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Driven, June 8, 2018

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YOur resOurce FOr:cars Y o|uTrucks r r |e suVs s o |uVans r c|eclassics F o rrecreational : Motorcycles rVs | Boats Financing | Parts & repair Tires & Brakes | Detailing car Audio | Tinting and more! NO. 351 • 06.08.18Distributes every other FridayFind the vehicle that’llget you whereyou want to go.2DrivenGORTSEMA MOTORS GORTSEMA MOTORS GORTSEMA MOTORS GORTSEMA MOTORS2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLTGORTSEMA MOTORS2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT& #A239902011 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ#A24200#A240106HOHF7HUUDLQ7UDFWLRQ 0DQDJHPHQW:'/HDWKHU 8FRQQHFW3RZHU/LIWJDWH 5HDU9LHZ&DPHUD'XUDPD['LHVHO+'$OOLVRQ 7UDQVPLVVLRQ+'7RZLQJ /HDWKHU%26(6RXQG 6\VWHP+HDWHG6HDWV&XPPLQJV7XUER'LHVHO )RRW&DUJR%HG2QO\ PLOHV=2ႇ5RDG(TXLSPHQW /HDWKHU5HPRWH(QJLQH6WDUWLQJ %26(6RXQG6\VWHP7RZLQJ (TXLSPHQW+'7RZLQJ&KURPH$V VLVW6WHSV/LWHU9 $XWRPDWLF/2&.,1*5HDU 'LႇHUHQWLDOSale Price $29,425Sale Price $28,991Sale Price $27,995/HDWKHU8SKROVWHU\7UDLOHULQJ (TXLSPHQW/X[XU\3DFNDJH 3RZHU)OLS )ROG&HQWHU 6HDWV1DYLJDWLRQ3RZHU /LIWJDWHSale Price $27,995Sale Price $26,819Sale Price $24,9982017 GMC Terrain SLT2017 GMC Terrain SLT2016 Ford Escape Titanium2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad2017 Jeep Renegade Sport#A24110#A24230#A24150#A241402015 Ford Escape Titanium#A24270#A24290#A24250#A24240#A23970$OO:KHHO'ULYH+HDWHG  9HQWHG/HDWKHU8SKROVWHU\ 3UHPLXP3LRQHHU6RXQG6\V WHP5HDU9LVLRQ&DPHUD$OO:KHHO'ULYH/HDWKHU 8SKROVWHU\)DFWRU\3LRQHHU 6RXQG6\VWHP5HDU9LHZ &DPHUD:L)L+RWVSRW$OO:KHHO'ULYH6HOI3DUNLQJ 3DQRUDPLF9LVWD5RRI)RRW $FWLYDWHG3RZHU/LIWJDWH5HDU 9LVLRQ&DPHUD$OO:KHHO'ULYH/HDWKHU :D\3RZHU'ULYHU¶V6HDW +HDWHG)URQW6HDWV)RRW $FWLYDWHG3RZHU/LIWJDWH$OO:KHHO'ULYH=RQH &OLPDWH&RQWURO:D\ 3RZHU'ULYHU¶V6HDW:LGH 2SHQLQJ'RRUV/LWHU9Sale Price $23,991Sale Price $23,991Sale Price $21,911Sale Price $21,755Sale Price $20,575Sale Price $19,9992010 Ford F-150 FX42014 Ford Edge SEL2015 Toyota RAV4 LE2013 Chevrolet Traverse 1LT2009 GMC SIERRA 1500SLT2009 Ford F-150 FX4#A2300#A23901$OO:KHHO'ULYH0LOHV SHU*DOORQ+LJKZD\2QO\ 0LOHV/RFDO7UDGH ,Q%DFNXS&DPHUDSale Price $19,995Sale Price $19,995Sale Price $19,9952011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic LS2008 Ford F-150 XLTA24340#A24310$OO:KHHO'ULYH$GXOW6L]H 6HDWV(DV\$FFHVV7KLUG5RZ 6HDWV6LULXV;06DWHOOLWH5DGLR 5HDU3DUNLQJ$VVLVW5HPRWH (QJLQH6WDUWLQJ=2ႇ5RDG(TXLSPHQW /HDWKHU+HDWHG)URQW 6HDWV%26(6RXQG6\V WHP3RZHU6XQURRI+RUVHSRZHU);2ႇ 5RDG(TXLSPHQW/HDWKHU8S KROVWHU\+'7RZLQJ&XVWRP $OOR\:KHHOVSale Price $19,992Sale Price $19,695Sale Price $18,8212016 Chevrolet Malibu Limited LT2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Sport2016 Jeep Compass Latitude&#C70551#A24130+RUVHSRZHU/LWHU9 7RZLQJ(TXLSPHQW4XDGUD 7UDF2QO\0LOHV#A24170 5RRP\FRPIRUWDEOHLQWH ULRUOLWHU9+HDY\'XW\ 