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Getting Smart about the New World of PostgreSQL Replication | Replication (Computing) | Postgre Sql

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Talk slides from PG West Conference, October 11 2008, in Portland Oregon.
   ©    Continuent 2008 Getting Smart about the NewWorld of PostgreSQL Replication PostgreSQL Conference West 2008Robert Hodges – CTO Continuent, Inc.  2 ©    Continuent PostgreSQL West Conference 2008 Agenda / Introductions / Why Are We Here? / How Does Database Replication Work? / What Kinds of Replication Does PostgreSQL HaveAvailable? / Summary  3 ©    Continuent PostgreSQL West Conference 2008 About Continuent / Company ã The leading provider of scale-out and replication solutions for open source databases / Solutions ã Tungsten Enterprise Multi-Master, aka uni/cluster  ã Tungsten Enterprise Master/Slave / Value ã Help customers build highly capable applications with low costdatabases and commodity hardware / Open Source ã Tungsten Replicator - Master/slave replication ã Tungsten Connector - Proxy for PostgreSQL and MySQL ã Sequoia - Generic middleware clustering for JDBC databases ã Hedera - Group communications adapters ã Bristlecone - Performance benchmarks for database clusters  4 ©    Continuent PostgreSQL West Conference 2008 Why Are We Here?
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