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Discover Tlaquepaque Fall/Winter 2019

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FALL / WINTER 2019 | VOLUME 8, NUMBER 21 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING DEPARTMENT NAME SUB HEADING Visit award sedona’s winning OAK CREEK BREWERY AND GRILL seasonal Beer, great food & fun LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER Dear Readers, for the whole family I have the honor of being the General Manager and Resident Partner at Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village (pronounced Ta-la-ka-pa-kee). With this comes the responsibility of keeping alive the vision of Abe Miller, the founder and original developer of this incredibly unique place in the heart of Sedona. A landmark since the early 1970s, Tlaquepaque, meaning “the best of everything” in ancient Aztec, is home to local and international artists and artisans sharing their distinct work with you in our array of galleries and shops. Tlaquepaque is a place where year-round you can spend an afternoon wandering in and out of our shops and galleries, where you can stop for a meal or drink at one of our fi e fabulous restaurants (learn more about them on page 13), and where you can discover our beautiful architecture, landscaping and the local wildlife while enjoying live music, entertainment and our highly anticipated celebrations. Fall and winter are festival season at Tlaquepaque, starting with The Marigold Mural Project on Wednesday, October 30th and our highly anticipated Day of the Dead celebration on Saturday, November 2. SERvING LUNCH & DINNER 7 DAYS A WEEK • OPEN DAILY @ 11:30 FOR LUNCH • DINNER: 5PM TO CLOSE See pictures of last year’s event on page 19. As we head into December, our holiday celebrations begin, many of which we carry over from Abe Miller’s days, including WOOD FIRED PIZZA • MOUTHWATERING APPETIZERS Mo our spectacular Festival of Lights, when decorative lights 3 P. M n - Fri GOURMET BURGERS • BEAUTIFUL SALADS and 6000+ luminarias light up our village. Visit page 23 hap .-5 P. M . to learn more about this holiday event and others. LOCALLY MADE BRATWURST • AWESOME SANDWICH SELECTION BY DAY h ou p y Whether you have an hour, an afternoon or a day, there is r! always something new to discover at Tlaquepaque. LOCAL DINING WITH UPSCALE ENTREES BY NIGHT: $5 H I hope to see you here soon! AMBER BEER BATTERED FISH’N CHIPS • CEDAR PLANK SALMON ou Win se Beer, BOURBON PORK CHOP • BABY BACK RIBS • BREWMASTER’S SPECIAL M ar e and g a ri tas AND SO MUCH MORE! Wendy Lippman Located in Historic Tlaquepaque • 336 State Route 179, Suite D201, Sedona, AZ PUBLISHER, DISCOVER TLAQUEPAQUE AND 928.282.3300 • www.oakcreekgrill.com RESIDENT PARTNER & GENERAL MANAGER facebook.com/oakcreekbreweryandgrill @oakcreekgrill @oakcreekbreweryandgrill D I S COVE R TL AQ UE PAQ UE FA L L / WI N TE R 2019 1 Tlaquepaque Chapel Bell Tower ¿QUE PASA? H E R E I S W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G AT T L A Q U E P A Q U E T H I S F A L L A N D W I N T E R 2 0 1 9 . HANUKKAH MENORAH LIGHTING WHEN WHERE SUNDAY, DEC 22, 5:30-6:30 PM PATIO DEL NORTE Enjoy the miracle of the menorah lighting on the fi st night of Hanukkah. Latkes, donuts and hot chocolate will be served. Kids can meet Judah ALL EVENTS ARE FREE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. and receive Hanukkah gelt. Co-hosted by Chabad of Sedona. RED EARTH THEATRE IMPROV, SHORT PLAYS, & POETRY READINGS WHEN THE THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH OCT 17 | NOV 21 | DEC 19, 7 P.M., 60-75 MINUTES WHERE THE CHAPEL IN COLDER MONTHS, PATIO DE LAS CAMPANAS IN THE WARMER MONTHS CONTACT REDEARTHTHEATRE.ORG Enjoy live performances by Red Earth Theatre, a nonprofit o ganization that inspires and nurtures many voices and art forms through performance. The fall season will kick off with Midsummer Nights Dream, performed in collaboration with the Flagstaff Shakespeare THE MARIGOLD MURAL PROJECT Festival Sept 15-19, followed by other wonderful performances. WHEN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30 THROUGH SATURDAY, FLAMENCO IN THE COURTYARD SEDONA TREE LIGHTING & SANTA VISIT NOVEMBER 2, 11 A.M.