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~Temporary Assembly Tech Machine Operator Machine Operator AssistantCoryer0) Staffing= ECRWSS PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENTON PUBLICATIONS• 51B-324-5678 • 73 Margaret PlattsburghPO Box 338 Elizabethtown NY 12932 Postal PatronSt .,• coryerstaffing.com 203961Published By Denton Publications Inc.DIRECTLY MAILED TO OVER71,354MYCAPTURE PHOTO GALLERIESSee photos from all the game action last weekend.HOMES EVERY WEEK! Burgh/North CountrymanAugust 17, 2019suncommunitynews.com• EDITION •SegundoClark admits to ‘physical dispute’ 25-year-old accused of killing grandmother Ginger Clark, 73 By Sarah Elizabeth MorrisStaffing concerns follow Plattsburgh fireSTAFF WRITERPLATTSBURGH | Gustavo Segundo-Clark admitted to police that he had a knife in his hands prior to a fight with his grandmother, Ginger Clark. On day four of the trial of Segundo-Clark, 25 — who is accused of causing the 73-year-old Beekmantown woman’s death — videos of his interview following his Gustavo Segundo-Clark, 25, arrest were shown to the is on trial for the murder of his court. At first, SegundoClark denies knowing a grandmother, Ginger Clark. Ginger Clark or Rooney Photo provided Road. As the interview goes on, Segundo-Clark admits to Ginger Clark being his grandmother and even putting his hands on her, claiming that she fell to the floor and he left due to nervousness. After more questioning, Segundo-Clark then admitted to having a knife. When Segundo-Clark was physically examined, his clothing was taken in for testing. His hands were photographed, too, and shown to the court, exposing what appeared to be scabbed-over scratches on the backs of his hands. Pictures from the crime scene revealed blood splatters along light switches, counters, the floor and clothing owned by Segundo-Clark. One of these items of clothing included a pair of black gloves, allegedly used to help clean the knife of fingerprints, none of which were found. See TRIAL » pg. 8The City of Plattsburgh Fire Department has long fought a battle for more staffing. However, there has yet to been passed a bill allowing a minimum staff requirement. Photo by Sarah Elizabeth MorrisBy Sarah Elizabeth Morris STAFF WRITERPLATTSBURGH | It came to light following the recent apartment fire at 32 Adirondack Lane that the City of Plattsburgh Fire Department is lacking in employment. At the recent city common council meeting, Plattsburgh Professional Firefighters Local Vice President Jamie Schwartz stood up to thank the mayor and council for the recognition of the firefighters who saved the lives of eight children and adults. However, Schwartz had more to say. “Everyday firefighters are fighting previous injuries from this job,” Schwartz said. “It’s a very physically demanding job … we have firefighters right now that have had previous back injuries that they’re trying to milk to get through and be able to help the people of Plattsburgh.” At the recent fire, which was called in at 10:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 5, only six firefighters were on duty that night. According to Schwartz, who recounted the events of the night, two firefightershad stood up a 26-foot-tall ladder by themselves, a job that would take normally two to three people. After securing it in place, they climbed up and saved those trapped in the apartments while withstanding the extreme heat from the fire. Another firefighter was acknowledged for operating the hoseline by himself. “We had a firefighter that was injured at this fire,” Schwartz said. “He was operating a hoseline by himself … thankfully, injuries are not life threatening. That might be okay with you guys, but it’s not with us. It’s not with me, it’s not with my fellow firefighters and we’re not standing for it anymore. We dodged a bullet and we’re very thankful that we did.” Also at the meeting to speak was Jilly Aley, the wife of retired firefighter Todd Aley. While up, she talked about how her husband was injured while on the job due to the lack of help he received. Because of this, he was forced to retire early from a job he loved. “I’ve personally seen exactly what happens when there’s lack of staffing,” Aley said. “Two years ago, my husbandpulled up to a fi re without adequate manning. He was doing the job and duties of three others who were not there. Inevitably he was injured and ending up having to retire.” Staffing at the City of Plattsburgh Fire Department has been a hot button issue for a while now. In 2018, a union that was formed to ensure more protection for firefighters, a minimum staffing requirement of 36 people and better benefits lost a legal case against the city. As a result, the demands the fire department had were not set into place. This, however, hasn’t stopped people from the group speaking up about the needs of the fire department. According to the union, the need for more firefighters is a matter of safety. Schwartz said he and others are willing to sit down and discuss a different, more fiscally responsible way of getting more firefighters in Plattsburgh. “I’m really not sure how many more injuries are going to occur before you’re going to address staffing is an issue,” Aley told the council. “Our community members deserve their safety.” ■Literacy Volunteers seek Clinton County funding Group looking for outreach, better programs By Sarah Elizabeth Morris STAFF WRITERThe Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County is located at 101 Broad St. in Plattsburgh, 052 Hawkins Hall, a building on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. Stock photoNorth Country suffrage Women’s voting rights a contentious issue more than a century ago By Tim Rowland STAFF WRITERKEENE VALLEY | Better than a