7UDLOHULQJ(TXLSPHQW2QO\ PLOHV2QO\0LOHV +RUVHSRZHU97RZLQJ (TXLSPHQW3DVVHQJHU 6HDWLQJ2QO\0LOHV03* RQWKH+LJKZD\6LULXV;0 6DWHOOLWH5DGLR5HDU9LVLRQ &DPHUD*:L¿+RWVSRW:KHHO'ULYH6LULXV;0 6DWHOOLWH5DGLR%OXHWRRWK 9ROW3RZHU2XWOHW5HFOLQ LQJ )ROGLQJ5HDU6HDWVSale Price $16,991Sale Price $16,864Sale Price $15,995#A24180 /LWHU+HPL97RZLQJ (TXLSPHQW2QO\ PLOHV6SUD\,Q%HG/LQHU +HDWHG)URQW6HDWV3RZHU 6OLGLQJ5HDU:LQGRZSale Price $15,993Sale Price $15,993Sale Price $15,9751-800-683-9272 Kami Benn GORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORSSabrina JohnsonGORTSEMA MOTORSLeslie Workman GORTSEMA MOTORSSEE US FORComplete Auto Body Repair227 N. State t Grangeville, ID GORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORSwww.gortsemamotors.com gortsemamotors@promaxonline.netGORTSEMA MOTORS$OO:KHHO'ULYH*HQHURXV%DFN 6HDW/HJURRP)ROG)ODW)URQW 3DVVHQJHU6HDW6LULXV;06DWHOOLWH 5DGLR%OXHWRRWK(ႈFLHQF\#C70582&#C85741);2ႇ5RDG(TXLSPHQW /HDWKHU8SKROVWHU\'XDO )URQW3RZHU6HDWV8OWUD 6RQLF5HDU3DUNLQJ$VVLVW$OO:KHHO'ULYH2QO\ 0LOHV5HDU9LVLRQ&DPHUD 6SHHG$XWRPDWLF 7UDQVPLVVLRQGORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORS2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Long Box Quad CabGORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORS2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500Hd LTZGORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORS2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee LimitedGORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORSGORTSEMA MOTORSF R I D A Y, J U N E 8 , 2 0 1 83DrivenF R I D A Y, J U N E 8 , 2 0 1 8DON’T MISS THIS SALE! OVER 500 NEW & USED VEHICLES TO CHOOSE FROM AT INCREDIBLE PRICES!THURSDAY-MONDAYPRICES STARTING AS LOW AS $1,995Shopko/Sportsman’s Warehouse Parking Lot, Lewiston, ID100 GIFT CARD TO SPORTSMAN’S WAREHOUSE $WITH PURCHASE OF VEHICLEREBATES UP TO5,000$MUSIC (3) $500 WEE ALL KEND GIVEAWAYS !0%NEW 2018 TOYOTA TACOMA DOUBLE CAB SR5 4X4250$ROGERS TOYOTA 2012 TOYOTA RAV4/MO /MOON OVER 25 NEW MODELS!0$DOWNNEW 2018 TOYOTA RAV4 LE23,893 3$STK# 18D29114,500$ON APPROVED CREDIT STK# 18T824STK# 18T818A0%ROGERS SUBARU 2016 SUBARU WRX 6SPD MANUAL 2.0 TURBO AWD STK# 18US063INTEREST AVAILABLE ON NEW 2018 LEGACY, FORESTER, OUTBACK AND IMPREZA23,999$ROGERS DODGE39,999NEW 2018 RAM 2500 $ DIESEL 4X4 CREW CAB ST 8’ BOXMSRP: $50,630 stk# 18d291NEW 2018 JEEP RENEGADE SPORT16,999$25,488CERTIFIED 2015 JEEP WRANGLER $ UNLTD SPORT 4X4MSRP: $22,815 stk# 18d281stk# 18d295a$1,995 VEHICLE PRICE: SEE SALE FOR DETAILS. $5,000 REBATE FOR NEW 2018 TOYOTA AVALON GAS/HYBRID MODELS. 18T924: 2018 TOYOTA RAV4 LE - $23,893.00. AFTER $1,202 ROGERS DISCOUNT AND $2000 REBATE FROM TMS. PLUS TTD. 18T824: 2018 TOYOTA TACOMA DOUBLE CAB SR5 - WAS $35,863, NOW $33,880.42 AFTER $1,982.58 ROGERS DISCOUNT. INCLUDES $1,000 REBATE FROM TOYOTA. 