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HARDCRETE implies hardening of concrete. HARDCRETE hardens mass concrete, cement renderings, floor toppings and also waterproofs the same. The dual property of HARDENING & WATERPROOFING greatly enhance crushing strength as observed in one year old concrete which makes the product most suitable. HARDCRETE CONCRETE HARDENING AND WATERPROOFING LIQUID 2:5 2:5 1:1½:3 6.70 4.20 3.35 8 5 4 26(1 ) 39(1½ ) 78(3 ) R SPECIAL FEATURES HARDCRETE WATERPROOFS AND HARDENS l Mass concrete l renderings Cem
  HARDCRETE HARDCRETE HARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETE implies hardening of concrete.hardens mass concrete, cement renderings, floor toppingsa nd also waterproofs the same. The dual property of  HARDENING & WATERPROOFING greatly enhancecrushing strength as observed in one year old concrete whichmakes the product most suitable.WATERPROOFS AND HARDENS   l Mass concrete l Cement renderings l Floor Toppings-Pits and basements can be proofed against a head of water with   -Wearing courses to floor are hardened densified and madedustless and resistant to many form of chemical attackencountered in tanneries, garages and other industrialpremises.- increase the plasticity of concrete to provideworkable mixes with less than the normal amount of water.-No deleterious effects are produced. On the contrary,greatly increased crushing strength is observed.-Any desired acceleration of the setting time of cement canbe obtained with . l Nature :   Liquid l Setting time :   Keeps reducing with the increase in quantity of  . l Reduction in permeability: 70% to 80% l Resistance to wear: Increases with increase in quantity of  . When used in the standard proportion of 4 lt. with 100 kg. (2bags) cement, is required in approximately thefollowing quantities : (i)Mass concrete( required in litres) Mix1 Cubic Metre of1 Cubic Yard of Finished ConcreteFinished Concrete 1:2:41291:1:31611 (Ii)Renderings : 4 litres diluted with 4 parts of water suffices for : Rendering MixApprox.YardsAggregate Size 3/4 Sq. MetresSuper  1:27.5291:3:410.0012 SPECIALFEATURESTECHNICAL DETAILSUSAGE  .½ (iii)Toppings : diluted with 4 parts of water suffices for : Floor ToppingApprox.YardsThicknessMixedSq. Mtrs.Super(in mm) 2:56.70826(1 ) 2:54.20539(1 )1:1:33.35478(3 ) (i)Mass Concrete -Mix 4 litres of diluted with 4 parts of water for 100 kg or 2 bags of cement to get the requiredcoverage. (ii)Cement Renderings -In portland cement renderings is used in theproportion of 4 litres to 100 kg (2 bags) of cement.If the sand is dry, dilute with 5 parts of water. For thoroughly damp sand dilute with 4 parts of water. (a)Interior Renderings :  A 1:2 mix of cem en t and clean gritty sand to a total thickness of not less than 19 mm (3/4 ) for three coat work is strongly advised,for proofing pits or basements. The purpose of three-coat work isto minimise the risk of shrinkage crazing.No joint should be made in an angle. Those on the walls shouldbe formed with a wide chamfered edge, at least 0.31 metre (onefoot) from a corner round which the rendering is continuously asa cover. Joints between wall and floor should be formed by either bringing the floor screed up the wall as a cove and skirting or bycarrying the render coats outwards over the floor. Floors shouldbe laid 26 mm (1 ) in a single thickness. (b)Exterior renderings : Here too the first coat should consist of mixed 1:2 and   this is bestthrown on the wall as a Spatterdash   coating rather thantrowelled. If laid on with a trowel, the mortar should be given theabsolute minimum of working. Subsequent coats should bemixed 1:3 and a wood float used for finishing. The generalprinciples involved are the same as those related to interior renderings i.e. three coats in preference to two coats, usingsharp, clean sand.Undercoats must be thoroughly scratched to provide a good keyfor subsequent work. A proper key must be provided for the firstcoat by the usual means, viz., close hacking of concrete raking HARDCRETEHARDCRETE   HARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETE ½½ METHOD OF APPLICATION IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS PRECAUTIONS CONCRETE HARDENING AND WATERPROOFING LIQUID HARDCRETE R  Protects & DecoratesC & F Agents all over India l : U-3, Satellite Complex, Opp. Mansi Tower, Premchand Nagar Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015 Tel. 079-26764771 / 26764772 Fax  079-26764773 l : No. 33/1, New Timber Yard Layout, Mysore Road Cross, Bangalore 560 026 Tel. 080-26755202 / 26754085 Fax 080-26754079 l : Swathi Complex, No. 34, Venkatanarayana Road, Nandanam, Chennai 600 035 Tel. 044-24330402 / 24355969 Fax 044-24344049 l : No.7, Sharma