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HRG Final Seller's Guide

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A GLIMPSE AT MARKETING YOUR HOME TO SALE WITH US.Halo Realty Group partnered with Palmer House Properties will showcase your home before the largest pool of…
A GLIMPSE AT MARKETING YOUR HOME TO SALE WITH US.Halo Realty Group partnered with Palmer House Properties will showcase your home before the largest pool of homebuyers through marketing strategies that are built around exposure – through an internal network of realtors and their client databases; through an in-house marketing department with full print and digital capabilities; and through an exhaustive catalog of online, mass media and grassroots marketing initiatives – all tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities of the marketplace. More exposure means more page views, more phone calls, more showing requests, and ultimately a faster, more lucrative sale.HALO REALTY GROUP1INTRODUCTION| HELLO HOME OWNERMeet Miracle Realtor“RHome Marketing SpecialistMiracle Wymbs is passionate about helping families find their dream home and seamlessly facilitating the sale of homes for other familes starting new chapters. A licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Realty | Halo Realty Group and a Georgia native with a combined 13 years experience in marketing, real estate, business development and interior design. What fulfills me in this business is the heart warming feeling I receive when I’ve helped a family secure their dream home or obtain their goal in real estate. My passion is real estate and you can trust that I will be fully committed to you and your plans.TOP RATED LOCALPartners , Palmer House Properties With over 2,000+ Realtors & Brokers serving all of Georgia You can count on personalized service, skilled focus, and broad knowledge of local markets when you choose a PalmerHouse Agent. Most importantly, you can count on us to earn your trust and offer mutual respect in business relationships. Uncompromising honesty and integrity are the core values of our business. We will always exercise practices that meet the highest ethical and business standards. We will do what’s right by our clients.What you get with me as your Realtor is professionalism, a wealth of knowledge, experience in the industry and a great ally to be with you every step of the way. I consider it an enormous responsibility and privilege to be your trusted advisor  throughout the process of selling, buying, developing or investing in real estate. When working together, I promises to provide personal, hands-on customer service and quality market data which will help you make informed decisions, develop an intelligent pricing strategy, maintain strong negotiations and gain a very confident investment. Highly Qualified to Serve You. I am a Member of the National Association of Realtors, a Certified Interior Designer, Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and member a of Atlanta’s Association of Realtors.  MY COMMITMENT TO YOUYOUR HOME, YOUR DREAMS, MY COMMITMENT. I AM NOT A SALEPERSON. I am an educator, advisor, and resource for market information. With my career background, I specialize in helping others realize their goals. Educating and caring for those who are looking to buy or sell real estate comes naturally and is done so with expertise. My clients are afforded a knowledgeable professional, not only in the buying, selling and negotiating of their home, but someone who couples knowledge of the local markets with dynamic customer service and attention to detail. My goal is to help you reach yours through :PERSONAL SERVICE:PRICING STRATEGY:I will be THE person , not someone you’ve never met on a big team, walking with you every step of the way to ensure the process is a seamless one.I will provide information, such as, comparable home sales, current market conditions, new construction sales, school districts and neighborhood amenities that inuence price.MARKETING APPROACH:COMMUNICATION:I will partner with you to devise a complete marketing approach that you are comfortable with then execute it to ensure the most money for your home in the least amount of time. I am versed in knowing how to best actively market your home to the buyer pool that is best suited to purchase it.I will provide timely communication throughout the entire process via showing feedback, weekly updates, and market reports.NEGOTIATION: I am uniquely skilled to negotiate the numerous terms that must be agreed upon.