3YR/10,000 MILE YR US BANK LEASE WITH $0 DOWN = $250MO PLUS TTD AND ON APPROVED CREDIT. RESIDUAL IS $28,690.40. NET CAP COST $33781.16. STK#18D291. NEW 2018 RAM 2500 CREW CAB DIESEL 4X4. MSRP $50,630. SALE PRICE $39,999. AFTER APPLICABLE REBATES. SEE DEALER FOR FULL DETAILS. ON APPROVED CREDIT. NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. MUST FINANCE WITH CCAP. PLUS TAX, TITLE AND $150 DEALER DOC FEE. ALL 0% APR FINANCING OFFERS AVAILABLE ON APPROVED CREDIT. AVAILABLE UP TO 72 MONTHS ON SELECT MODELS. PLUS TAX TITLE AND $150 DOC FEE. 3 CHANCES TO WIN $500. $500 OFFER VALID 6/7/18-6/11/18. ALL OFFERS EXPIRE 6/11/18.532346F-184DrivenF R I D A Y, J U N E 8 , 2 0 1 8FEATURED VEHICLE2012 RAM 2500 Crew Cab SLT 4x4 6.7 Cummins, AT, AC, PW, PL, P/SeatBlack ................................................2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited 3.6 V6 AT, AC, Leather, LoadedSilver ..............27,695$2015 Ford F-150 SuperCrew XLT 4x43.5 Ecoboost, AT, AC, PW, PL, P/RoofBlack ....................31,495$2012 Ford F-350 Crew Cab XLT 4x4 6.2 V8, AT, AC, PW, PLWhite ..........20,995$2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 3.4 V6, AT, AC, PW, PLRed..................12,495$2005 Chevy 2500 Crew Cab LS 4x4 6.6 Duramax, AT, AC, PW, PL, P/SeatSilver ............18,495$2011 Ford F-350 Crew Cab XLT 4x4 6.7 powerstroke AT, AC, PW, PL26,995$Green................Over 100 Pickups, SUVs and Cars in Stock! 1801 Main Street, Lewiston, ID 835012004 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab SLT 4x4 5.9 Cummins, 6 speed, AC, PW, PL P/SeatBlue ...............16,495$2016 Chevy 1500 Crew LT 4X45.3 V8 AT, AC, PW, PL Z-71Brown.........33,495$2012 GMC 3500 Crew Cab SLT 4x4 6.6 Duramax, AT, AC, PW, PL, LeatherWhite ................29,995$2005 Ford Expidition Eddie Bauer 4x4 5.4 V8, Leather, Roof, Heated & Cooled SeatsGreen..................7,995$2007 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab SLT 4x4 5.9 Cummins AT, AC, PW, PLRed................23,895$2014 RAM 1500 Crew Cab SLT 4x4 5.7 Hemi, AT, AC, PW, PL25,795$Gray....................$33,9952011 Ford F-250 Crew Cab XLT 4x4 6.7 Powerstroke, AT, AC, PW, PLWhite ..........28,995$2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 3.6 V6, AT, AC, PW, PLSilver ...........26,995$2015 GMC 1500 All Terrain PKG SLT 4x4 5.3 V8, AT, AC, PW, PL, Leather, LoadedBlack .............208-743-9371 valleycarsales.com35,795$5DrivenF R I D A Y, J U N E 8 , 2 0 1 8SUMMER SPECIALS TOP DOLLARWE BUY USEDPAID UR FOR YOE TRAD !VEHIC S PAID FLOER OR NOTCHECK OUT THESE PRICES! ’05 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN #22282AL V6, Auto, Loaded, SE WAS $4,999 NOW $2,999** /mo. mos.*$10036’01 TOYOTA CAMRY#2243AM, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, 4 Door, LE WAS $4,999 NOW $3,999** /mo. mos.*$10048’08 FORD EXPLORER’02 SUBARU FORESTER #L7620M 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, AWD WAS $3,999 NOW $2,999** /mo. mos.*$10036’04 CHRYSLER SEBRING #17395L V6, Auto, Loaded WAS $5,999 NOW $4,999** /mo. mos.