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   1  For BIS Use Only Doc No.: SM/IS14543/01 Date of Issue: January 2005 MANUAL FOR PACKAGED DRINKING WATER (  First Issue ) BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS MANAK BHAVAN, 9, BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARG, NEW DELHI - 110002   2 CONTENTS SECTION No.    PAGE No.  TITLE PAGE 1 INDEX PAGE 2 1. FOREWORD 3 2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 5 3. SPECIFICATIONS & HYGIENE EQUIREMENTS 7 4 MANUFACTURING PROCESS & CONTROLS 9 5. CERTIFICATION CRITERIA 11 6. ISSUES RELATED TO CERTIFIACATION OF IS 13428 18 (PACKAGED NATURAL MINERAL WATER) ANNEXURES 1. GUIDELINES FOR SAMPLING & TESTING OF CONTAINERS 20 2. GUIDELINES FOR ASSESSMENT OF HYGIENIC CONDITIONS 23 3. TYPICAL MANUFACTURING PROCESS, FLOW DIAGRAM AND CIP PROCESS 38 4. STI AND AMENDMENT NO. 1 TO STI FOR IS 14543 43 5. LIST OF POLICY GUIDELINES ISSUED 56 6. CHECK LIST FOR SCRUTINY OF APPLICATION 60 7. CHECK LIST FOR PROCESSING OF RED FORM 62 8. PROFORMA FOR PRELIMINARY INSPECTION 65 9. PROFORMA FOR PERIODIC INSPECTION 71 10. COMPARATIVE LIST OF REQUIREMENTS OF PDW AND PNMW 77 11. LIST OF TEST EQUIPMENTS 79   3 SECTION 1 FOREWORD BIS has published two Indian Standards for Packaged Drinking Water namely IS 13428 for Packaged Natural Mineral Water and IS 14543 for Packaged Drinking Water (Other Than Packaged Natural Mineral Water). Both the products are under mandatory certification. Both the Standards were reviewed extensively and a number of amendments were issued to them. The latest change is the revision of standard for Packaged Drinking Water (Other Than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) as IS 14543 : 2004 and Amendment No 1 of July 2004 also issued to the same. In the early stages, different procedures were adopted by many ROs/BOs. Even the scope of the licences were covered differently. The variations were as wide as “Open Licence” to “Packing/Quantity Specific” licences. While processing applications, some BOs were waiting for report of the processed water upto the declared Shelf-life period whereas others were not. In view of different approaches followed by different BOs, a strong need was felt for formulation of a Sector Specific Manual for ensuring uniform operation of certification of Packaged Drinking Water. This Manual is primarily meant for packaged drinking water, however, a separate section has been incorporated to give additional specific guidelines/clarification related to issues pertaining to Packaged Natural Mineral Water due to similarity of the products. This Manual provides GENERAL GUIDELINES for various aspect related to certification of the above product. Efforts have been made to provide suitable explanatory notes, wherever necessary, to the hygienic requirements prescribed in the Standard, to take care of subjective interpretations. It also includes specific proformae for submission of reports of preliminary & periodic inspections so as to facilitate uniform reporting by IOs, covering all essential parameters required to be reported as per ISS and STI.   4 The Standard provides sufficient freedom to the firms for adopting any process for manufacturing and therefore, the required manufacturing machinery for the purpose are not specified. The Manual gives illustrative examples of the various typical process flow diagrams of manufacturing, plant and machinery, cleaning and disinfection of containers as well as production pipelines. IS 14543 prescribes a large no. of requirements to be tested as per the methods of tests given in the various cross referred standards. Further, many requirements have options for selection of test method to be followed. This had made the task of the BIS Officer difficult and time consuming for complete assessment of adequacy of the test facilities. This manual provides a ready reckoner for the IOs to check facilities for each of the requirements against the method given under the IS and the method chosen by the firm. Various guidelines have been issued from time to time regarding Indian Standard/STI and related certification operational issues. Efforts have been made to incorporate major decisions in this manual, however, the provision of ISS, STI and policy guidelines would prevail over the manual, incase of any difference in interpretation. This Manual is to be used along with IS 14543 and STI Amended/revised from time to time. This document is intended for internal use by BIS officers only. Suggestions for any improvement in the manual may be sent to CMD for consideration.
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