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Các lệnh cần nhớ
  - npm init : to th mc node ạ ư ụ - npm install express -- save : install express- mkdir <tên th mc> ư ụ - touch <tên file>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Typically, Node.js is used to uild !"#Tful $%&s, and then you 'ould use #in(le-%a(e $pplicationlike )ackone, $n(ular, that*s called a +.".$.N stack: +on(o, "xpress, $n(ular and Node,"mer, !eact or any other + frame'ork, ront-end + frame'ork./Th0n( thn(, Node.js 1c s dn( 1 x2y dn( c3c $%& !"#Tful, v4 sau 15 n s ườ ượ ử ụ ể ự ạ ẽ s dn( ử ụ #in(le-%a(e $pplication nh )ackone, $n(ular, 1c (i l4 +"$N stack: +on(o, ư ượ ọ "xpress, $n(ularv4 Node, "mer, !eact hoc t k6 khun( + n4o kh3c, +t trn -thêm khun( +.7 ặ ấ ặ ậ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+odules-8oadin( Node +odulesvar filesystem 9 reuire/*fs*7,dataaseonfi(s 9 reuire/*.;confi(;dataase.json*7routes 9 reuire/*..;routes*7server 9 reuire/*.;oot;server.js*7- Nodes patterns for +odule "xports= module.export 9 function/ops7 ...?= module.export 9 ...?= export.method$ 9 funtion/ops7 ...?= export.oj 9 ...?- "xam:@ module.jsmodule.export 9 funtion/options7var limit 9 ABBif/options.type 999 *fooar*7limit 9CBBD?return name: *reuest*,limit: limit,type: options.type,method: function/data7 return dataD??D?D@main.jsvar mod 9 reuire/*.;module.js*7Dvar reuest 9 mod/type: *fooar*?7Dreuest.method/  x:ABy:CB?7D
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