*$10060’01 CHEVY 1500#12095L V6, Auto, Loaded, RWD WAS $6,999 NOW $5,999** /mo. mos.*$120’07 LINCOLN MKX’72 FORD MUSTANG$12060#12100BM, V6, Auto, Loaded, DVD WAS $9,999 NOW $8,999** /mo. mos.*$15072’07 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER#17476L, 6 Cyl, 6 Speed, Loaded, TRD with Lockers WAS 16,999 NOW $14,999** /mo. mos.*$24072WE WANT YOUR TRADE!#225351, V6, Auto, AC, AM/FM, 4x4 WAS $6,999 NOW $5,999** /mo. mos.*60#22045N, 351 V8, Auto, AM/FM/CD, A/C, All Original WAS $9,999 NOW $8,999** /mo. mos.*$17060’14 DODGE CHARGER #17255L, V6, Auto, Loaded, SE 4 Door WAS $15,999 NOW $14,999** /mo. mos.*$21084’95 CHEVY BERETTA1-208-746-2391 or 1-800-821-8174 ASK FOR LOT II or visit JoeHallFord.com’99 BMW M3#21176M2, Convertible, 6 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, Low Miles WAS $9,999 NOW $6,999** /mo. mos.*$13060’06 FORD F-150#17488L, Supercrew, V8, Auto, Loaded, XLT, 4x4 WAS $9,999 NOW $8,999** /mo. mos.*$17060’06 CHEVY 2500 HD#21926AL, Crew Cab, V8, Auto, Loaded, LT, Leather, Power Moon WAS 16,999 NOW $14,999** /mo. mos.*$24072’02 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER’08 TOYOTA SIENNA#175821 V6, Auto, Loaded WAS $3,999 NOW $2,999** /mo. mos.*$10036’10 FORD CROWN VICTORIA #22518M, Police Interceptor V8, Auto, Loaded WAS $5,999 NOW $4,999** /mo. mos.*$10060’06 SUBARU IMPREZA#17514M, V6, Auto, Limited, Power Moon, Leather, 4x4 WAS $7,999 NOW $6,999** /mo. mos.*#17568L, V6, Auto, Loaded, LE WAS $8,999 NOW $7,999** /mo. mos.*#12071L, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, AWD, 52,000 miles WAS $8,999 NOW $7,999** /mo. mos.*’12 CHEVY IMPALLA’04 CHEVY 1500’12 FORD ESCAPE$13060#3877L, V6, Auto, Loaded, Low Miles, 4 Door, LT WAS $13,999 NOW $9,999** /mo. mos.*$16072’06 CHEVY 1500#17349L, Crew Cab, Vortex Max 6.0, LT, 4x4 WAS 16,999 NOW $15,999** /mo. mos.*$30060$14060#17384L, V8, Auto, CrewCab, LS, 4x4 WAS $10,999 NOW $9,999** /mo. mos.*$19060’13 GMC 1500#CONS, V8, Xcab, Auto, Loaded, SLE, 4x4 WAS 21,999 NOW $20,999** /mo. mos.*$29084$14060#22425BL, V6, Auto, Loaded, XLT, Power Moon WAS $10,999 NOW $9,999** /mo. mos.*$20072’01 TOYOTA CAMRY#22434AM, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, LE, 4 Door WAS $4,999 NOW $3,999** /mo. mos.*$10048‘06 TOYOTA CAMRY#L7641L, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, 4 Door, LE WAS $6,999 NOW $5,999** /mo. mos.*$12060’04 CHEVY TAHOE#16403L, V8, Auto, Loaded, Rear AC, 3rd Seat WAS $8,999 NOW $7,999** /mo. mos.*$15060’13 MAZDA 6#12047L, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, 4 Door WAS $10,999 NOW $9,999** /mo. mos.*$16072CARS, TRUCKS CARS, TRUCKS,, MINIVANS & SUV’S... S OMETHING SOMETHING FOR FOR EVERYONE! EVERYONE!HOME OF THE 49 DOLLAR DOWN DEAL (must (must meetWITH 20% DOWN CASH OR TRADE TRADE... ... WE CAN GET MOST PEOPLE FINANCED FINANCED, THAT HAVE BAD CREDIT ccertain ertain criteria) criteria) *Payments based on 5.99% APR(Well qualified buyers will get better rates) **Plus tax & doc fees - Vehicles subject to prior sale, offer good thru 6/14/186DrivenF R I D A Y, J U N E 8 , 2 0 1 84X4 AND AWD SPECIALS WE ARE EXPANDING AND WANT TO BUY YOUR VEHICLE…….PAID FOR OR NOT, GET CASH TODAY! 