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Feed Mills - General Catalogue in English

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Feed factoriesGeneral CataloguePresentationPresentationEfficiency in feed production will be in the coming years one of the major challenges in the sector to meet…
Feed factoriesGeneral CataloguePresentationPresentationEfficiency in feed production will be in the coming years one of the major challenges in the sector to meet the growing demand for animal production. This efficiency will be based on the improvement of the technological solutions made during the manufacturing process.Through our company MGN we implement the most efficient technological solutions in each of the processes involved in the preparation of the feed: reception of raw materials, storage, grinding, dosing, mixing, granulation, sieving, transportation and distribution. MGN, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, is dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of feed factories. We offer different solutions and machinery for all types of projects, from small facilities to complete “turnkey” factories.All our products have been designed and manufactured to fit the business model that its company needs with a high operating autonomy and easy integration. Our consolidated experience in Spain as well as France, Portugal, Morocco, Russia, Venezuela, Chile and Guatemala has enabled us to develop as a feed factory supplier at an international level. We have facilities with over 6,000 m², and we manufacture a high-quality technology product, with an agile and efficient service. We offer customised 2D and 3D designs, which offer the best service and confidence, by adapting them to the needs of our clients. Our Factories are ready for your visit and our staff is willing to assist you.Presentation  1Index Feed factories Pág 3Hammer Mills Pág 4Mixers Pág 6Cells Pág 8Filters Pág 9Dosing Pág 10Distributors Pág 11Pelleting equipment Pág 12Transport machinery Pág 132  IndexFeed factories for feeding livestockComplete projects We design, plan and supply all kinds of facilities for the manufacture of feed for productions ranging from 300 Kg/ hour to 80tn/hour in finished feed. The power in the mill range from 7.5 to 300 hp. and with designs of all types (floor, tower, various sections, etc.). Whatever the size of the facilities, it will always be manufactured to last, for this purpose we look for maximum robustness and maintenance that is simple and economic.We carry out all types of feed factories • Aquaculture feed • Pet food • Cattle feed • Beef • Chicken • Sheep • Porcine • Multifeed • Premixes and concentratesFeed factories for feeding livestock  3Hammer millsCylindrical grinding chamber, determined by a perforated plate sheet or sieve, with multiple holes and an upper opening, through which the product to be ground is introduced, which comes from a feed tank located above the feeder.Floating rotor on ball bearings and SAMIFLEX elastic coupling.The rotor is inside the grinding chamber, which holds the hammers that hit the grain against the sieve, transforming it into flour or feed.95 dB and 70 dB noise level at the foot of the machine in the control booth (measurements made in an AR-6/100 hp grinder with a RION NL-18 noise level calibrated according to Directive 89/336 / EEC. SMC, UNIVER Pneumatic operation.The mill is provided with a partial shutter that determines a quench inlet that, due to the Ventury effect, facilitates both the product inlet and that said intake is performed in favour of the rotation of the hammers. The screen is mounted by simply supporting its edges on circular guides in the lids, which close their ends with the grinding chamber, fixing said sieve through fastening devices.4  Hammer millsElectric motor equipped with thermal probes that disconnect it in case of temperature rise.Hammer mill models Modelcv / kwr.p.m.A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Weight 425AR - 220/153.00025011351040862978AR - 330/223.00035012351040862978590AR - 440/303.00046514551040862978790AR - 5/P50/373.000705186510408629781150AR - 5/G75/553.000705186510408629781180AR - 6/P100/753.0001010217010408629781750AR -6/G150/1103.0001010217010408629781750AR - 72203.0001200237010408629782025AP/BV - 6150/1101.500100023641504101218042120AP/BV - 7180/1321.500100023641504101218042180Hammer mills  5MixersCircular trough-track made of 4 mm steel plate sheet. electro-welded, with large filling and emptying gates and straight section for application of injectors for the incorporation of liquids. The steel shaft dimensioned according to UN/EN/ISO standards, supported on bearings at its ends where press sets are applied for total leak-tightness. In the MZ model, the mixture is made by two countercurrent coils of robust construction, whereas in the MZP model the mixture is with 8 adjustable metal blades oriented at 120Âş, in which the time taken for the mixture is about half that of the MZ model. In both cases, the mixture is homogeneous at the given time. The frontal part of the machine is detachable and made of 10 mm thick steel plate. Quick-fill and longitudinal drainage dampers with full opening or through skimmers totally sealed to the dust outlet.6  MixersSafety mechanism that prevents access to the interior of