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BELLO Style August 2019

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BelloAUGUST 2019www.mollybracken.comCONTENTSDress Thien Le Earrings EtĂŠra Beaded necklaces and rings Dandi Maestre1 Alakiir Photography by Alkan Emin 2 Sisters…
BelloAUGUST 2019www.mollybracken.comCONTENTSDress Thien Le Earrings EtĂŠra Beaded necklaces and rings Dandi Maestre1 Alakiir Photography by Alkan Emin 2 Sisters Photography by Eva Xing 3 In Between Worlds Photography by Oye Diran 5 Nature Photography by Seval Hamzic 4 Wish You Were In Miami Photography by Antonio Ajam 6 Sunny Day Photography by Henry Wu 7 Natural Beauty Photography by Andrew M. Gleason 8 Double Vision Photography by Anna Fischer 9 Duality Photography by JMuriasBelloissue #1871213July 2019BelloALAKIIR Photography and Art Direction Alkan Emin Model Alakiir Next model management Styling Michelle Paiano | Makeup Leandro AvancoBelloissue #18714Dress Zoran Dobric Earrings ALBANO Necklaces Robert Lee Morris Soho Sandals Geox15July 2019BelloDress Vintage Costarellos @ VSP Consignment Beads Ashera Armour Earrings EtĂŠraBelloissue #1871617July 2019BelloDress and coat Thien Le Gold pearl choker Albano Large crystal and mineral necklaces Ashera Armour uff Dandi Maestre Shoes Paris Texas @ The SeptemberBelloissue #18718Coat Thien Le Rings and cuff Dandi Maestre 19July 2019BelloBelloissue #18720Dress Zoran Dobric Beads and Earring Dandi Maestre Shoes Aquazzura @ The September21July 2019BelloBelloissue #18722Robe dress Albano Belt Zara Chokers and Earrings Dandi Maestre 1/2 moon necklace @ Blossom and Tempest Shoes Aquazzura @ The September23July 2019BelloDress Andrew Majtenyi Hoop fringe neckpiece Zoran Dobric Hoop Earrings Jenny Bird Large bracelets Dandi MaestreBelloissue #1872425July 2019BelloDress Vintage Moschino @ VSP Consignment Neck rings, earrings, ring and arm cuff Dandi Maestre Beaded bracelets @ Blossom and Tempest Shoes Paris Texas @ The SeptemberBelloissue #1872627July 2019BelloSISTERS Photography Eva Xing Styling Kingsley TaoAll by IRADE Earring : Maria blackBelloissue #18728Dress : Marta Jakubowshi29July 2019BelloBelloissue #18730Dresses: Shripmps Earring :Maria black31July 2019BelloAll by Steve O SmithBelloissue #18732dress: Molly Goddard Earring : Maria black Right : dress : Shrimps33July 2019BelloIn Between WORLDS Photography + Styling Oye Diran Model Munira Zulqa The Identity Models Makeup Anita AmoaBelloissue #18734Top - Asos Pants - River Island Boots - Public Desire35July 2019BelloBelloissue #18736Top - Asos Pants - River Island Boots - Public Desire37July 2019BelloBelloissue #18738Dress - Custom 39July 2019BelloBelloissue #18740Coat - Zara Hat - San Diego Hats41July 2019BelloUne beauté étonnante alliée à laNATURE Photography Seval Hamzic Model Una D Most Wanted Models Makeup Tanja Fritzler Editing Igor Milic + Sergey Brezhnev Fashion by Tanja Salem + Anna SchusterBelloissue #1874243July 2019BelloBelloissue #1874445July 2019BelloBelloissue #1874647July 2019BelloWISH YOU WERE IN MIAMI Photography Antonio Ajam Styling Brandon Fogel Models Chris Anderson @theindustrymiami men Jonas MaierBelloissue #18748Denim shirts by Calvin Klein Underwear by atelier traditionel49July 2019BelloPuffers by Balenciaga Swim by Ilde Swimwear Jeans by JbrandTurtlenecks by Calvin Klein Leather pant by Isabel MarantBelloissue #18750Windbreaker by Heron Preston Short on left by unravel Project51July 2019BelloBelloissue #18752Sweatshirt by Balenciaga Jeans by Acne Studios D enim Jacket by Kenzo Swim wear by Ilde Swim53July 2019BelloTrenches by Acne Studios Underwear by Atelier TraditionelBelloissue #1875455July 2019BelloDenim shirt by Calvin Klein Underwear by atelier traditionelBelloissue #1875657July 2019BelloDenim shirts by Calvin KleinBelloissue #18758Trench by Acne StudiosJeans by Acne Studios Denim Jacket by KenzoTrousers by Unravel Project59July 2019BelloSUNNYDAY Photography Henry Wu Models Austin Scoggin Keithly Anderson Andrew Biernat Manuel Seco