2017 KIA SPORTAGE$23,995 or $325/month2013 FORD FUSION SE2.5 Liter. Auto. Low Miles. Well-Equipped SE Model. Immaculate Condition. New Tires. Power Seat. CD/MP3. Satellite Radio. Bluetooth Ready. Save Thousands At This Price! Carfax Certied!$12,995 or $174/month$24,995 or $335/month$0 down 84 months at 3.49% OAC$0 down 84 months at 3.49% OAC1425 21st Street Lewiston, IDNew Bold Design. Ecoboost 2.0 Liter. 6 Speed Automatic Transmission w/Manual Shift Mode. AWD. Power, Heated, Leather Seats. Ford SYNC With Sirius XM Satellite. CD/ MP3 Player. Bluetooth. Back Up Camera. Keyless Entry. Keyless Start. PL. PW. Cruise Control. Fun, Sporty And Comfortable In 1 Package. Carfax Certied 1 Owner!All New Styling And Design Inside And Out. 3.5 Liter V6. Automatic. CD/MP3, XM Radio. Bluetooth. Nissan Connect. Back-Up Camera. Alloy Wheels. WOW! Carfax Certied 1 Owner! LIKE NEW! SAVE THOUSANDS!$19,995 or $268/month(208) 798-78782015 FORD EDGE ALL-WHEEL DRIVE2017 NISSAN MURANO4DR. Auto. All-Wheel Drive. Like New. Low Miles. Stylish New Design. Alloy Wheels.Bluetooth And Satellite Radio. Eco, Standard or Sport Drive Modes. Style And Economy In One Package! Carfax Certied 1 Owner!$0 Down, 84 months at 3.49% OAC$0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC2016 DODGE JOURNEY ALL-WHEEL DRIVEA Great Family SUV! 3.6 Liter V6. Automatic. AWD. PL. PW. Cruise Control. Keyless Entry. KEYLESS-GO. SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio. Seating For Seven With The 3rd Row. Carfax Certied 1 Owner LIKE NEW!$17,995 or $241/month $0 Down, 84 months @3.49% OACLOADED2006 CHEVY AVALANCHE LT CREW CAB Z71 4X42017 TOYOTA RAV4$14,995 or $237/month$0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC2012 FORD ESCAPE LIMITED 4X4 V62010 TOYOTA TUNDRA CREWMAX 4X42004 BUICK CENTURYFuel Injected V/6. Auto/Overdrive Transmission. Power Steering. Power Disc Brakes With Anti-Lock/Traction Control System. Dual Zone Air Conditioning. Stereo/cd Player. Delay Interval Wipers. Cruise Control. Tilt Steering Wheel. Factory Remote Keyless Entry. Power Door Locks. Power Windows. Carfax Certied!Well Equipped XLE Model. Sunroof. Alloy Wheels. Touch Screen Display With Back-Up Camera, Bluetooth And Satellite Radio. Lane Departure Warning. PreCrash Warning. Toyota Entune. Navigation. Best In Class Economy And Reliability! Save Save Save! Carfax Certied 1 Owner!4DR. 5.3L V8. Z71 Off-Road Package. Dual Power, Memory, Heated, Leather Seats. Adjustable Pedals. Alloy Wheels. PL. PW. Cruise Control. Keyless Entry. Tow Package. Super Clean Inside And Out With Low Miles! Priced To Earn Your Business! Carfax Certied!