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BDA 3043 APPLIED THERMODYNAMIC CHAPTER 5 INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES 1 5.1  INTRODUCTION  One of the most significant inventions of the 20th century is the internal combustion (IC) engine Definition  An engine in which the chemical energy of the fuel is released inside the engine and used directly for mechanical work E I S V W P R C : Exhaust cam shaft : Intake Cam shaft : Spark plug : Inlet and exhaust valve : Water Jacket for cooling flow : Piston : Connecting Rod : Crank shaft 2
  1   BDA 3043APPLIED THERMODYNAMIC CHAPTER 5 INTERNALCOMBUSTION ENGINES  2 5.1INTRODUCTION  One of the most significantinventions of the 20 th century isthe internal combustion (IC)engine  Definition  An engine in which thechemical energy of the fuelis released inside theengine and used directly for mechanical work E : Exhaust cam shaftI: Intake Cam shaftS: Spark plugV: Inlet and exhaust valveW: Water Jacket for cooling flowP: PistonR: Connecting RodC: Crank shaft  3  IC engines use reciprocatingpiston in a cylinder (block)  The piston operates between the “top dead center”  (TDC) and the “bottom dead center”  (BDC)  Valves are used to control the flowof gas into and out of engine  Stroke is the largest distance thepiston travels  Bore is the diameter of the piston  Other components are piston,block, crankshaft, connecting rodetc. tdc bdc borestroke l                   a l  = connecting rod a = crank shaft θ  = crank angle  4 5.2TYPES & CLASSIFICATIONS OF IC ENGINES  IC engine can be classified according to:  applications   Automobile, truck, locomotive, light aircraft, marine, portable, power system etc   basic engine design  Reciprocating engine, rotary engine  no of cylinders  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc.  arrangement of cylinder   In-line, V-type, opposed, radial   working cycle  4-stroke, 2-stroke  fuel  Gasoline, diesel, nitro methane, alcohol, natural gas,hydrogen etc 
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