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IlliniFamily A publication of the Illini Union Parent and Family Programs Office ã union.illinois.edu/pfpoSUMMER 2018Get Connected The Illini Union Parent and…
IlliniFamily A publication of the Illini Union Parent and Family Programs Office • union.illinois.edu/pfpoSUMMER 2018Get Connected The Illini Union Parent and Family Programs Office works with the Moms and Dads Associations to keep you informed. Check out our website to sign up for newsletters, e-updates, and crime alerts. You can also learn about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. After the fall issue, you will not receive any mailed issues, so sign up today! Get online today: union.illinois.edu/PFPOInside This IssuePublic Safety Appointment........................ 3 Illinois Online........................ 4 UIPD Police Beat.................. 5 Scholarships.......................... 6 Moving Off Campus............. 7 Dads Weekend 2018............ 8 Bracing for Reentry.............. 9The Summer Sponge Experience Zuri White – Parent & Family Programs Manager Happy summer! Many students at the University of Illinois take advantage of summer internship opportunities. If your student is working, interning, or volunteering this summer; he or she has the opportunity to benefit from these months of “out of classroom” experience. Here is a helpful article by Russell J. Bunio to ensure your student is getting the most out of their summer experience by encouraging your student to be a “sponge.”“A person having a sponge-like capacity, as for drink, knowledge, etc.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary) A summer job can be more than an entry on the resume or a boost for the bank account. It’s also a chance to connect with people across various age groups that have different skills, backgrounds, ideas, and opinions. This is also a great opportunity to practice a skill many successful people employ: look, listen, and learn from others while having fun.union.illinois.edu/PFPOHere are four tips to help your student get the most out of the summer sponge:Never eat alone If your student spends her lunch break playing games on her phone, she’s missing a chance to get to know a coworker (or two or three) and to discover what’s important to someone whose background and perspective might be very different from her own, as well as find out more about the organization she is a part of for the summer. Many years ago, when I was just starting out on my first real job at General Motors, I quickly learned the value of lunch with my coworkers. We had 45 minutes to spend any way we wanted and could have peeled off in 10 different directions, but instead we met every day to eat, connect, discuss, analyze, and joke. Some of us were college educated, some not. Some of us were on salary, some paid hourly. There were part-time farmers and entrepreneurs. The point is, we valued our time together. “Never eating alone” helped us work better together, and reduced our stress levels, too. I could ask questions and never feel out of place. Continued on page 2Web AddressesStudy the bossIllini Unionunion.illinois.edu • Illini Union Parent and Family Programs Office union.illinois.edu/PFPO • Illini Union Board union.illinois.edu/iub • Illini Union Office of Volunteer Programs union.illinois.edu/ovp • Illinois Union Tech Zone union.illinois.edu/techzone • Illini Union Hotel union.illinois.edu/hotel • Illini Union Bookstore bookstore.illinois.eduStudent Affairs Campus Recreation campusrec.illinois.edu The Career Center careercenter.illinois.edu Counseling Center counselingcenter.illinois.edu Dean of Students odos.illinois.edu Disability Resources & Educational Services disability.illinois.edu UI Police police.illinois.edu Financial Aid osfa.illinois.edu Housing housing.illinois.edu Inclusion and Intercultural Relations oiir.illinois.edu • 0Asian American Cultural Center • 0African American Cultural Center • 0Diversity and Social Justice Education • 0La Casa Cultural Latina • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Resource Center • Native American House • Women’s Resources Center McKinley Health Center mckinley.illinois.edu Study Abroad Office studyabroad.illinois.edu Student Affairs studentaffairs.illinois.edu Tenant Union tenantunion.illinois.eduOne of the most important people for your student to practice his or her look, listen, and learn skills on is the boss. He or she must have done something right to reach that position — encourage your student to ask for tips and advice. Coworkers may talk about the boss, and there is value in listening, but it’s most important for your student to develop his own opinion. What does the boss do well? Does the boss just issue orders or provide leadership, coaching, and training? What does your student admire about the boss that might be worth emulating? Does the boss have shortcomings? If so, what are they and what seems to be the source (not enough people, insufficient training, time constraints, work environment)? What would your