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Drinking Water Sludge Recovery Feb 2011 | Sewage Treatment | Waste Management

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Rocovery of sludge from wastewater tratment
    ALUM SLUDGE  From waste to valuable product With AquaCritox® recovery process  Alum and iron salts are generally used to promote coagulation in the production of cleandrinking water which results in the generation of significant quantities of drinking water sludge. This sludge shown in figure 1 is comprised of metal hydroxide (aluminium or iron)together with organic material that has been removed from the treated water. The Alumsludge is typically mechanically dewatered and is currently treated as a waste which cannot be processed through traditional sewage sludge disposal methods and in many cases goes tolandfill. This additional cost burden of collection, transport and disposal cost is common to all water treatment plants.The AquaCritox®unit from SCFI can turn this environmental and cost issue into a sustainableand economically sound solution. Using the patented  AquaCritox® process it is possible torecover the coagulant as pure aluminium or iron hydroxide which can be reconstituted togenerate new coagulant for reuse.The process is safe, sustainable and cost effective. Figure 1. Alum sludge Figure 2. Water & “gel”  Water works sludge   Recovered aluminium hydroxide  AquaCritox®  For further information please contact us by email at info@scfi.euwhere we would be happy to discussyour requirements and work with you on the prompt turnaround of mass and energy balancessupported by capital and economic models on a confidential basis. Figure 3 – AquaCritox® plant Benefits of the AquaCritox® solution ã   Facilitates the full recovery of coagulant  ã   Reduces operating costs ã   Eliminates landfill  ã   Reduces transport movements ã   No hazardous emissions ã   Small plant footprint  ã   Complete destruction of organic matter  ã   Improved carbon footprint The AquaCritox process for the first time in relation to Alumsludge allows for the spent coagulant to be fully recycled in asustainable way.The AquaCritox® process is a supercritical water oxidation process in which sludge is heated to between374 o C and 500 o C at 221bar pressure in the presence of oxygen. All of the organic matter is completely oxidized in an exothermic reaction producing carbon dioxide, water and aluminium hydroxide/ ironhydroxide as a water insoluble precipitate.The pure precipitated coagulant hydroxide is readily dewatered and can be reacted with sulphuric acid to form fresh aluminium or iron sulphate that is capable of meeting with BS EN 878. An example of the post AquaCritox® solution is given in figure 2 and has the consistency of a gel. The water is clean and safe to discharge and the Aluminium/Iron Hydroxide gel is easily moved to the sulphuric acid stagewhich can be either on site or at another location. The AquaCritox® product for Alum sludge recovery is availablein three sizes. AquaCritox® Feed t/ hr TPA A10 0.66 t/hr 5,000 A30 2.00 t/ hr 15,000 A100 6.66 t/ hr 50,000 SEPARATOR   BOILER WATER   FEED PUMP   STEAM   SLUDGE   FEED   COOLER   PRESSURE REDUCTION   REACTOR   HIGH PRESSURE   PUMP   HEATER   ECONOMISER   OXYGEN   CO   2,N   2,0   2TREATED SLUDGE   STEAM   GENERATOR   GRINDER PUMP   THICKENER   CLEAN WATER   RECYCLINGPROCESS   INERT RESIDUE   COAGULANT SEPARATOR   BOILER WATER   FEED PUMP   STEAM   SLUDGE   FEED   COOLER   PRESSURE REDUCTION   REACTOR     HIGH PRESSURE   PUMP   HEATER   ECONOMISER   OXYGEN   CO   2,N   2,0   2TREATEDSTEAM   GENERATOR   GRINDER PUMP   THICKENER   CLEAN WATER   RECYCLINGPROCESS   INERT RESIDUE   E  
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