| 23| WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT FROM YOUR AGENTWHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT FROM YOUR AGENT HONESTYMARKETINGHonesty is an extremely important quality for a real estate agent to uphold. The selling process can already be complicated enough, but an agent who does not openly and honestly communicate with their clients can make it much worse.A real estate agent needs to have a strong balance of both “older” marketing tactics such as direct mail networking and “newer” marketing tactics such as social media in their plan!TIMELYINNOVATIVESelling and moving based on a timetable can be emotionally draining. While your agent cannot pick the exact date of your move, they should be conscious ofStaying current on the latest real estate technology is extremely important for agents. Utilizing technologywork.more time to spend on selling your home.RESPONSIVENEGOTIATORYou will want to know what your agent is doing to get your home sold and if, or when, any challenges arise. Good agents will know how to deliver good news, but great agents know how to deliver the good and the notso-good news, all of which you need to know.The job of a real estate agent who is representing a seller, in a nut-shell, is to get the most money for their client’s home in the least amount of time! A real estate agent should know what to say to a buyer’s representative and when to say it.OUR PLEDGE | 4The Halo Realty Group Experience Our business is founded on trust, integrity, collaboration and total commitment to maximizing the value of your real estate investment with 100% satisfaction. Personalized service, discretion, consistent communication and a commitment to exceed your expectations.now you’re home3 5 | WHY HOME SELLERS ARE SELLING NOWWHY SELLERS ARE SELLING NOW DEMAND IS STRONGCOMPETITION IS LOWIn our current market, buyer activity is high! The latestHousing inventory is still extremely low in most markets. There just aren’t enough homes for sale to satisfy the high buyer demand. This makes for a good seller’s market because home prices are being pushed up. In this type of environment, homes are selling faster and for more money. Take advantage of these circumstances while they’re here!REALTORS ® shows that buyer demand is very strong throughout the country. These buyers are willing and able to buy and your home might be exactly what they’ve been looking for!BEST TIME TO MOVE UP If you have been wanting to move to a larger, more expensive home, now is the time! Prices are projected to rise over the next year so moving to a higher priced home will cost you more in both your down payment and mortgage payment if you wait.WHO’S SELLING NOW? |6WHO’S SELLING NOW? Today, the median tenure for sellers to stay in the home they purchased is 10 years. In 1985 the median tenure was just18%HOME TOO SMALL15%the economy that resulted in homes being worth less than mortgages, causing a delay in homeowners putting their properties on the market.CLOSER TO FAMILY/FRIENDSIn today’s environment, forecasts predict a strong housing market. New housing starts and resales are on the rise and tightened inventory continues to cause prices to increase. Sellers are now seeing a favorable market where they receive a median of 98 percent of their asking price and sell their homes typically in four weeks.NEIGHBORHOOD10%CHANGE IN FAMILY10%HOME TOO LARGE10%98%is the average of what sellers are receiving of their asking price. 114%JOB RELOCATION4 WEEKS72%is the average amount of time a sellers home is on the market prior to sale. 1of sellers purchased a home in the same state as they sold a home.PRIMARY REASONS FOR SELLINGHOME TOO SMALL The most commonly cited reason for selling their home was that it was too small, followed by the desire to move closer to family and friends. For sellers that moved the greatest distances, the primary reason was to relocate for a job. For sellers moving within 10 miles, the most common reason was the home was too small followed by the home was too big, and the neighborhood became less desirable.40%FIRST-TIME SELLERSSELLERS60%REPEAT SELLERSCONTRACT QUESTIONS OPEN HOUSESINSPECTIONSESCROW BUYERSSTAGINGNEGOTIATING PAPERWORK SHOWINGSNETWORKINGMARKETINGthe processThe Home Selling Process Is Unique To Each Seller, But Next Is A Simplified Glimpse At The Typical Experience From Signing On With Us At Halo Realty Group To Your Moving Day.1THEDECISION Making the decision to sale your home is only the beginning. Once you’re ready, you’ll want to involve a qualified real estate professional, study the data, and properly market your home for sale.THEPRICE As your agent I can help evaluate the real estate market and all relative factors about your property. I’ll prepare a comparative market analysis so that you can be sure to properly price your house, ultimately getting you the best offer!THELISTING AGREEMENT Once you decide to list your home for sale with me. You’re hiring me to consult you on the many important factors involved in selling a home, as well as negotiating on your behalf. When listing with me I pledge to always have you as my client’s best interest at heart and provide you with stellar service throughout the entire home selling process.THEPREPARATION Ideally, You’ll want to make sure the home looks its absolute best. Ensure the whole property remains super-clean, landscaped, staged and/or organized throughout the entire process, from the professional photoshoot through close of escrow. Once, your home is ready for the world to see. Our firm will have a professional photographer photograph your home for it’s new debut on the market.5THEMARKETING Here’s where my team and I