-5 P.M. DAILY AT TLAQUEPAQUE WHERE CALLE INDEPENDENCIA WHEN F RIDAY, DE CE MB E R 6, 5 -7 P.M. WHEN SUNDAY THROUGH TUESDAY EVENINGS UNTIL Now in its ninth year, join us for the marigold mural project. WHERE TLAQUEPAQUE NORTH OCTOBER 29, 5:30-7:30 P.M. Paint a tribute to a loved one on our 26-foot long community remembrance wall. Paints and brushes will be provided on site Enjoy a traditional tree-lighting, local holiday entertainment, WHERE PATIO DE LAS CAMPANAS with the murals f rom the previous years on display for your ref reshments, and a visit f rom Santa at this annual event presented Join master guitarist, Gaetano for spirited musical performances. viewing and inspiration. by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism. Presented by Tlaquepaque’s El Rincon Restaurante Mexicano, enjoy your favorite beverage f rom the restaurant’s outside bar. DIA DE LOS MUERTOS/DAY OF THE DEAD WHEN S AT U R D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 , 2 0 1 9 , 4 - 8 P. M . LU M I N A RI A S / F E S T I VA L OF LI G HT S H O L I D AY S W E E T S T R O L L WHERE THROUGHOUT TLAQUEPAQUE FARMER’S MARKET WHEN S AT U R D AY, D E C E M B E R 1 4 , 3 - 8 P. M . , WHEN SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 3-7 P.M. One of Tlaquepaque’s most exciting events, Dia De Los Muertos celebrates the timeless Mexican tradition of honoring f riends and L I G H T I N G O F L U M I N A R I A S 5 P. M . WHEN EVERY FRIDAY MORNING THROUGH OCTOBER 11, WHERE THROUGHOUT TLAQUEPAQUE family who have passed on. Enjoy music, food, f ire dancing, and 8-11:30 A.M. WHERE THROUGHOUT TLAQUEPAQUE more. Public altars are set up throughout the grounds—bring Enjoy decorative lights and strolling carolers as you visit our galleries WHERE THE CREEKSIDE PARKING LOT objects, photos, and candles to leave as an offering. Day of the Our signature Tlaquepaque event, experience the lighting of and shops. Doors will be open, welcoming you to celebrate the Meet our local growers, taste local flavors and foods, buy local Dead costumes are strongly encouraged. THIS IS A GREAT EVENT thousands of luminarias—traditional Mexican Christmas lanterns— holidays with sweet treats, special give-a-ways, and discount offers. products and enjoy live entertainment. FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN. throughout our village, a visit f rom Santa, and other entertainment. Discover special gifts for everyone on your holiday list. 2 D ISCOVER TL AQ UEPAQU E FAL L / WI NT ER 201 9 FO R M O RE IN FO RM ATIO N O N THESE EV EN TS, A N D O THERS, P LEA SE V ISIT THE EV EN TS CAL E N D AR AT T L AQ. COM. 3 Abe Miller of scenes f rom rural villages and sketched dozens of vignettes of Spanish Colonial architecture. When Bob and Abe came upon a small village, they would sit and watch for hours, coming to know the importance of how people, gardens, fountains, and trees shaped social interaction in a public space. Th y caref ully studied the architecture. Th y were soul searching, discovering what lif e really looked like in rural Mexico and what architectural elements they should embrace, taking particular note of how the patios, courtyards, tiled walls, and plazas created natural gathering places for the villagers to sell their craf ts and mingle together. Th y began to bring artifacts reflecting Mexican culture back to Sedona—iron grillwork, huge carved doors, handmade lanterns, clay pots, and benches were incorporated into the architecture to create the genuine f eel and spirit of Tlaquepaque. In keeping with his unconventional ways, Calle Miller Bob McIntyre purposely hired only amateur artisans and self-trained plasterers, chosen for their heart and enthusiasm for the project. No prof essional stonemasons I were on the crew. He gave tremendous n the 1970s Sedona had only one At that time, Abe also f ell in love To express his vision, Abe collaborated artistic freedom to the workers who “loved stoplight and the area was mostly an with Sedona. In