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Interceptive Orthodontic
   INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS   INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS ã Definitions: Any procedure that eliminates or reduces the severity of malocclusion in the developing dentition.(Popovich and Thompson 1979, Hiles 1985.) All simple measures that eliminate the developing mal occlusion. (Ackerman and Proffit 1980)   INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS The aetiology of malocclusion could be: 1- Skeletal discrepancy 2- Soft tissue 3- local factors 4- Crowding and spacing 5- Displacements   INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS  Local factors : DELAYED ERUPTION OF UPPER PERMANENT CENTRAL INCISOR . ã Definition: 1 is considered to be delayed if the contra-lateral tooth was fully erupted or if teeth later in the usual eruption sequence were present. ã Interceptive treatment: removal of supernumerary with or without tooth exposure. ã Treatment timing: as soon as the supernumerary tooth is detected.
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