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How To Change Yahoo mail Password (Desktop) ?

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Yahoo! Mail How to Change A Password? (USING DESKTOP)HELP-DESK +1-877-336-9533Steps to Changing Your Yahoo Mail Password (Desktop) 1. Log into the Yahoo! Mail…
Yahoo! Mail How to Change A Password? (USING DESKTOP)HELP-DESK +1-877-336-9533Steps to Changing Your Yahoo Mail Password (Desktop) 1. Log into the Yahoo! Mail website. If you have access to your account, you can change your password from the Yahoo! Mail inbox. Visit mail.yahoo.com and sign in with your Yahoo! account. If you don't remember your password or are locked out of your account, see the Resetting a Forgotten Password section below. 2. Hold your cursor over the Gear button in the upper-right corner. You'll find it next to your Yahoo! account name at the top of the page. When you hold your cursor over the gear, a menu appears.3. Select "Account Info." You'll find this at the bottom of the menu. You can also visit yahoo.com/account if you are having problems with the menu.4. Click the "Account security" menu. You'll find this listed on the left side of the Account Info page. 5. Enter your password. You'll need to enter your password in order to proceed to the Account Security page. If you password is saved in your browser, you can usually just double-click the password field to select it. If you don't remember your password, see the next section.6. Click the "Change password" link. You'll find this at the top of the "Account security" page.7. Create a new password. You'll need to enter the password twice to confirm it. Your password change will take effect immediately, and you'll be signed out of all of your connected devices. Make sure you create a unique password for your email account that you don't use anywhere else.8. Sign in with your new password. You'll need to sign back into Yahoo! Mail on any of the devices or programs you were signed in on. For example, if you have your Yahoo! account added to your iPhone, you'll need to enter your new password in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section of the iPhone's Settings app. The process for logging back in will vary depending on the device or program.Now, if you are unable to change your Yahoo mail password with following steps and seek to technical assistant, don’t worry. Here we provides technical Assistant for your password related technical problems. Directly you can connect our Yahoo Reset Password Tech Support Number +1-877-336-9533 (tollfree) for talk to technical assistant without any hesitation.THANK YOU! Phone : +1-877-336-9533 Email : info@glstechserve.net Website : www. glstechserve.net
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