century ago, a merchant in Plattsburgh took out an advertisement in the paper, using copy that must have seemed hilarious at the time. The ad posited that if women wereas excited about voting as they were about shopping at this particular store, they’d have had the ballot by now. But seriously. Helen Allen Nerska, director of the Clinton County Historical Association, speaking to a gathering at the Keene Valley Library last week, said the ad demonstrated the degree to which women’s suffrage was on the minds of North Country residents as states and the nation lurched toward equal voting rights. Articles show that as the debate heated up, there were many clubs, meetings and visits from prominent suffragists in Clinton and Essex counties, Nerska said. See SUFFRAGE » pg. 3PLATTSBURGH | The Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County (LVCC) uses its limited budget and resources to help improve literacy in adults. Whether it be helping non-English speakers learn the language or combating adult illiteracy in the North Country, the mission statement is clear: “To empower residents who seek to improve their literacy skills.”According to LVCC statistics, there are 114 adult learners, 84 from Plattsburgh, which comes out to 5,000 hours of instruction. However, outside towns are in need of outreach, of which the group says it doesn’t have enough. The volunteer group was created in 1972 and teaches people of all ages. The LVCC has two programs: Imagination Library and Literacy Camp. The Imagination Library is a program that gives children free books in the mail monthly. This is meant to not only encourage children to learn to read faster, but also get them excited about reading. This is especially helpful for lower-income families who cannot afford books. See LITERACY PROGRAM » pg. 8Why Tell th e Story Sharing an .1ppreci,3tion fo r th elength and breathe of the strugg l e Respecr fo r i e terans of the cau seRecognition that some iss u es sti llrema;nHelen Allen Nerska, director of the Clinton County Historical Association, speaks on North Country suff rage issues to a gathering at the Keene Valley Library. Photo by Tim RowlandFind style your nny’s! at Le 285 Tom Miller Rd Plattsburgh 518-324-7400 Open 7 Days LennyShoe.com 2253762 • August 17, 2019 | The BG/NC Sun www.suncommunitynews.com Published by Denton Publications, Inc.State to investigate Frontier Communications •Reliability, service wait times, complaint rates under scrutinyMONT ANA J.to the community. “We have families on life support, one resident needed oxygen and when their line went down it still took three weeks to get there. It was cut-off lines down the road,” Morrow said. When given a monthlong waiting period for telephone repairs at home, Morrow said he canceled his landline. “I’ll use my cellphone from now on.” But not all residents in the AuSable Valley region and rural areas nearby have that luxury. “There are people in my town that don’t have cell service,” Morrow said. “So they rely on the landline, they have no choice, and here that’s Frontier. We had over 400 people out in our town at one time. And I couldn’t just call the local office. The Frontier substation is a half a mile from my office. I can’t even go there and talk to them directly. I have to call people at the corporate center. “It was the computers in their main station that were out in that incident. Why didn’t they tell people it was their main computers?”NORTH DAKOTA\ WYOMINGBy Kim Dedam STAFF WRITER COLORADOCHESTERFIELD | The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) is investigating service and reliability problems reported by local consumers who use Frontier Communications for telephone service. Commission staff filed a report last week with their board “indicating that several Frontier Communications subsidiaries have significant service quality problems, including escalating complaint rates, lengthy repair durations and localized network reliability issues.” The PSC said it “will work with Frontier to develop and implement a plan to improve poor localized network reliability conditions for four Frontier subsidiaries.” PSC Chairman John B. Rhodes cited increasing concern with the service quality of Frontier, especially in its Citizens, Frontier Rochester, Frontier New York and Ausable Valley subsidiaries. “Complaints include long repair durations and repeated out-of-service conditions, as well as internet access and speed issues,” Rhodes said in announcing their action. “Customers need the company to do better, and we will ensure that it does.” Asked for a response to this investigation, Frontier Vice President for Corporate Communications and External Affairs Javier Mendoza, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, said they will review the PSC report. “Frontier takes Commission Chair Rhodes concerns seriously and is committed to delivering quality service to the New YorkOKLAHOMA•••••Frontier · COMMUNICATIONScommunities and customers we serve. We will review the report and respond to the Commission in the appropriate forum,” Mendoza said via email.CHESTERFIELD OUTAGESProblems with service interruption and repair wait times are insufferable in areas Frontier serves, according to Chesterfield Supervisor Gerald Morrow, who has had Frontier services at both his residence and in town offices. Morrow has fielded many complaints, he said, from constituents who rely on Frontier, which is sometimes the only link people in rural areas have to emergency, family and other services. “It’s not only me hearing about it, it’s me personally in my own life,” Morrow allowed. “In the middle of May I came home from a county meeting and checked my voicemails. I go to the answering machine, and there’s nothing, no dial tone. I called