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S Name .No. 1. Shri K.K. Jha 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. V.K. Saxena Sachin Jain Hardeep Batra V. Naik Lanjewar K.S Garia Ramphal Rajiv Tondon Simmi Jain Madam Rasida husen Designation JS (Review) Dir (Review) US (JC) STO (JC) STO (JC) TO (JC) SO (JC) Commissioner-L DS (Legal) JS(RA) Science Telephone No. Mobile No. Intercom 26177580 9868306264 26162156 26161301 26177614 26177512 26165920 26177533 26161042 26162152 23712574 410 402 509 406 405 509 421 519 521 Ministry of Finance Deprtment of
  S.No. NameDesignationTelephone No. Mobile No.Intercom1.Shri K.K. JhaJS (Review)26177580 -98683062644102.V.K. SaxenaDir (Review)261621564023.Sachin JainUS (JC)26161301 - 5094.Hardeep BatraSTO (JC)26177614 - 4065.V. Naik LanjewarSTO (JC)261775124056.K.S GariaTO (JC)261659205097.RamphalSO (JC)261775334218.Rajiv TondonCommissioner-L261610425199.Simmi JainDS (Legal)2616215252110.Madam Rasida husenJS(RA)23712574Science  Ministry of FinanceDeprtment of Revenue 1.Name of Applicant: R.N.CHAUDHARY ::2.Leave Rules applicable3.Post held : LDC 4.Section : JS (REVIEW) 5.Pay : Rs. 3725/ 6.Nature & Period of Leave: E/L 21/04/2008 to30/04/2008 (10 days) and the nature and periodof that leave.7.Ground on which leave is : Father Serious to mynative Village  applied for 8.I propose/do not prose to avail myself of leave travelconcession for the Block Years------------during theensuring leave.9.(a)I under take to refund the difference between theleave salary drawn during on average pay/commuted leaveand that admissible during the leave on behalf average pay/half pay leave which would have not been admissibleand the provision to F.R.81 (b)(II) Rule 11 (c) III of therevised leave Rules, 1983, N not been applied in the eventof my retirement from service at the end or during thecurrency of leave.(b)I undertake to refund the leave salary drawn duringleave not due which would not have been admissible, hadF.R.81©rule 11 (d) of the Revised Leave Rule, 1983 not been applied in the event of my voluntary retirement fromservice at the end of or during the currency of leave.10.Leave Address Village- Mairwa, P.O. Mairwa, Dist.SIWAN (BIHAR) (SIGNATURE OF THE APPLICANT WITH DATE)  Remarks and /or recommendationsof the Controlling Officer (SIGNATURE WITH DATE & DESIGNATION)The JToJoint Secretary(Review)Department of Revenue(CBEC).Sub: Joining Report I hereby report for duty on 01/05/2008 (forenoon) after availing Earned Leave from21/04/2008 to 30/04/2008…(10 days).,Yours faithfully(R.N.CHAUDHARY)LDCSanctioning AuthorityJS ®  Administrative Officer (DDM)ToThe OSD to M(P&V)Central Board of Excise & CustomsDepartment of RevenueMinistry of FinanceSir,I may kindly be granted on day Casual leave on 13 .12.007 due to some un urgent work at home.Thanking you,Yours faithfully,(Ram Prasad )Head Havaldar 
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