$24,995 or $338/month$3,995 or $188/month4DR. Auto. 5.3L V8. Tow Package. Keyless Entry. Power Seat. Alloy Wheels. Chrome Running Boards. Sprayed-In Bedliner. Satellite Radio. On-Star Equipped. Nice 4x4 Truck That’s Ready For Summertime Fun! Carfax Certied!Limited! 4Dr. Sport Utility Vehicle. V6. Automatic. PW. PL. Air Conditioning. Keyless Entry. SunRoof. Heated, Leather Seats. Touch Screen With Ford Sync And Navigation. Bluetooth. Tow Package. Great Vehicle In A Hard To Find Price Range. Super Clean With LOW Miles! Carfax Certied!$24,995 or $335/month$0 dollars down 84 months at 3.49% OAC2006 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS4DR. Auto. PW. PL. Cruise. A/C. Keyless Entry. Sunroof. Gray Leather, Heated Seats. Excellent Fuel Mileage And Reliability. Super Clean. Must See! Carfax Certied! Ready For The Daily Commute!Super Crew. TRD Offroad. 5.7 V8. Toyota Dependability. Tow Package With Electric Trailer Brakes. Power Sliding Rear Window. Color Matched Snug Top Canopy. Bluetooth. Front And Rear Parking Sensors. Back Up Camera. Power Seat. Sun Roof. JBL Premium Sound System. Carfax Certied!$14,995 or $201/month$4,995$19,995 or $317/month $0 Down, 72 months @ 4.49%2007 CHEVY TAHOE LT 4X44DR. Auto. 5.3L V8. Tow Package. Third Row Seating. Rear A/C Climate Control. Power Seat. Alloy Wheels. Bluetooth And Satellite Radio. On-Star Equipped. Nice And Clean With Lots Of Room For Everyone! Carfax Certied!$16,995 or $228/month2013 FORD F150 SUPERCREW FX4 ECOBOOST 4X42009 TOYOTA VENZASPORT 4x4. 2 Door. Extra Cab. 4.0 Liter V6. 5 Speed Manual. Super Clean. Air Conditioning. Power Steering. Tow Package. Bed Liner. Sun Roof. Wheels And Tires. Carfax Certied!$12,995 or $174/month$19,995 or $271/month $0 Down, 84 months at 3.49% OAC$13,995 or $188/month2017 HYUNDAI ELANTRA SE2012 TOYOTA COROLLA LE$13,995 or $188/month$11,995 or $161/month$0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC$0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC$0 dollars down 84 months at 4.49% OAC2017 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR5 PREMIUM SUV 4X42.0 Liter. 6 Speed Automatic. Like New. Low Miles. CD/MP3 Satellite Radio. Active ECO With Excellent Fuel Economy. Keyless Entry. Stylish New Design! Save Thousands On This Like New Elantra. Carfax Certied!The Toyota 4Runner Is Built For Durability And All-Terrain Capability. Using rugged Body-On-Frame Construction. This Is A Tough And Reliable Sport Utility. 4.0 Liter V6. Automatic. 3rd. Row Seating. Back Up Camera. PL. PW. Cruise Control. A-Trac. Down Hill Assist. Hill Start Assist. 4 Wheel ABS. Traction Control. Carfax Certied 1 Owner!$0 Down, 84 months at 3.99% OAC2.5 Liter. CVT Xtronic Transmission. 4 Wheel Drive. Like New.Well Equipped. Excellent Fuel Economy. Keyless Entry. Back Up Camera.Nissan connect With Bluetooth And Satellite Radio. MUST SEE! Carfax Certied 1 Owner!