stand out in the industry. With a background in marketing, web/graphic design and branding. I use these skills acquired over the years to effectively showcase your home on many platforms and forms of media to ensure it’s seen by as many potential buyer eyes as possible.6 7THE HOME SELLING PROCESS| 10THESHOWINGS Now that your home is being marketed openly. Buyer’s Agents will make appointments through a centralized showing service platform and come out to view based upon your confirmation. You’ll want to be absent during these showings for a variety of reasons. After the showings, as your agent I will attempt to get feedback from the buyer’s agent and use that information to gauge any need for changes to the home, appearance, or marketing strategy.8THENEGOGIATION As you begin receiving offers to purchase your home. You’ll want to carefully consider the details of each offer such as the offer price, how much due diligence and earnest money is being offered, proposed closing date, pre-approval letter, etc. There are many things to consider and the highest price may not mean the best offer. As your agent I will discuss the pros and cons carefully with you and help you negotiate buyer offers to purchase as well as any requests for repairs and/or credits during the inspection period.THEACCEPTANCE In some cases, you’ll find some of the terms in an offer agreeable, but others that you want to negotiate. By starting a negotiation, you’re effectively rejecting the initial offer and proposing a new offer of your own. When you and the buyers finally reach an agreement to all terms, all parties will sign off, and now you are officially Under Contract.THECLOSING To close on the home, there will be a final walk-through and you’ll be signing paperwork via a closing attorney. Once the closing documents are signed escrow is closed and the buyer’s final funds are received, the deed is recorded. At this point it’s official..you’ve sold your home!THEDUE DILIGENCE Due Diligence is the period immediately after the acceptance. The buyer will likely be getting inspections done, securing financing, ordering appraisals, having their attorneys examine the title, etc. with the earnest money in place. This is a crucial time period that affects both the Buyer and Seller in a Real Estate transaction.11THEMOVECongratulations! Time to celebrate the sale of your home.11 | OUR FIRST MEETINGOUR FIRST MEETING WE ALWAYS LIKE TO START WITH AN IN-PERSON MEETINGWe’ll ask you questions about your motivation, your desires, and your goals throughout the process. We’re a results-driven company, and knowing what “results” means to you is always paramount.GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HOME NEXT WE'LL WALK THROUGH YOUR HOME TOGETHER This step is crucial -it’s where we’ll discuss recommended actions like staging or de-cluttering and also where we’ll talk openly and honestly about your home’s best features as well as any drawbacks we see. It’s here you'll provide us valuable insight about what drew you to the home in the first place which will help us market it most effectively.LOCATIONthen discussWE'LL PRICINGPricing your home properly from its first day on the market is critical to your success as a seller. We’ll sit down and talk about the pitfalls of pricing too high ‘Chasing the market” and also pricing too low. (Leaving money on the table.) Our goal is to price your home correctly from the start, also called “ Pricing Ahead of the Market.” Doing so will save you time and money. No one succeeds when your home is priced incorrectly. Market knowledge and experience is the solution. It is important to understand that only the market determines the ultimate value of your home.AGEIMPROVEMENTSMARKETCONDITIONNEIGHBORHOOD=PROPERTY V A L U E1213PRICINGPRICING YOUR PROPERTYrightChoosing the optimal list price is essential to maximizing your home’s value. Pricing your home right the first time will result in: • • • •More exposure More showings More offers Ultimately the highest price for your homeIf you price too low, you risk not getting as much as you can for your property. If you price too high you risk losing potential buyers who may think your property is out of their price range, and you help your competition sell faster.COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS Determining the OPTIMAL list price is in part simple math, but for the most part it is a strategic process that requires extensive market knowledge and research. An in-depth Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will tell you what similar properties have sold for recently, but to effectively price your property, it’s equally important to consider every similar home on the market to understand exactly what your competition is. In addition, expertise in both the local and national market conditions is paramount to arriving at the optimal list price.TIMING & PRICINGHIT YOUR TARGET Many people think pricing their home a little over market value will leave more room for negotiation once they receive an offer. In actuality, overpricing will just discourage prospective buyers from looking at their property. A seller should price their home so that it maximizes the demand for the home. With this strategy, the sellerDrive-By Only12% + OFF MARKET6-12% OFF MARKETthe price, but rather multiple buyers4-6% OFF MARKETDrive-ups Only, No ShowingsShowings , No OffersShowings & Offers TARGET VALUE14MARKET VALUEhouse. BELOW MARKET68% TIMINGof buyers consider price as the most important factor when purchasing a home. 10%and P R I C EThe longer a property is on the market the fewer showings it receives and the percent of the asking price decreases.