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Final 11 | Water Resources | Water Supply

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Quetta Balochistan Water supply and sanitation analysis
  PRESENTED TO :- SIR MEHBOOBPRESENTED BY :-  Nazan Habib  Zeeshan Khan Malghani  Shiza Tareen  Faisal Ghafoor 2  ACKNOWLEDGMENT Water is the driver of Nature We are very thankful to our teacher Sir Mehboob ul Haq thathe assigned us such effective project which gave us a lot ofknowledge about Water Supply and Sanitation andeffectiveness of our Water and Sanitation Authorities . It was a critical decision for our Teacher to choose a specifictopic which would be beneficial & applicable for our careers.Therefore Sir Mehboodb gave us the Water Supply Analysisof Quetta city with its Financial Analysis. Quetta is thecapital of Balochistan and 9 th Biggest city of Pakistan itspopulation is growing rapidly and our authorities need to focusto overcome the shortfall of water in future. It was good towork on water supply analysis and we are thankful to Wasa,Water and Sanitation (unicef), and Quetta District 3  Government for there corporation and we are grateful to sirmehboob ul haq for his guidance and corporation EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this analysis was to examine the watersupply and sanitation system of Quetta city which is a veryimportant issue for health and hygiene. Our Analysisincluded a review of current situation of water supply and sanitation and performance of our Government Authoritiesand efforts of our Non governmental Organizations.The major findings indicate that the current performance of Water supply and Sanitation Governmental Authorities is notsatisfactory At present a large number of federal and  provincial government institutions have responsibility forstudying, monitoring, protecting and developing the waterresources of the Province and the Quetta valley. There areseven different agencies responsible for the supply ofdomestic water to Quetta city alone. But the Agencies hasyet to develop the capability to fulfill it’s duties, particularly in respect of groundwater resources and domestic water. Special attention should be given toSanitation and Solid Wastes.There is no water treatment plant in Quetta. Waste and untreated water drains into r the fresh sources of water.The increasing use of insecticides, pesticides, herbicidesand chemical fertilizer in farms is also causing pollution 4
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