Frontier from my cellphone, and got the robo-answering system. They asked me to check all the connections,BriefsETS promotes Depo to senior industrial recruiterIPLATTSBURGH | Officials of ETS, a staffing and recruiting agency, announced the promotion of Joshua Depo to senior industrial recruiter.County Floors FAMILY OWNEDFOR OVER30 YEARSSales, Installation, Sanding & Finishing Visit our Saratoga showroom by appointment or our website at www.countyfloors.com(518) 587-9321205831and I did. There wasn’t a problem in the house. “I had no phone service at home, so I come to the office, and one line was down there, too. So I called the security company I use and asked them to go to my house and check the lines.” The security company tested the phone lines and told Morrow that no service was getting to the house from the pole. “In other words it was Frontier’s problem.” Morrow said he called Frontier again and punched through the robo-system until he reached a live person. “She had to put in for a work order, so I said OK. This mind you is the middle of May,” Morrow told The Sun in an interview. “‘I’ll put you in for repair,’ she said, ‘and the day they’ll be out is June 19.’ June 19? I said ‘this is not acceptable,’” Morrow relayed of his experience three months ago. “She said that was as soon as we can get a technician out there.” Morrow has heard from area families who rely on Frontier for their only telephone linkDepo joined ETS in 2017 at the Plattsburgh headquarters. Depo and his wife reside in the North Country with their daughter Olive. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the College at Brockport. “I have greatly enjoyed learning from industry leaders and working closely with exceptional individuals during my time at ETS,” Depo said. “I’m thrilled to have the privilege of helping our teamThe Area’s Largest Selection of Serta Mattresses!Amertca's MATTRESS "Fully Insured References AvailableNO MORE GUTTER CLEANING, OR YOUR MONEY BACK – GUARANTEEDKANSASwww.americasmattress.com Mon.-Sat. 10-5 • Sun. by appt. 23 Weed Street, Plattsburgh518-566-9950AND!Asked about his view of PSC investigation, Morrow said, “It shouldn’t be hard to investigate, I’ll tell you that. “I’m hoping for the people’s sake that they do something to fix it. It has nothing to do with the workers locally.” Frontier has franchise in areas surrounding Chesterfield without competition. “Charter/Spectrum got some phone service in here a year ago. But I can’t get Charter/ Spectrum in the outlying areas — there is no infrastructure. Frontier has the monopoly and yet they’re not working.” Service interruptions and long wait times for repair affect areas in the Town of Chesterfield, Morrow said, and residents in Au Sable Forks, AuSable and part of the Town of Jay, among other Frontier service areas in this region. ■continue to innovate and support the health of our community.” “Josh has been a huge asset to our candidates and clients,” CEO and President of ETS Deborah Cleary said. “His integrity and passion for helping people are a strong foundation for a bright future and a key part of our success.” ■North East Spray Foam www.northeastsprayfoam.com518 -623 -701020 SETS FOR $ 599 OR LESS7 Rocky Ridge Road, Warrensburg,4A Vatrano Road, Albany , NYSleep Cooler with iComfort Cool Action Memory Foam! 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From SUFFRAGE » pg. 1This is the 100th anniversary of passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the vote; it was ratified by the people a year later.70-YEAR BATTLEThe fight for women’s suffrage is generally characterized as an ongoing battle that lasted 70 years, with a brief hiatus during the Civil War. Western territories began allowing women to vote, beginning with Wyoming in 1869. New York had a shot at being the first state east of the Mississippi to pass women’s suffrage, but the measure was defeated in 1915, with only 43 percent of the population being in favor, and the distinction went to Illinois. Both Clinton and Essex counties were strongly opposed, Nerska said. But things were beginning to change.Newspapers that had been hostile, or poked fun at, the women’s movement began to show support. “Newspapers are now critical of the antisuffrage vote,” Nerska said. The North Country was home to a number of heroic women who led the fight, including Hannah Straight Lansing, who became editor of the Plattsburgh Sentinel, fighting for rights she herself would never enjoy. “Like many suffragists of her generation, she died before getting the right to vote,” Nerska said. The movement was also helped locally by appearances by titans of the movement, such as Susan B. Anthony, Anna Dickenson and Mary Livermore. The press was initially more impressed with their speeches than with their cause. In 1876, one paper writing on women’s suffrage, said the messenger was persuasive,The BG/NC Sun | August 17, 2019 • 3but as for the right to vote, “afraid not.” “It was very similar to what you might say to a child asking for a second piece of candy,” Nerska said.‘HOWLING DERVISHES’Advertisers made fun of the movement, as did cartoonists, who drew professionally dressed women striding purposefully through the living room while the husband timidly huddled in the background with the kids. Anti-suffrage clubs tried to make men — who of course would be the ones to vote — feel as if they were losing their authority. In the North Country, as across the nation, feelings were strong on both sides. And thedebate grew nasty. Suffragists were characterized by a local bishop as “howling dervishes” out to poison the minds of young girls. The vote, others wrote, would cause women to lose their ability to keep house. And, alluding to
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