$19,995 or $271/month $0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC2007 CHEVY SILVERADO4DR. Auto. 5.3L V8. 4x4 Low Miles 98730. Tow Package. Z71 Off-Road Package. Seating For 6. Alloy Wheels. Keyless Entry. PL. PW. Cruise Control. CD/MP3 Satelitte. Carfax Certied!$0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC2011 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS1K ONLY 2ES MIL$17,995 or $285/month $0 Down, 72 months @ 4.49% OACComfortable Ride With Spacious Interior And Plenty Of Storage. 3.5 Liter V6. Automatic. Like New. Low Miles. CD/ MP3, Satellite Radio. Bluetooth Ready. Back Up Camera. Premium Wheels. Ready For A New Owner! Carfax Certied 1 Owner! 0 Down, 72 months @ 2.99% OAC4DR. Auto. Like New. Low Miles. Well-Equipped LE Model. Immaculate Condition. New Tires. Great Fuel Economy With Toyota Reliability! Save Thousands At This Price! Carfax Certied!4DR. Auto. 2.5 Liter. Automatic Transmission. PL. PW. Cruise Control. Well-Equipped LE Model. Touchscreen Display. Bluetooth Ready. Save Thousands At This Price! Carfax Certied!$11,995 or $161/month $0 dollars down 84 months at 3.49% OAC2014 TOYOTA CAMRY LE4DR. Fuel Efcient 2.5 Liter. Automatic. Well-Equipped LE Model. Great Condition. PL. PW. Cruise Control. Power Seat. Touchscreen Display. Bluetooth Ready. Save Thousands At This Price! Carfax Certied!$0 down 84 months at3.49% OAC$13,995 or $188/month2017 NISSAN ALTIMA2007 AUDI A4 ALL WHEEL DRIVE4DR. Auto. Like New. Only 21407 Miles! Excellent Fuel Economy. Keyless Entry. CD/MP3, XM Satelite With Bluetooth. Stylish New Design! Save Thousands On This Like New Sonata! Carfax Certied!4DR. Auto. Like New. Low Miles. Well-Equipped 2.5 S Model. Immaculate Condition. Power Seat. CD/MP3. Satellite. Back Up Camera. Keyless Entry. Keyless Start. Bluetooth. Save Thousands At This Price! Carfax Certied 1 Owner!$12,995 or $174/month$16,995 or $228/month$0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OACONLY 116082 ORIGINAL MILES! 2.2 Liter 4 Cylinder, Automatic! PW. PL. Cruise Control. Air Conditioning. Perfect Commuter Car For The Daily Drive Or For The Family Vacation. Carfax Certied 1 Owner!$0 dollars down 72 months at 2.99% OAC$34,995 or $470/month $0 Down, 84 months @ 3.49% OAC2017 NISSAN ROGUE$14,995 or $204/month2012 TOYOTA CAMRY LEConvertible! Summer Time Fun! V6. Automatic. SYNC. CD/MP3. Satellite. Back Up Camera. Alloy Wheels. PL. PW. Cruise Control. Sporty And Fun To Drive! And Turns Heads! Like New But Check Out This Low Price! Carfax Certied 1 Owner!$20,995 or $282/month4DR. Auto. Like New. SPORT And ECO Modes With Excellent Fuel Economy. Keyless Entry. Keyless Start. CD/MP3, Satellite Radio. Back Up Camera. Bluetooth. Stylish New Design! Save Thousands On This Like New SENTRA SV. Carfax Certied 1 Owner.$5,9952016 FORD MUSTANGow Third Rat Se2017 NISSAN SENTRA$14,995 or $201/month2007 FORD RANGER SUPER CAB SPO
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