particular a unique with a gif ted and unconventional local to be turned loose on a wall and watch it open range, but visionary businessman piece of property on Oak Creek with architect, Bob McIntyre. As the story grow under their hands.” If they weren’t Abe Miller saw the potential for more. A a distinctive 100-year-old sycamore goes, Bob, Abe, and Bill Herrick, the happy with their day’s work, Abe allowed traveler, Abe had spent time in Mexico grove. He knew he had found the place contractor, f lew Abe’s plane all over them to tear it down and start over. “Forget TA-L A-KA-PA-KEE where he became enthralled with its to bring his arts and craf ts village Mexico and ventured into small villages the plumb, use the thumb,” was a favorite WHERE A DREAM vibrant arts scene—in particular, that to lif e. It took two years of being to photograph, sketch, and document saying on the construction site. Very little of a small arts and craf ts village outside persistent, but Abe finally acquired this their look and f eel. They studied of Tlaquepaque was sketched out on of Guadalajara that would become our piece of land f rom its owners Harry how they were constructed—the paper. Everything was eyeballed, keeping WAS BORN village’s namesake, Tlaquepaque (Ta-la- ka-pa-kee). It was Abe’s dream to establish and Ruby Girard, assuring them that their beloved sycamores would remain materials, their structural components, detailing and f low—with a goal to the basic orders of columns and capitals, but allowing f or variables. It was all part a place f or artists where they could untouched (a promise he kept and that build Tlaquepaque as authentically as of what gave Tlaquepaque its authenticity collectively create and sell their work. we continue to honor today). possible. They photographed thousands and unique charm. D I S COVE R TL AQ UE PAQ UE FA L L / WI N TE R 2019 5 Your time is precious. Make it count! AZADI Navajo Rugs Richard Harvey AZADI Fine Rugs Ace Hawkins Richard Harvey AZADI Navajo Rugs BELLA Fine Goods Mary Neishabori Because your time is precious, we’ll come to you! Anywhere! “ B U I L D I N G S M U S T B E B U I LT T O E C H O L A U G H T E R , DANCING, AND SINGING. CANDLES, BARRELS, F L I C K E R I N G F I R E S , F O U N TA I N S , A N D F L O W E R S A R E W H AT A R C H I T E C T U R E I S A L L A B O U T… L I V I N G B U I L D I N G S T H AT A R E P I E C E S O F S C U L P T U R E . ” BOB MCINTYRE AZADI Fine Rugs AZADI Navajo Rugs Bella Fine Goods The Secret Garden (928) 203-0400 (928) 203-0620 (928) 282-0255 In Tlaquepaque │ 336 Hwy 179 │ Sedona │ AZ Tlaquepaque North Main Entrance THE LEGACY CONTINUES In 2015 Tlaquepaque North, located on the renovation, it is now home to one of the other side of Sedona’s highway 179, Tlaquepaque and Sedona’s most loved was caref ully built to maintain Abe and restaurant, Pump House Station Urban LOCATED AT THE HEART OF Bob’s original spirit and authentic design. Eatery and Market. 7464 SEDONA, TLAQUEPAQUE OFFERS A PLACE FOR ART COLLECTORS, Here too, no detail was overlooked. With The shops and galleries of Tlaquepaque DISCERNING SHOPPERS AND its gracious central f ountain, stuccoed North have been caref ully curated GUESTS TO EXPERIENCE A RARE walls, hand-painted murals, tiles, elegant to add to the visitors’ experience, TREASURE AS THEY CELEBRATE archways and pavers throughout, the new providing them with even more ART, ENTERTAINMENT, BEAUTY, structure gives the impression that it too choices to explore and discover what AND COMMUNITY. has stood there for years. Signature giant the arts and shopping village has to Sycamore trees and colorful fl wer beds offer. Sophistication and style abound. A MAP WITH DIRECTIONS IS add to its inimitable style. A beautifully Come to visit and see for yourself. AVAILABLE ON PAGE 50, OR YOU renovated f ormer cobblestone home CAN VISIT TLAQ.COM. Turquoise Jewelry + Decorative Imports + Event and Wedding Decor can also be f ound on the grounds. Th 336 SR 179 at Tlaquepaque ~ Suite C.107 ~ 928-203-9096 only structure that was retained during Eventsbyshowstoppers.com 