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training details....more explanatory version...a must for infy joinee
  Infytech2005@yahoogroups.comInfosys training procedure ======================================================INFY FRESHERS'TRAINING ====================================================== CS/IT engineers to Short Cycle batch (1.5 -2months)All other branch engineers to Long Cycle batch (3.5 - 4months) Training consists of 3 streams :1. Soft Skills2. Generic Stream3. Stream Specific : (one of the following ):a) Open Systemsb) Internetc) Mainframes Salary--------- Basic 4870Dearness Allowance(DA) 1100Basket Of Allowances 6677Monthly Gross 12647Provident Fund 716Gratuity 287Bonus 1194 Total Gross 14844 Total Gross (With Incentives) 14844----------------------------------- NET PAY  IS Rs 9,890.00 + 1500 (if not in mysore) This 1500 is deducted as hostel recovery for trainees atmysore .  Induction Programme (2days) ----------------------------WelcomingPresentations by Every deparments.All Documents CompletionBank FormalitiesCertificates Verification Group Home Page : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/infytech2005  Infytech2005@yahoogroups.comInfosys training procedure 3day - group discussionPRETEST -for analysing your soft skills  Soft Skills Training ---------------------InterPersonal Skills Development (2days) Team Work (1days)Customer Orientation (1 day)POST- Test - Evaluating what you gain from the training.All CS/IT stream Engineers go to Short cycle Batches (1.5weeks)Rest Engineers fall into Long Cycle Batches (3.5 months) -------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule for Short Cycle Batches --------------------------------SCHEDULE FOR GENERIC STREAMCourses DurationRDBMS 3 daysL&D Sessions 2daysContact Sessions 1 dayContact Sessions 1 daysUI Design Issues 1 dayObject Oriented Concepts 1 dayInfosys Methodology 1 daySCHEDULE FOR INTERNET STREAMCourses DurationInfosys Quality System 1 dayHTML/DHTML/Java Script 2 days Java & Adv Java 6 daysIntroduction to Web Architecture 1 dayOracle 8i 5 daysServlet Programming 2 daysInternet Stream Project 8 daysInternet Stream Compre Preparation 1 dayInternet Stream Compre Exam 2 daysSCHEDULE FOR OPEN SYSTEM STREAMCourses DurationUnix 3 days Group Home Page : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/infytech2005  Infytech2005@yahoogroups.comInfosys training procedure Client Server Concepts 1 dayInfosys Quality System 1 dayOracle 8 5 daysVB 6 6 daysOpen System Stream Project 8 daysOpen System Compre Preparation 1 dayOpen System Compre Exams 2 days----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule for Long Cycle Batches-------------------------------- SCHEDULE FOR GENERIC STREAMCourses DurationFinishing School 2 daysComp. H/w and Syst. S/ w concepts 4 daysProg. Fundamentals 7 daysRDBMS 7 daysSyst. Dev. Methodology 3 daysAnalysis of Algorithm 3 daysObject Oriented Concepts 1 dayUI Design Issues 1 dayInfosys Customer Perspective 1 dayIntro to Web Architecture 1 dayGeneric Comprehensive Preparation 1 dayGeneric Comprehensive Exam 2 daysSCHEDULE FOR INTERNET STREAMCourses Duration Start Date End Date Instructor LocationIntroduction to Web Servers 1 dayHTML/DHTML/Java Script 4 daysUnix 3 days Java Programming 5 daysInfosys Quality Systems 1 dayOracle 8i 8 daysAdvanced Java 5 daysASP/Servlet Programming 4 daysInternet Stream Project 10 daysIS Comprehensive Preparation 1 dayIS Comprehensive Exam 2 daysSCHEDULE FOR OPEN SYSTEMS STREAM Group Home Page : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/infytech2005  Infytech2005@yahoogroups.comInfosys training procedure Courses DurationUnix 5 daysC Programming 6 daysInfosys Quality Systems 1 dayClient Server Concepts 2 daysOracle 8 8 daysVisual Basic 9 daysOpensystems Stream Project 10 daysOpensystems Compre Preparation 1 dayOpensystems Compre Exam 2 daysSCHEDULE FOR MAINFRAMESMVS JCLCobolCICSDB2----------------------------------------------------------------------- EvalutaionExamination Structure ---------------------------------Individual modules may have examinations and thosemodules that have examinations will be graded. For moredetails on the assessment of individual modules, please referto the associated document “Table of Assessment”In addition to the module level evaluations, there will becomprehensive examinations. For trainees in Long Cycletraining, there will be two examinations, one each towardsthe end of generic phase of the training and another towardsthe end of the stream specific phase of the training. For theShort Cycle trainees, there will be one integratedcomprehensive exam towards the end of their training. Theassociated document “Guidelines for Comprehensive Exam”gives details on the structure of the comprehensive exam. The modules that are evaluated are called the evaluatedcourses and the trainee will be awarded a grade based onhis/her performance in the various evaluation components.Please refer to section 2.1 for the details of the grades. Group Home Page : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/infytech2005
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