student do differently in a similar situation? Bosses and summer interns have something in common — they’re both people, trying to get a job done. Each boss I had was different and most were inspiring and helpful. They were worth getting to know.Learn how things are made We all see the finished products we buy packaged and displayed to catch our attention. But how often do we know where they come from or how they were produced? When we actually see something being made, quite often we’re amazed at what goes into the creation of everyday items we take for granted. Watching raw materials come together, run through equipment, be processed, inspected, and packaged2reveals the importance of key processes. Having this experience makes the processes come to life and mean something. Watching how things are made — whether it’s coffee or cars, books or buildings — will give your student a better understanding of what she buys, and how to buy the best. The same goes for services — legal, financial, medical, educational. Maybe your student is working for a sports or political organization or on a theater production or at an architectural firm. Their summer job is a chance to see the world in a new way. This opportunity will also give them a chance to imagine the roles he or she might play in creating or building something.Keep an eye out for intriguing careers During these summer months, in addition to getting the most out of his or her job or internship, your student should be on the lookout for other careers that might be of interest. They may or may not be in his or her general field of study. There are many possibilities that could be a good fit for his or her personal goals and objectives. A friend once advised me to “Look at the career, but also focus on what you might like to do every day. Find some-thing that excites you. Do watch the person in the role, but remember the job/career is what is the most important, not the person.” About the Author Russell J. Bunio began his career with an entry-level position at General Motors and later became vice president of The Boeing Co. and vice president of supply management and procurement at Cummins Engine Co.Stone named top U of I public safety officialGet Involved!Patrick Wade – Communications Director, University of Illinois Police Department Craig A. Stone, currently the chief of police for Ohio State University, has been selected as the executive director of public safety and chief of police for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, effective June 18. The hiring is subject to the approval of the University Of Illinois Board Of Trustees.response times to high-priority calls for service; reduction of overtime pay by 1.2 percent; and introduction of an employee of the month program.“Craig Stone’s extensive experience in building community-centered safety and policing programs in a public university environment made him a clear choice as the next chief of police,” said Chancellor Robert J. Jones. “There is no higher priority for us than ensuring that our community is as safe and secure as possible for our students, Stone has served at Ohio State since faculty members, staff and visitors to 2015 and previously was chief of police work, live, and learn. I’m excited to for Cleveland State University for a have Craig Stone lead that effort for year following his 29-year career with us.” the Columbus Division of Police. Stone succeeds Jeff Christensen, who His accomplishments at Ohio retired Dec. 31 after a 32-year lawState included implementation of enforcement career. bike patrols and community police academies to enhance community relations and trust; reduction ofThe Moms and Dads Associations are two separate, non-profit entities that strive to serve all students at the University of Illinois. There are many ways to get involved in the Associations. The Associations rely on volunteers for the success of their programs. Some volunteer opportunities include Summer Registration, Moms Weekend, Dads Weekend, and Admitted Student Days. If you’re looking to get even more involved, each Association has a volunteer Board of Directors. You can find nomination forms for each board at their respective website: illinimoms.com or illinidads.com To volunteer, email the Illini Union Parent and Family Programs Office at iuparentfamilyprograms@ illinois.edu, call (217) 333- 7063, or visit our website.3Campus Phone Numbers (area code 217)All about Illinois OnlineKalee Jo Ackerman – Marketing and Communication Specialist, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) students and non-degree students from around the globe.Asian American Cultural Center................................ 333-9300 Bruce D Nesbitt African American Cultural Center.................. 333-2092Graduate Degrees and CertificatesBilling................................... 333-2184 Career Center..................... 333-0820 CITES Help Desk................. 244-7000 CITES Help Desk........ (800) 531-2531 Counseling Center.............. 333-3704 Dial-A-Nurse........................ 