Colony Extn., Road No.4, 22 Godam Industrial Area, Jaipur 302 006 Tel. 0141-2210295/ 2210443 l : A/30-10C, Aziz Manzil, Shanti Nagar, Cantt, A. M. Jaipuria Road, Kanpur 208 004 Tel. 0512-3266873, 2380842 Fax 0512-2380843 l : 42/1585,Panathara Building, Kombara Market Road,Ernakulam, Kochi 682 014 Tel. 0484-2390593 / 2390621 Fax 0484-2391562 l : BC-76, GroundFloor, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 064 Tel. 033- 23210950, 23341103 Fax 033-23210951 l : 41, Zamrudpur Community Centre,Kailash Colony Extn., New Delhi 110 048 Tel. 011-29240490 / 92, 29233104 Fax 011-29232401 l : 1st Floor, Plot No. 13, B.H.E.L.Colony, Rasoolpura, Secunderabad 500 003 Tel. 040-27904526, 27904561, 27904855 Fax 040-27904574. AhmedabadBangalore   ChennaiJaipur    Kanpur    Kochi   KolkataNew DelhiSecunderabad   Area Offices Corporate Office - Plot No. 7, Chandivali Farm Road,Chandivali, Mumbai 400 072, Maharashtra, India Tel. +91 22 28575379, e mail sales@snowcempaints.com www.snowcempaints.com Snowcem PaintsPrivate Limited out of the joints of the brick work etc., plus thorough washing andsluring.Slurry is made with 1 part of to 2 parts of water mixed with cement to creamy consistency. (iii)Floor Toppings It consists of cement either with l Granite : The Granite aggregate should consist of 10 mm(3/8 ) material graded down to fines. l Sand : Really coarse and gritty washed sand with bothaggregates, a mix of 2:5 is advised.4 litres of must be used with 100 kg (2 Bags) of cement. This is roughly equivalent to gauging with a mixture of 1part of to 4 parts of water.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST FLOOR TOPPING BELAID TOO WET OR TROWELLED EXCESSIVELY. The following general directions should be observed : (1)Render the toppings smooth with a wood float and when theset commences, bring to smooth finish with a steel trowel. Itis bad practise to break the set of the cement by wetting andtrowelling after too long an interval.(2)At a proper consistency, no water should rise to the face. If this occurs, it must NOT be sprinkled with neat cement.(3)Mature the topping wet, by keeping covered with wet sacksof saw dust, or by watering at intervals for five or six days. l Where concrete is more than three days old, it is essentialthat the surface be -(a)Close hacked or otherwise roughened.(b)Thoroughly washed free of dust.(c)Slurried with cement Rapid hardening of mass concrete and renderings : (i)Undiluted mixed with neat cement produces ahard set in two or three minutes where fast setting isrequired.(ii)Mortar mixed with diluted with an equal amountof water sets in about ten minutes and must be used withinthat time.(iii)Floor repairs - 1 part of with 2 parts of water normally provides sufficient acceleration as is also the casewhen 4 litres of is used per 100 kg (2 bags) of  HARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETE cement of concrete mixed stiff.The given figures can only be rough approximation, as thehardening time of cement is dependent upon the prevailingtemperatures, the make and freshness of the cement, theamount of water used, the proportion of cement and the suctionin the background. Thus in quantity sufficient tohalf the setting time of concrete during the summer, may onlysuffice to maintain ordinary setting times during cold weather.One or two trials are required under the actual conditionsinvolved.is not suitable for use in aluminous cement, blastfurnace cement or sulphate-resisting portland cement. Notrecommended in constructions where iron bars/rods are used.Concrete Hardening and Waterproofing Liquid ismade available in 5 lt. and 30 lt. Jerry cans, which are made of hard durable HDPE material which is not only non-reactive withbut enhances the storage stability and alsopreserves it, making it reusable at intervals when needed.Distributed through authorised dealers only. dealers in all maincentres are well stocked with the entire range of  SnowcemPaints and Products . They will be pleased to supply your requirements.Our Free Technical Advisory Service is available in major citiesof India. Call or write with details for advice and guidance.is most safe for use as it is totally non air-pollutant.It also does not require special safety measures at the time of itsuse. The information in this leaflet is given in good faith, but without warranty, as conditions of storage and use vary and are beyond our control. HARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETEHARDCRETE   HARDCRETE SPECIALPRECAUTIONSPACKINGSALES&SERVICEFREETECHNICALADVISORYSERVICEENVIRONMENT&SAFETY NOTE    All our packings have Snowcem Paints Hologram , a mark of genuineness. F0G
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