Lachie Walters Styling Ronald Gravesande @ronaldg.stylist Grooming Jessica Chu @jessicachumua Left to right: Shirt- Topman Short- Oak & Fort Sweater- Topman Pants- Ralph Lauren Tee- Acne Studios Pants- Asos Shirt- Theory Pants- Kenzo Hoodie- American Apparel Shirt- 2XIST Pants- TopmanBelloissue #1876061July 2019BelloYellow shorts- Topman Blue Underwear- Calvin Klein Yellow Jacket- Asos Grey Underwear- Calvin KleinBelloissue #18762Underwear and Shirts- 2XIST63July 2019BelloBelloissue #18764Left to right: Shirt- Calvin Klein Pants- Levi’s Jacket- Asos Shorts- Hudson Denim Tee- Diesel Shorts- Hudson Denim Coat- Topman Pants- Levi’s Vest- CPO Shirt- Diesel Pants- Hudson65July 2019BelloT-shirt- Cos Pants- Neil Barret Blazer and pants-Theory Shirt- Theory Pants- Oak & Fort Shirt- Calvin Klein Pants- Ralph Lauren Jacket- Topman T-Shirt- Comme Des Garรงon Shorts- Calvin KleinBelloissue #18766Shirt- Cos Pants- Oak & Fort Sweater- Topman Pants- Ralph Lauren T-shirt- Acne Studios Pants- Theory67July 2019BelloNatural beauty Photography Andrew M. Gleason Model Amanda Harvey Wilhelmina Styling Ronald GravesandeShirt and Pants - Can DidzBelloissue #1876869July 2019BelloCoat and Dress - I'm Beautiful by Jin ParkBelloissue #1877071July 2019BelloJacket - Hysideis Pants - Calvin KleinJacket - Akris Pants - Eva FrancoBelloissue #18772Jacket - Akris Pants - Eva FrancoSkirt and Shirt - Theory73July 2019BelloVest and Pants - Calvin KleinBelloissue #18774Suit - Zara75July 2019BelloBelloissue #18776Sunglasses - L.G.R.77July 2019BelloWhite Jumpsuit: Monosuit Skirt: Anjiques Shoes: Qupid Jewelry: Bejeweled Purple Top: Anjiques Purple Pants: Anjiques Shoes: Olivia Jewelry: BejeweledDOUBLE VIDION VISION Photography Anna Fischer Models Sarah Iocovozzi + Nelle Iocovozzi State Models Styling Syeidah McBride Makeup Sofia Maiche Hair Payton HolbrookBelloissue #18778Dress: J’Amemme Shoes: Shoe Republic LA Jewelry: Bejeweled Suit: Cessani Shoes: Rouge Jewelry: Bejeweled79July 2019BelloDresses: Cessani Shoes: Olivia Jewelry: BejeweledDress: Paco Rogiene NYC Jewelry: Bejeweled Top: Paco Rogiene NYC Skirt: Marina Micanovic Jewelry: BejeweledBelloissue #18780White Jumpsuit: Monosuit Skirt: Anjiques Shoes: Qupid Jewelry: Bejeweled Purple Top: Anjiques Purple Pants: Anjiques Shoes: Olivia Jewelry: BejeweledTop: Marina Micanovic Pants: Simone Sullivan Jewelry: Bejeweled Jumpsuit: Elias Gurrola Jewelry: Bejeweled81July 2019BelloDuality Photography JMurias Fotografía Models Alba Granda + Jose Méndez Vieira Styling Alba GrandBelloissue #18782Jacket: Bershka Jersey: Stradivarius Pants: Mango Sneakers: VansJersey: Mango Pants: Springfield Sneakers: Pull&Bear83July 2019BelloDress: Zara Sandals: Mango Suit: H&MBelloissue #18784Body: Femme Luxe Pants: Zara Pants: Zara85July 2019BelloFrom Top to Bottom Photography Etienne Girarde Photography Linus Nylund Photography Angello Lopez Photography Dimitrie Stanescu Photography Ksenia MakagonovaBello PUBLISHER @BELLOmediaGroup 6404 Wilshire Blvd. #500 / Los Angeles CA 90048 IMAGE NATION STUDIO L.L.C. California, USA editorial@bellomag.com ADVERTISING Collaborations | Advertorialsadvertising@bellomag.com ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC (editor in chief) alek@bellomag.com Stephane Marquet (creative director) steph@bellomag.com Arthur Galvao (executive director) arthur@bellomag.com Alexandra Bonnet (Entertainment Editor) alex@bellomag.com Nicole Walmsley (beauty editor) nicole@bellomag.com Alexandra Tuil (contributing editor) alexandra@bellomag.com Sam Spotwood (contributing writer) Carl Spotswood (contributing writer) Mercedes Bandwart (contributing writer) Ed Solorzano (contributing writer) pr@bellomag.com LAYOUT Stephane Marquet + Rebecca Kang PRINT ON DEMAND (available around the world) Order here: www.bellomag.com/print SUBMISSIONS www.kavyar.com/bello-magazine WEBSITE www.bellomag.com + Digitaly Distributed On www.issuu.com/outnext87July 2019BelloBello STYLEAUGUST 2019
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