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Drinking Water Treatment Sludge Production and Dewaterability | Water Purification | Chemistry

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Ph.D. thesis (dissertation). PRINT VERSION (transmitted here as PDF) [Verrelli2008_prn—hfc-6.pdf] ISBN 978‐0‐9806297‐0‐5 (hard bound in 2 volumes) ISBN 978‐0‐9806297‐1‐2 (soft bound in 2 volumes)
    DRINKING WATER TREATMENTSLUDGE PRODUCTIONAND DEWATERABILITY David Ignatius Verrelli BA, BE(Chemical) Hons. (Monash)Submitted in total fulfilment of the requirementsof the degree of Doctor of PhilosophyNovember 2008Particulate Fluids Processing CentreDepartment of Chemical & Biomolecular EngineeringThe University of Melbourne    Drinking   Water   Treatment   Sludge   Production   and   Dewaterability   David   Ignatius   Verrelli   D.   I.   Verrelli   Melbourne      National   Library   of   Australia   Cataloguing ‐ in ‐ Publication   entry   Author:   Verrelli,   David   Ignatius,   1977 ‐ Title:   Drinking   water   treatment   sludge   production   and   dewaterability   /   David   Ignatius   Verrelli.   ISBN:   9780980629705   (hbk.)   9780980629712   (pbk.)   Notes:   Bibliography.   Subjects:   Drinking   water ‐‐ Purification.   Water ‐‐ Purification.   Water   treatment   plant   residuals.   Water   treatment   plants ‐‐ Waste   disposal.   Water   treatment   plant   residuals ‐‐ Management.   Dewey   Number:   628.162   ISBN   978 ‐ 0 ‐ 9806297 ‐ 0 ‐ 5   (hard    bound   in   2   volumes)   ISBN   978 ‐ 0 ‐ 9806297 ‐ 1 ‐ 2   (soft    bound   in   2   volumes)   ISBN   978 ‐ 0 ‐ 9806297 ‐ 2 ‐ 9   (PDF,   single   fi le)   ©   D.   I.   Verrelli   November   2008,   March   2009   Copying,   scanning   and   printing   are   permitted   for   personal   and   approved   uses.   The author’smoral rights are asserted. ∞ ⃝   Printed   on   permanent   (acid ‐ free)   paper  
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