9 Sierra Blanco PhotograPhy WHAT’S NEW CREAM AT TLAQUEPAQUE NORTH HANDMADE ICE CREAM, SHAKES, SUNDAES & SPLITS IN DELECTABLE FLAVORS There is always something new to discover at Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village. Sedona has a new ice cream shop, and it is her friendly servers. A popular 21-and-older This season visitors can enjoy two of the latest newcomers, each not to be missed! Andrea Carusetta, who has been wowing Sedona with her cakes, cookies menu is available to those with a valid ID. It includes Amaretto Cherry Almond, Irish offering a distinct and delicious experience. and other pastries at Sedona Cake Couture, Cream Brownie, and Chocolate Whiskey will now tempt your sweet tooth with her Ganache. All of her ice creams can be homemade ice cream. Her vision: “to make enjoyed in a handmade waffl cone, as the the best ice cream ever.” Early visitors to the foundation of a creative sundae or shake, or shop have already let her know that her vision paired with a slice of Carusetta’s renowned is coming true. “I had a f amily come back chocolate marble cake. No matter which into the shop to tell me how wonderful the item you try, she sees her products as a way ice cream was,” Carusetta notes with a smile, to “make lif e a little sweeter.” So come in “that makes me truly happy.” Using only the and add a little sweetness to your life. highest quality ingredients, she is offering an array of fla ors from updated classics like Real Deal Vanilla, Fresh Strawberry and Double CREAM: HANDMADE ICE CREAM Espresso to Salted Malted Chocolate Chip TLAQUEPAQUE NORTH Cookie Dough which as the menu notes “the name says it all!” and Wild Blueberry Lemon SUITE A11 Bar loaded with chunks of Carusetta’s highly (928) 204-2887 acclaimed pastry. “Already a best seller,” notes VINO ZONA SEDONA A COZY SPACE TO ENJOY A CURATED SELECTION OF THE BEST ARIZONA WINES COMES TO TLAQUEPAQUE ARTS & SHOPPING VILLAGE Arizona is home to the perf ect climate, in the beauty and charm of the arts and whites, and sweet wines all from the Grand elevation, and weather to produce the shopping village,” she notes. Canyon State. Vino Zona also has a delicious very best grapes, and in recent years it has Arizona cider and an award-winning Arizona been doing just that. With three grape Ginger and her team handpick the very mead, plus f un local wines, like the regions growing regions—Sonita, Willcox and best wines that Arizona has to offer, unique Prickly Pear wine. SU I T E A 207 the Verde Valley—and over 100 wineries, including those that are exclusive just to Arizona's wines have gained international her shops from small batch, out of the way, Come visit and learn about Arizona wine from recognition f or not only their award- local wineries—some providing her with wine professionals in a down-to-earth, relaxed Sommelier service - down to earth vibe winning taste but for the experimental and as little as one or two barrels handcrafted tasting room vibe, now at Tlaquepaque. adventurous spirit of their winemakers. for a unique experience. The best of 100% Arizona grown and made wine Founded by Ginger Mackenzie, Vino “Every wine we serve is 100% Arizona grown VINO ZONA SEDONA Zona f irst opened its doors in Jerome, and made,” Ginger notes, “We are wine geeks, OPEN 10 A.M.-6 P.M. SUN THROUGH AZ in 2018, to offer a curated Arizona and we live in the area, so we can offer as little THURS, 10 A.M.-7 P.M. FRI AND SAT W W W .V I N O Z O N A . L O V E wine tasting experience in an inviting or as much info as our visitors would like.” environment. Af ter a successf ul year, SUITE A207 Mention this ad for 50% off on your seating fee. her second shop located in Tlaquepaque Whatever your taste in wine, Vino Zona has (928) 282-2650 opened this July 2019. “It’s the perf ect something for you, including a curated tasting place to try Arizona Wine while soaking menu of the best award-winning dry reds, V I NO Z O NA J E R O M E . C O M 10 D ISCOVER TL AQ UEPAQU E FAL L / WI NT ER 201 9 FOOD&DRINK Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at One of