the trough-track while the motor continues to rotate even if the interior is inaccessible in a normal assembly. Working speed of 25 rpm transmitted by a geared motor to the shaft, which requires minimum maintenance and provides long life to its parts. Noise level at the foot of 45dB machine (measurements taken in a mixer MZ-2000/C/12.5 hp with RION NL-18 Sound Level meter calibrated according to Directive 89/336 / EEC.Mixer models ModelEngine HPLoad (l.)2MZ - 1001MZ - 2002Load (kg)3100100(1)200200 (1)A (mm)4B (mm)4C (mm)46008006606001400660MZ/MZP - 5001/3/5.55002508501150950MZ/MZP - 10005.5/7.5/12.510005008502500950MZ/MZP - 200012.5/20/2020001000108030001190MZ/MZP - 300020/30/3030001500137530001450MZ/MZP - 400025/50/4040002000147530001550MZ/MZP - 600040/60/6060003000165035001850MZ/MZP - 800060/75/7580004000190035002100MZ/MZP - 1000075/100/100100005000210035002300(1) Exclusive version for correctors (2) Feed mixture motor power, for correctors and blades in both versions (in this order) (3) In the corrector version, the load in kg depends on the density (approximately double) (4) Dimension in millimetersMixing time Model MZ with double spiralModel MZP with adjustable blades4 minutes2,5 minutesMixers  7CellsConstructed in special folded “ZIG-ZAG” plate at 60º of inclination. Provided with cones and counter-cones. Pillars in the proper profile of hot rolled steel grade A-42b, calculated to support weights, vertical forces, wind, snow and seismic moments depending on the location. Provided with support plates at the top of the pillar, gussets, etc. 3/5 mm thick normalized treadplate sheet roof. Inspection gate manhole.8  CellsFilters Continuous-flow sleeve filter with sequential automatic cleaning by direct injection of compressed air, composed of: • • • • • • Sleeves with their support cages and Venturi. Aspirator diffuser inlet. Electro-aspirator with an electric motor. 24 v. Solenoid valves Support chassis. Electronic trip sequencer.1. Flange motor 2. Aspirator 3. Solenoid valves (2, 3 and 5 units) 4. Boiler ModelNº sleevesAreaA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)F-882,88605201000F - 151510,810707252000F - 252518107010702000F - 25C2518137018652000F - 303022128010702000F - 454533192510702000Filters  9DosingDosing of additives or micros is made through hoppers, whose capacity depends on the dose volume. They can be of round or square construction, with different degrees of inclination in the cone. They are manufactured in standard steel plate or stainless steel plate. And they can be supported in the structure of the factory or have its own platform and structure.Dosing is also realised with BIG-BAG sacks, in this case, the supports are placed to hang the bag. The most used system of hopper loading and BIG-BAG is the Hoist, or Air-Crane, which is also supplied and installed by MGN. In some cases, the load is carried out by other methods, such as Elevators, distributors or even manually.10  DosingDistributorsWith an inclination of 45-60º, constructed in 3 mm steel plate. The top part, in 4 mm plate. The cone in the lower diverter and in 6 mm. The inner rotary duct. Powered by gear motor of 0.25 HP. with brake, which ensures a perfect positioning of the inner duct in the desired throat. Motorized operation Manual control Product to deliver: • • • • Cereals Flour Granules Micro-componentsModelNº outletsGearmotorA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)DR - 440,18 kwDR - 660,18 kw200/300660590200/300840770DR - 880,18 kw200/30011401050DR - 10100,18 kw200/30011501160DR -12120,18 kw200/30014001470DR- 16160,18 kw200/30018001820DR - 32322 - 1,1 kw300283026801. Inlet throat 2. Gearmotor 3. Outlet throatDistributors  11Pelleting equipmentComplete installation of Granulation Lines, with presses, coolers, cyclones, steam boilers, regreasing, shredding, and adding press liquids.Shredder with long life casting rollers. Pneumatic handling of the bypass cap. Fully automatic control of the granulation process. Feeder and Conditioner (Possibility of double conditioner). Countercurrent Cooler with 3 sensors: maximum, minimum and overload.ModelPower (kw)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)T/HCoolerMGN - 3502X301710210017302,5MGCC05MGN - 4202X552150260021505MGCC10MGN - 5202X7521502600215011MGCC15MGN - 6502X11023803030253020MGCC20MGN - 8002X16025403100302538MGCC2512  Pelleting equipmentTransport machinery Paddles conveyor ModelPerf. ratingsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)TP - 12515-25T/h500415130TP - 25030-50 T/h500415250TP - 32050-75 T/h500415320Chain conveyorModelPerf. ratingsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)TC - 22035 T/h800347220TC - 27050 T/h800398270TC - 320100 T/h960557320TC - 420140 T/h1100750420Bucket elevatorsModelPerf. ratingsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)EC - 13020 T/h800950200EC - 16035 T/h750975313EC - 20050 T/h860975353EC - 300100 T/h10801350435EC - 400140 T/h12301400540Screw Conveyors ModelPerf. ratingsTR - 22020 T/hTR - 27035 T/hTR - 32050 T/hTR - 420100 T/hTrnsport machinery  13C/ Edison 4, PolĂ­gono Torrehierro Apdo. Correos 80 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), Spain T +34 925 801 920comercial@mgn.es. http://www.mgnsal.comGENERAL CATALOGUE versiOn 1.o / 2017
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