“Timing is everything....The single most important factor to consider when selling a house is the home’s price tag: how much your house is worth. You don’t want to overprice the house because you will lose the freshness of the home’s appeal after the first two to three weeks of showings.offers.” A property generates the most interest within the real estate community when it first goes on the market. The number of showings is greatest during this time - if the property is priced at realistic market value. Starting too high and dropping the price later misses the excitment and generates less activity.MARKETINGthe plan We're a Marketing Real Estate CompanyEXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCEWe specialize in stellar marketing strategies that will get your property sold for the best possible price, in the least amount of time, with the most favorable terms. With over 2000+ in brokerage realtors & agents to bring in possible buyers for your property.Marketing your home to the largest audience possible takes more than a sign on the front lawn. The best and fastest home sales use a combination of many of the following marketing strategies outlined in our plan to market your home to sale.15SuburbsOf A T L A N T A The Halo Realty Group Owns And Operates A Chain Of City Specific Websites That Showcase Homes For Sale In Those Areas And City Specific Data For Each Of The Major Atlanta Suburbs. Attracting Thousands Of Potential Buyers To Our Clients Properties Through Optimized Online Resources, Placing Your Home Directly In Front Of Home Buyers Searching For Homes In Your Area.DUNWOODYGAGRAYSONGASANDYSPRINGSGABUFORDGADULUTHGA .HOMESBROOKHAVENGA.HOMESCHAMBLEEGASMRYNAGAJOHNSCREEKGAALPHARETTAGAVININGSGASNELLVILLEGA.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMES.HOMESH A TARGET AUDIENCEWe will strategically pre-market your property to agents with buyers who are specifically searching in your market. We prospect several hours a day to personally advocate for your property. We also closely track agents who have shown your home via our digitally generated feedback questionnaire.PRINT MEDIAMarketing materials that deliver results. Professionally designed and customized just for your home. Your print media will showcase your home in the best possible way. We produce mailers, door knockers, post cards and flyers all designed to market your home to prospective buyers.Brochures delivered in print, electronically and by email. Property Campaigns where and when they matter most – targeted and timely marketing to top selling agents – your home’s compelling details, photos and video in thousands of inboxes.R E A DIGITAL FEATURESSearching for a home has become increasingly more digital in recent years. We will make sure your property has the digital exposure it needs to get seen online. Your property is marketed online 24/7 through syndication on more than 1,000 major real estate websites .SOLDSIGNAGEElegant, modern, and eye catching our sign and post will show your home is professionally represented and properly welcome potential buyers and their agents.G R O Because Halo Realty Group invests in The Multiple Listing Services (F/GMLS), most local brokerages will also feature your home on their website, giving it wider exposure.IMAGERYWe hire and pay for high quality professional photographers, videographers and drone photographers to capture impeccable imagery and cinematic explorations of your property. Both interior and exterior photos will highlight the homes best features. The images will then be used for all the marketing materials customized for your home.L O thehalorealtygroup1111 DREAMLAND DRIVEREAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENTFEATURESHome Services and Real Estate Marketing Buying | Selling | Investments | Developments Realtor@TheHaloRealtygroup.com$899,000PROPERTY WEBSITEAttract more buyers with a marketing tool that creates a designated showcase of your home. A Property-specific domain (www.youraddresshere.com) We’ll create a single property website dedicated to your home and launch it! It will highlight all the details of your property while featuring professional images and videos. The property site will also allow for potential buyers and their agents to schedule showings powered by Showing Time.#SERUTAEF YTSOCIAL MEDIAIn this technology-driven age, it’s crucial for agents to remain active on social media in order to nurture interest in newly listed properties.We craft an online presence centered
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