsQuality Installers QA Certification362283N0815Sales, Service, HVAC, BMS Ductwork, Commercial RefrigerationFREE HONEYWELL WIFI THERMOSTAT631-859-3280WITH PURCHASE OF NEW CENTRAL AIR SYSTEMFax: 631-319-6452With This Coupon. Not Valid With Other Offers Or Prior Purchases. Offer Expires 9/30/19.Fully Licensed & Insuredwww.southbaysneighbor.comZONE FOURFor More Information, Call: 631.226.263610Special SupplementBACK-TO-SCHOOLPros and cons of public and private Twin Dragon Acupuncture schoolsThe Natural Way To Improve Your Family’s Health!PWantagh • 3728 Park Avenue • 516.660.7060 Hauppauge • 3 Gaymor Road • 631.265.9440arents may have a number of options when choosing schools for their children. Public schools are responsible for educating millions of youngsters every day, though private schools also may make great options for certain students. Families must weigh the pros and cons of schooling decisions carefully to find the best fit, as school helps set the foundation for life ahead.www.twindragonacupuncture.com twindragonacu@yahoo.com/RalphSalernoLAc@twindragonacuWHAT CAN ACUPUNCTURE TREAT? Gastrointestinal Disorders Immune Disorders Respiratory Disorders Circulatory Disorders AddictionEmotional & Psychological Disorders Genitourinary Disorders Musculoskeletal & Neurological Disorders Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat DisordersPrivate schoolsWhile most people think of religion when they consider private schools, many such schools in the United States are not affiliated with a religious organization. According to data from Niche, more than 30 percent of the roughly 25,000 private PreK-12 schools in the United States are not based in religious education.Private schools can benefit kids in various ways. Each private school follows its own direction, which means there can be varied educational goals and approaches. Private schools have more flexibility than public schools in regard to their curriculum, as they are not bound by state or federal mandates. This can be a boon to a student who learns in a specific way. Private schools tend to have small class sizes and student bodies, which can make for individualized attention.ONGOINGREGISTRATION2 YEAR OLD PROGRAM $150/Month(Students Must Be 2 On Or Before June 30th)3 YEAR OLD PROGRAM Tuesday & Thursday $160/Month9:15AM-11:45AM or 12:30PM-3:00PMThe mos
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