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JAW - A Global Journey

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My JAW JourneyI have come for such a time as this. Esther: 4:14 Dr. Dale A. DanMy JAW Call from Florida to Washington At the end of 2008, I lost my best…
My JAW JourneyI have come for such a time as this. Esther: 4:14 Dr. Dale A. DanMy JAW Call from Florida to Washington At the end of 2008, I lost my best friend and confidante … My Mother. I had the joy of taking care of her during her final 5 years. Alzheimers was something new to me so together we had to learn what she needed and how I could best serve her. During our quiet moments, I would use that time to pray as I asked God to continue using my life for His purpose. I grew spiritually during my care of her. I was honored to have her peacefully rest and then pass away in my home knowing that she was taken care of daily. In 2009, I was free to travel around the USA interviewing for my next career stop. I was fortunate to receive good offers with one very huge financial package including housing, car, etc. Just as I was deciding on one of these offers, a young friend visited asking if I had made a decision. He then quickly mentioned that his father was attending a university in the Northwest and that the school needed my help as it was struggling. I was touched by his deep pleading but at that time it just made financial sense to take another offer that seemed financially sound. I could have used the opportunity to replenish funds after Mum’s passing. Also, I had felt a leading down south not up north.It was all quite puzzling. Without knowing anything about the Northwest, I agreed to speak with the university. The rest is history. While the compensation was about one third of the other offer I was considering, I felt the need to go which meant a relocation. My friends and family had a farewell for me. After they all left, I knelt and wept that night – while my heart was ready to answer the call, mentally it made no sense. Clearly I felt called to serve between Florida and the Caribbean-South America region. I had no natural desire to head to the Northwest. That night I feel asleep on my knees and heard a clear voice: “Pack and go, I will show you in time.” That is all I needed to hear. I answered and was off to do what was clearly God’s Will. I was blessed to serve the University in the roles of Regional Vice President, Director of Online Learning and Director of the Master of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneur-ship (MASCE) Degree. This MASCE Degree embodied the very DNA of JAW– a blend of work and faith. My time in the Northwest was life changing. I learned and grew even through the rough parts of that journey. It only equipped me to go further in my life’s calling with God – a calling that was clear since around age two. My time there reminded me that we serve a very strategic God … He sees where our eyes stop … we just need to listen and walk as He guides … He will do the rest. He is ever so faithful.My JAW Call from Washington to Florida While serving the university, it was evident that it was struggling in the area of enrollment. I realized that there was not much I could have done from there to serve them with this specific need. I had some contacts in the Florida, Caribbean and South American region so we agreed that I could serve them better from returning south. I did and eventually built what was called ‘The Palm Tree Region’ simply because all parts of that region consistently had palm trees. The region became the most structured and successful at times it housed as high as 87-90% of all students in classroom with high retention rates. I saw lives and communities blessed as leaders were equipped to serve specific needs within their cities. It was all about serving purpose as I recall one of the senior university's leaders saying to me one day, “Be strong. Like Esther in the Bible, you were brought here with purpose for ‘such as time as this’”. I did not understand at first but as I embraced the JAW message and started running with it … it all made perfect sense why I was taken to the Northwest. Then after equipping me with this message … God orchestrated my journey back to the South!My JAW Call to Serve Internationally My duties increased. In addition to leading the Masters Degree that closely embodied the JAW message and leading the growth of my region, I was also asked to lead the Global Online Learning Team to serve students scattered through 50 countries where this education was present. In addition, I started to join the teaching team for JAW internationally. Together, through online and seminars, I was working with students and participants internationally as I served them in several islands of The Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, St. Lucia and Suriname. Then the moment came … after about 26 years, I was going to get to serve my country once again! I visited Guyana back and forth as I set up the university there during a four-year period serving many leaders in the areas of Government, business, Education ,Church and Community NGOs. Many scholarships were awarded to help Guyanese pursue transformational leadership studies due to the high foreign exchange rate.USA to Guyana The opportunity opened up for me to work with a few internationally based companies in Guyana that would require me to return and settle fully in Guyana. Through the help of my own organization and partnering with others, I was able to integrate Joy-atWork into these organizations by offering very discounted costs – just enough to cover the expenses to execute the JAW courses that were 9 weeks and demanded lots of technology, teaching and support resources. Staff in these organizations