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Dear Friends You are about to see a great business opportunity which can change your life completely if you take this opportunity with positive mind set and seriousness… Please note that this business has the potential of earning minimum $ 100,000 in 2-3 years time if worked part time after your regular job an without affecting much your social lifestyle! To proceed, press your mouse left ear… Kindly note you need to make yourself free for one hour and complete this presentation. To Exit, pres
  Dear FriendsYou are about to see a great business opportunity which can change your lifecompletely if you take this opportunity with positive mind set and seriousness«Please note that this business has the potential of earning minimum $ 100,000in 2-3 years time if worked part time after your regular job andwithout affecting much your social lifestyle!To proceed, press your mouse left ear« Kindly note you need to make yourself free for one hour and complete this presentation.To Exit, press your mouse right ear and choose ´End Showµ, it will close the door of opportunity in your life«.  I  f you see around the world, you will find 4 categories of people contributing in any economy, these are ² EmployeeSelf EmployeeBusinessmenInvestors Employee:works 6 days/8-10 Hrs and then gets a fixed salary at the end of month, if he don·t come for work his salary is being cut.Moreover his Vacation, I ncrements, promotion, working hours and fate is being decided by his ´Bossµ or the management.Self Employee: like Doctors, Lawyer, small shop owners, plumbers, masons etc. are skilled workers and earn their livelihood byworking even more than any employee (10-12 Hrs/day) just to keep their bread & butter in line.These people have to be present on their work area no matter what the situation is, because they are the only ones who knows to do their skilled job perfectly. Businessmen:are those who build a setup or organization to ease their work, they imply money, hire people & give a momentum to their business. They work hard initially to make organization workable as per their demand of business and once the setup startsgenerating money/profit from their activities, they expand their business in terms of more productivity of goods and services. After giving a momentum to their business, they are free to move anywhere they want for more business or personal leisure, because they don·t need to be present physically at their work place, their employees and their money is working for them. I nvestors:are those who are either born with golden spoon or worked hard to build their business, then they invest their profit returnsbuying other business, real estates and other company·s stocks.  Parable of Pipeline:-To understand the characteristic of the business, here is a small explanation. Suppose you build a house in your native place.There is no water facility available in the house. However you are forced to occupy the house for some reason.There is a lake at a distance of 250 m from the house. What will you do for daily water requirement?Carry in Bucket or Vessel! But what will you do as a long term solution?Lay pipeline and fix motor.We can equate this to our real life situation. The jobs we are doing presently arelike bucket carrying, For immediate requirement of money we work in a company. When you stop working(stop carrying bucket) there is no money (no water).While carrying bucket we should consider laying pipeline in the spare time we have. Once you construct the pipeline there is a continuous flow of water. (You can stop carrying buckets) I nitially there is no water when you build pipe line. Similarly in the business opportunity there will be little or no returns in the beginning. Once you build the business you will enjoy the passive income.The business we are about to discuss is also like building a pipeline.  Does this business require investing money?? Any business will need some funds. I sn·t it?Suppose you like what you are going to see, you have to invest little amount of money. And it will benefit you if you invest immediately! Be aware that it is required to purchase a product or service to start the business.T  I MEHow many hours in a week can you spare?No time, Busy? Based on what you are going to see and if you feel it is really worth investing time. Youmust spare 4³6 hrs / week.CONTACTSHow many people are there in your circle of influence (will value your opinion)?How many friends do you have around the world?You need only two people to start with.
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