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How To Choose Practical Power Screwdriver

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How to Choose Practical Power Screwdriver As the saying goes, if the public wants to do a good job, it must first sharpen its tools. Power screwdriver…
How to Choose Practical Power Screwdriver As the saying goes, "if the public wants to do a good job, it must first sharpen its tools."Power screwdriver "is an indispensable tool in the automatic production of the electronic industry. Of course, in the daily life of our family, such as the most common home decoration, furniture repair, electric screwdriver plays a huge role. Brushless electric screwdriver with strong torque is what we need in our daily life. Small electric screwdriver although very common, but how to choose correctly, use it also has certain knowledge. Then today to share how to choose a practical electric screwdriver and electric screwdriver which brand is good. From the following points to explain one by one. Determine professionalism When buying a power screwdriver, decide if you want it for home or industrial. The main difference between domestic and industrial electric screwdrivers is power. The power of domestic power screwdriver is lower than that of industrial power screwdriver. An industrial electric screwdriver is to be in use for long in, can reduce workload, won't feel so exhausted. Power screwdriver Torque Electric screwdriver compares with a common electric drill, increase "constant moment" function. It is to exceed certain moment to be able to jump empty, won't blindly fierce turn to turn to explode screw hole. And the second point is to add positive and negative gear to loosen the screw, increase the low-speed gear is more suitable for the screw. The torque force is small, can not go down, the torque force is large, easy to damage the product, causing serious skidding. Therefore, it is better to choose a power screwdriver with a precise torque setting, moderate maximum torque, and multi-gear adjustment. Power screwdriver Speed and Accuracy If the speed is too low, it is easy to affect efficiency. Generally, a good point of the electric screwdriver has high and low several different speed options. In terms of accuracy, some power screwdrivers don't require that much. Brand of a power screwdriver There are many power screwdriver brands on the market now. A good reputation has CO-SHARE, KILEWS, Hios and so on. However, the price of C0-SHARE is relatively low on the basis of the same quality. Co-share using brushless DC motor. So it has long service life, maintenance-free, stable torque output, suitable for the clean operating environment, high stability easy operation. We can provide with missed screws, halfway tightening detection, stripped screws alarm function. Co-share the torque accuracy is ±5% of the maximum torque, Free speed deviation is ±10%. We have three series. SD series: It is the word’s first built-in screw counter structure for the electric screwdriver. It has Built-in counter, rotation speed selected by switches. CO-SHAR electric screwdriver can provide with missed screws detection, halfway tightening detection, stripped screws alarm function, etc. MD series: High-speed brushless DC motor to ensure long service life.Touchless induction brake switch and an induction start switch. AT series: (1) CO-SHARE provide accurate torque for uniform fastening quality in automatic operation. (2)Easy to operate on the automatic equipment. Co-share can be customized according to customer needs.
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