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Ielts Academic Writing Task 1- Process

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Ielts Academic Writing Task 1- Process
  IELTS Academic Writing Task 1: Describing a ProcessAim: to practice describing processes Organisation: individuals Materialsneeded: paperSometimes the visual information used in Writing Task 1 requires thecandidates to describe a process or how something works.1.Ask your students to suggest everyday tasks which requireseveral steps. The may suggest some of the following: makingtea or coffee, shaving, making bread or a favourite recipe.2.Now ask your students to imagine that they need to explain thisprocess to an alien or someone from a totally different culture.Firstly, they will need to introduce any equipment and then breakthe task down into the most basic steps.3.Ask the students to first draw the materials needed and the stepsinvolved. They can make brief notes under these.4.When describing a process, the following connectors may needto be used:First, second, next, then, after, when, finallyPoint out that, when describing a process, the information willneed to be organised into logical stages.5.They should now use their pictures and notes and expand theminto a paragraph.6.Focus your students attention on the use of the simple present orpassive (where appropriate) to describe such a process. Makesure that they check their verb and subject agreements.7.Ask your students to swap pictures with another student so thatthey can get further practice.8.Ask your students to imagine that this was a one-off experimentconducted in the past or that a new system is now in use andthis process has become obsolete. Now they will need to changetheir paragraphs into the past tense so that a variety of tensescan be practised.9.The visual information used for Writing Task 1 will contain wordsthat may need to be changed. For example a noun or gerundmay need to be changed into a verb (e.g. transportation → is  transported). It is a good idea to give your students plenty of practice in transforming words.10.Discuss with your class how they would organise theirinformation when answering a Task 1 question like this in anexam. Could any stages or steps be left out? Usually, whendescribing a diagram of a process, each of the steps is significantand so cannot be left out without omitting an important step inthe process. As for organisation, this would need to be in alogical sequence or progression, so candidates need to stop tofully understand the diagram and divide it into logical stagesbefore they begin to write.
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