333-2700 Disability Resources and Education Service ............ 333-1970 Emergency Dean................. 333-0050 Financial Aid........................ 333-0100 Health Insurance, Student.. 333-0165 Housing Residence Halls................. 333-7111 Private Certified Housing. 333-1420 University Apartments...... 333-5656 Illini Union............................ 333-4666 Illini Union Hotel............... 333-1241 La Casa Cultural Latina....... 333-4950 LGBT Resource Center....... 244-8863 Library................................. 333-2290 McKinley Health Center...... 333-2700 MTD Safe Rides................... 265-7433 Parent and Family Programs.......................... 333-7063 Police, University................. 333-1216 Records Service Center...... 333-0210 Registration Assistance ...... 333-6565 Student Employment ......... 333-0600 Student Patrol/SafeWalks... 333-1216 Student Programs and Activities............................ 333-3660 Study Abroad...................... 333-6322 Tenant Union....................... 333-0112 Women’s Resources Center.333-3137 University Directory............ 333-1000At Illinois, we understand that today’s learners want and need options for their education and we are leading the way in innovative higher education delivery modalities. From high school students pursuing online math programs, to residential students taking an online course to improve their time to degree, to working professionals who want or need certifications, to career changers pursuing a fully online degree, to anyone with a personal curiosity to learn more -- Illinois offers an extensive range of online academic options to students around the globe. • 94+ Online Degree, Certificate, and Endorsement Programs • 1300+ Online Course Section• Online Learners from Across the Globe • 3.2 million MOOC Learners (Massive Open Online Courses)Summer & Winter Courses The summer and winter online terms offer students the opportunity to meet curriculum needs, access high-demand and general education topics, decrease time to complete a degree, and update their professional skill set. Courses are taught by Illinois faculty and are offered to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate4Illinois Online offers 94 online degrees and certificate programs from 10 different academic colleges.NetMath NetMath provides mathematics courses to high school and college students as well as educational options for home-schooled students, working professionals, and military personnel.Non-credit courses Non-credit classes offer individuals the opportunity to learn, grow, and improve professionally without receiving academic credit or a final grade. Individuals who enroll in non-credit classes are not formally admitted to the University of Illinois as a degree or non-degree seeking student. Individuals typically enroll in non-credit courses for personal enrichment or professional development.Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Technology has expanded access to higher education delivery and through MOOCs, Illinois brings course content to eager minds from every corner of the globe. Illinois offers 84 open online courses, 12 Specializations, and three full degree programs including the Master of Computer Science in Data Science and the only extant iMBA on the Coursera platform. More than 3.2 million students have enrolled in Illinois courses via open online courses.UIPD Police BeatParent and Family EventsPatrick Wade – Communications Director, University of Illinois Police Department With the university in its hiatus and many students off campus, those who stay during the break should take precautions to make sure they stay safe. Fewer people in the area provides criminals with better opportunities to commit their crimes. But there are a few things students can do to significantly reduce their risk of being targeted by an offender. “We have a very safe campus, but no community of our size will ever be entirely crime free,” says Lt. Joan Fiesta. “While no one can ever completely guarantee they won’t be targeted for crime, there are a few very simple things our community members can do to greatly reduce their risk.” The police department never closes. There are always officers standing by and happy to assist whenever needed. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Call police immediately if you feel your safety or someone else’s safety is in danger. Always call 911 in an emergency or (217) 333-1216 in a non-emergency situation. Walk with friends, and without distractions like music devices or texting. Fewer people and traffic also means less natural surveillance, sostudents will need to be extra aware of who and what is around them. Lock your doors. Criminals know summer means fewer people, and therefore, fewer witnesses. They will take advantage and burglarize homes and vehicles, but the easiest way to deter them is by locking doors. Campus bus schedules are reduced. Travelers should plan their route on the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District