Tlaquepaque’s Five Acclaimed Restaurants Whether dining outdoors under the coolness of the giant sycamore trees or indoors in one of the arts and shopping village’s unique restaurant settings, Tlaquepaque offers an array of exceptional dining experiences for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks set against the backdrop of this stunning location. From elegant bistro dining at René, to Mexican food and margartias at El Rincon Restaurante Mexicano, handcrafted beers and BBQ ribs at Oak Creek Brewery and Grill, delicious salads and grilled paninis at Secret Garden Café, or fabulous coffees and an inventive lunch and dinner menu at the Pump House Station Urban Eatery and Market, it’s all here for one’s dining pleasure. 13 PUMP HOUSE OAK CREEK STATION URBAN BREWERY AND GRILL EATERY AND MARKET Oak Creek Brewery and Grill in Tlaquepaque is known f or its award-winning premium beers, brewed on site and stored in The Pump House is a Sedona local favorite, and for good reason. highly polished, custom copper serving tanks behind its classic Serving innovative American cuisine in what was once a private oak bar. The fabulous craft beers, big cozy booths, wood-fi ed home, its rustic, retro vibe makes the place feel immediately familar pizza oven, high-energy open kitchen, and f antastic views, and provides a peaceful dining experience. The staff is super friendly makes it the perf ect gathering place f or Sedona visitors, family, and relaxed, and you can dine indoors by the fi eplace, outdoors and returning friends. Its popular second story patio with red rock on the f ront porch, on the back of the patio f acing a garden of views has bar style seating around the patio perimeter, a larger giant sycamores. Chef Cord Chatham has a knack f or blending central table and smaller two-person tables that create an intimate, tradition and innovation into dishes that are honest and rustic, yet protected outdoor space that f i ls up quickly.  Their beers range elegant and full of nuances. With a menu focused on fresh, organic, from light and crisp to dark and full-bodied, with many of their and sustainable foods whenever possible, breakfast, lunches, and brews receiving gold and silver medals from the North American dinners will delight you. If Brewers Association. Order the “Seven Dwarves” to try them all. you are on the go, coffees SUITE D10 This highly entertaining are f irst class, as are the beer tasting presented sinf ul pastries and the OPEN MON-SAT 7 A.M.-9 P.M., SUITE D201 in 5 oz. steins are the crepes. Pump House offers SUN 7 A.M.-2 P.M. ultimate introduction DAILY 11:30 A.M.-9 P.M. a f ull bar serving specialty (928) 862-4141 to Oak Creek Bar and (928) 282-3300 cocktails, wines, and local Grill’s craft beers. draft beers. PUMPHOUSESTATION.COM OAKCREEKBREWERYANDGRILL.COM EL RINCON RENE RESTAURANT RESTAURANTE MEXICANO Nestled into Tlaquepaque’s iconic Patio Del Norte is Rene Restaurant, a landmark in Sedona since 1978, offers discerning customers continental cuisine with a southwestern flai . El Rincon is a Tlaquepaque icon.  A Sit outside in the courtyard and listen to the sound of water mainstay of Tlaquepaque since 1976, dancing in the f ountains or enjoy Rene’s relaxed, elegant indoor this f amily-run business was the arts setting that will take you back to a simpler time as you delight and shopping village’s f irst restaurant. in one of Chef Walter Paulson’s daily specials or signature dishes Intimate and charming, the ambiance including Dover Sole, Tableside Carved Rack of Lamb, Tenderloin is warm and f riendly with a soothing of Antelope, or Roast Duck finished with a memorable sun-dried and colorf ul décor. Serving a unique cherry sauce. Be sure to leave room to top off your meal with one Arizona-style of cuisine that blends of Rene’s homemade desserts. Dramatic and tasty, Rene’s flamb traditional Spanish and Mexican desserts such as Bananas Foster and Crêpes Suzette are a feast for cooking with Navajo and Hopi Native the eyes, nose, mouth, and soul. American inf luences, El
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