received good salaries that allowed them to cover their education training in JAW and other areas needed for success. It all worked out well allowing these organizations to enjoy low attrition rates and high performance through the creation of JAW cultures. One of the organizations gained the title of ‘The Premier Organization’ as a result of the JAW culture admired by the local Ministry of Labor. The three years back in Guyana full time were very productive. There were some rough spots but all divinely led with purpose. Many lessons were learned including a major one – JAW must start with the leadership to be successful.Guyana to USA Returning to the USA was also a reminder that God is not just strategic .. He is ‘The’ Master Strategist as one friend states. I continue serving many leaders in Guyana via JAW Online Courses along with many other countries since the classrooms are global. This has been a beautiful few months of resting and praying as God keeps revealing those next steps and taking care of my needs in the most amazing ways. He provided full tuition scholarships in 2018 for some 130 leaders from over 11 countries. The class journey with this diverse group has been such an amazing experience that words cannot describe. After nine years of serving globally through this JAW message, I received a blessing in May, 2018 from the Founder of JAW to start The Joy-at-Work Center (JAWC) that will serve leaders globally in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese. JAWC will offer JAW Certificates to participants and trainers who desire to be certified in this area. It will also offer a series of workplace skills certificates that help many enjoy JAW workplaces through improved performance. JAW is about love respect and support. We cannot support if we do not know how to perform.Where I am now Through The Joy-at-Work Center (JAWC) , I will continue serving leaders globally as God directs. I am blessed with a strong and global team that will be walking this journey with me. I have come to the realization that each one has a White Stone and we learn what this is, as we seek God for our purpose in life. We need to find this purpose and we must embrace it so that we experience true joy through daily fulfillment. I desire this for you because I live this joy daily. We are here to help you. I will give to each one a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one understands except the one who receives it. Revelation 2:17A heartfelt thank you to those who made this JAW journey possible ‌Early Life’s Mentors Little did either of my life’s mentors know that their tireless mentoring was preparing me for my life’s calling ... JAW that would serve so many globally!My Mother & Education Mentor Mrs. Bebe Nysha Dan Education, Mathematics & EngineeringShe was the most brilliant person I ever met. Child prodigy at age 7. Qualified for the London School of Medicine at age 15. Father died so she could not pursue medicine – had to help her mother take care of her siblings. Was married to my father who was 34 years her senior. Had all 8 children by age 27. Studied along with husband and children so she was qualified in all areas pursued by her family members. Owned Business College that graduated thousands of young ladies placing them in jobs so that they could earn and take care of their families. Through her college, I learned at age five that education was transformational in advancing persons from one place to a better one. Migrated to USA where she owned her business providing jobs for many. She loved God and helping people. She was also a great writer authoring poetry booklets and her book, “Shifting Sands” that talks about her journey.My Teacher & Spiritual Mentor Dr. Jennifer Hoyte Mathematics, Computer Science & Bible EducationI was just blessed to be mentored by some of the best. Jennifer was the second most brilliant person I met in life. She was my teacher since high school then mentor then we ministered and consulted together for many years. She too made mathematics seem so easy and helped many succeed through her remarkable teaching style. She also created Computer Programs that served companies globally through her company – clients who are still with her after some 20 years. What stood out were the comments made by many internationally regarding her irrefutable knowledge of the Bible. Through her mentoring, I was able to gain a solid foundation of God and the Bible which helped me to be who I am today as I too reach out to others on my journey. She has authored many journal articles in the area of Mathematics Education with multiple academic and professional honors and awards. She continues developing online teaching methodologies especially for the adult math learners as she helps them apply math to their specific professional needs. She knows how to reduce math anxiety. She continues her ministry through her daily work.My JAW Mentors & Supporters This team of precious persons mentored me in the area of JAW and gave all support necessary for me to travel and share this message.Dr. Lowell BakkeDr. Gwen DeweyDr. Ray BakkeDr. Don DeweyMr. Dennis BakkeMy JAW Colleagues As a result of these dear colleagues, God opened doors through their organizations and they also co-taught with me as we extended JAW internationally.Ms. Cecily BernardDr. John KeaneThese dear ones provided strong subject matter expertise as we added quality to our JAW mentoring.Dr. Grace BarnesDr. Jim LaubDr. Fletcher TinkI humbly thank you for allowing us to serve you and covet your continued love and prayers as we keep serving God and His people with precision and astuteness.With love, DaleContact UsCheck us out at:https://www.jawcenter.orgContact Us
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