website at cumtd.com. Those walking on campus at night should use SafeWalks by calling (217) 333-1216 or by downloading the mobile app. Otherwise, make arrangements to walk with a friend. Self-defense presentations by University Police are still available during the summer. If a student is interested in arranging a safety or self-defense presentation for a group, they should contact Detective Robert Murphy by calling (217) 333-1216 or emailing ram70@illinois.edu. “These are things we want our campus community members to be doing yearround, but the campus environment during the break makes these tips particularly helpful,” states Lt. Fiesta. “We’re happy to help in any way possible if anyone wants to talk, and students should feel encouraged to say ‘hi’ when they see us passing by this summer.”5Dads WeekendMake plans now for Dads Weekend, November 2-4, 2018. Be sure to check the Parent and Family Programs Office website for complete information about Dads Association events and purchasing tickets.Moms WeekendScheduled for April 5-7, 2019. Bring the whole family to campus for this fun-filled weekend celebrating mom! Check the Parent and Family Programs website for more info. And don’t forget to book your hotel room today!Admitted Students DaysA wonderful opportunity to meet with potential future Illini parents. Share what your experience has been like, as they help their students make that final decision to attend the University of Illinois. Admitted Students Days are scheduled during the spring. Check the Parent and Family Programs website for complete details.Important DatesScholarshipsIllini Union Parent and Family Programs OfficeFall 2018 AugustFreshman Move-In Day Illini Union Late Nighter Returning Student Move-In Day Illini Union Quad Day Instruction Begins 23 24 24 26 27September Labor Day (No Classes) Tuition Payment Due 3 21October Homecoming November Dads Weekend Thanksgiving Vacation Begins Undergraduate Residence Halls Close Undergraduate Residence Halls Reopen Instruction Resumes December Instruction Ends Reading Day Final Exams Undergraduate Residence Halls Close for Winter Break 7-13 2-4 1712 13 14-20a parent, ask your employer if they offer college scholarships for the children of employees. Many do, especially if it is a large organization. If not, ask if your employer would consider starting one. It may be something they hadn’t considered before.222. Campus organizations: Even17 24 26Spring 2019January Undergraduate Residence Halls Reopen 13 Instruction Begins 14 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes) 21 February Tuition Payment Due Looking for college scholarships can be confusing and overwhelming. And with college costs on the rise, the competition can be stiff. Scouting out scholarships is something parents can do to help their overwhelmed or time-crunched students, who will then need to pick it up from there and complete the application. There are many scholarships out there if parents and students know where to look. Here are some places you may not have considered.28March Spring Break Begins 16 Undergraduate Residence Halls Reopen 24 Instruction Resumes 25 April Moms Weekend 5-7May Instruction Ends Reading Day Final Exams Commencement Undergrad Res Halls Close 1 2 3-10 11 121. Work: Ascurrent college students can find new scholarships. Many on-campus organizations offer scholarships to their most dedicated members, including the Moms Association and Dads Association. 3. Community organizations:Many local organizations, such as, churches, local rotary club, and sporting leagues. Several smaller scholarships from community organizations will quickly add up to the equivalent of one large award and may be easier to obtain.64. Field of Study/Major: Thepool for major-specific scholarships at your university of choice may not be very large, especially since most students coming into college haven’t decided on a major. You may get some extra scholarship dollars just by proving that you are deserving and passionate about your course of study. The University Of Illinois Office Of Student Financial Aid also has resources on scholarships. They are defined into three categories.University of Illinois Scholarships The university awards over 1,500 scholarships annually based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, talent, leadership, geographical location, field of study, and financial need.Federal and State Scholarships The university has a list of federal and state scholarships available to Illinois students. The site is continually updated so be sure to check back.Outside Scholarships Outside scholarships are private grants or scholarships. Check as many sources as possible as stated earlier. These scholarships are not associated with the university but are worth looking into.Moving Off CampusIllini Union Parent and Family Programs Office After one or two years in residence halls, many students decide to live off campus. There are some important considerations for both parents and students
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