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Visit us online at www.lowcountrysun.sc For the Young and Active After 50 The Tri-County’s Premier Publication Serving Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston Counties March, 2009 Volume 8, No 3 www.lowcountrysun.sc By Bill Farley Night Writer Service At her comfortable home on the In- tracoastal Waterway on the Isle of Palms, nurse-writer-actress and breast cancer survivor Gene Glave laughs...a lot! Her laugh is birdlike, but not like the trill of a sparrow or a canary’s melod
  Visit us online at www.lowcountrysun.sc For the Young and Active After 50The Tri-County’s Premier Publication Serving Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston Counties March, 2009Volume 8, No 3www.lowcountrysun.sc  By Bill Farley Night Writer Service At her comfortable home on the In-tracoastal Waterway on the Isle of Palms,nurse-writer-actress and breast cancersurvivor Gene Glave laughs...a lot! Herlaugh is birdlike, but not like the trill of asparrow or a canary’s melodic call. Morelike the kookburra’s raucous guffaw. Allthat hilarity issuing forth from the petite,curly-headed health care professional isall the more astonishing when placed in juxtaposition to the serious medical treat-ment she has endured for the past threeyears.In January, 2006, Gene was diag-nosed with breast cancer. Bad enough,but hers was a rare form of the disease,estrogen receptor negative metaplasticspindle cell adenocarcinoma, which af-fects less than one percent of breast can-cer victims.As the manager of Pediatric Servic-es for Roper St. Francis Healthcare, sheknew right away what she was in for. Shehad administered chemotherapy manytimes to the youngest cancer patients,keeping the ones who didn’t make it inher heart and exulting over the ones whotreatment improved and even cured. Shefaced a mastectomy plus chemotherapywith adriamycin, a powerful drug nick-named the “red devil”for its red color andits generally ghastlyside effects, plus cy-toxan and taxol.The night be-fore her surgery,she gathered fam-ily and friends to-gether for a sym-bolic “burn thebra” party. Fortypeople showedup, including herminister at Sun-rise PresbyterianChurch whereshe quips that she is “an elder…inmany ways!” Unfortunately, Gene hadn’treally thought the concept through andquickly discovered that neither a cigarettelighter nor matches will actually ignite awell-constructed brassiere. That notwith-standing, she enjoyed the symbolism of the gesture and still cracks up when sheshows visitors a photo of her futile effortto torch her undergarment.The mastectomy went well.That is, it went well until Gene was safe-ly in the recovery room surrounded onceagain by well-wishers. She has no mem-ory of what happened next, but thosepresent – including the aforementionedminister- swear that she launched into alaudatory and quite explicit monologueabout her husband Dick’s sexual exper-tise! While a more somber individualmight be hugely embarrassed by such arevelation, Glave dissolves in peals of laughter whenever she relates the tale. For Gene Glave, Laughter Really Is Gene gets a well-deserved hug and kiss from her fella, husband, Dick. w See   GENE    page 5   Want Teeth That Look and Feel Like Your Own?  Consider Dental Implants.   Do you hide your smile?   Do you have missing teeth?   Do your dentures fit badly?   Do you want to speak and eatagain with confidence? James Warner, DMD, FICOI, FAGD Fellow International Congress of Oral Implantologists 1 100 Queensborough Blvd. ã Mt. Pleasant, SC ã 29464 www .charlestondentistry .com Visit Our T rusted,Caring Dental Offi ceT oday For Your 5% Senior Discount Mini-Implants and Conventional Tw o Piece Implants 5% Senior Discount 843-388-9894 The Most  Natural    Wa y to Permanently Replace Missing T eeth (NAPS)—As the median age of Ameri-cans rises and more baby boomers preparefor important decisions—like when to takeSocial Security and when to exit the work-place—a new study called the Sun Life Financial Unretirement Index is nding that many of the traditional attitudes aboutretirement no longer apply.For example, almost half (48%) of theAmerican workforce believes it will stillbe working at age 67—and four of the ve top reasons given were not nancial in nature. Instead, the most cited reasonfor continuing to work (83%) was “to staymentally engaged.”The Sun Life Financial Unretirement Index is a rst-of-its-kind measure to track the changing attitudes and expectationsAmerican workers have regarding retire-ment. The Index gauges how economic, nancial and societal forces are impact -ing working Americans’ perceptions of their ability to retire, and as these factorsand other market forces change, whetherworkers believe they will have a “tradi-tional” retirement or will enter the ranks of the “unretired.” Unretirement is dened as working at least 20 hours per week afterthe age when one is eligible to receive full Social Security benets. “As our workforce evolves and at-titudes are impacted by economic condi-tions and world events, the nature of re-tirement in America evolves as well,” saidBob Salipante, president, Sun Life Finan-cial U.S. “Traditional views on retirementare quickly evolving and more Americansare choosing to be unretired.”Nearly 40% of workers surveyed withhousehold assets of more than $500Kstill plan to work at least part time, whileoverall, more than 77% of those planningto work beyond age 67 will do so to earnenough money to live well.The Index also examined a broadarray of factors including economics, health care, personal nance and govern - ment benets and their potential impact on Americans’ plans for retirement.It found that only 46% of those surveyed are “very condent” that they will have enough money to take care of basic livingexpenses at the traditional retirement age of 67. Only 28% are “very condent” that they will be able to take care of medical expenses and 26% are “not at all con -dent” that they will be able to do so. To learn more about the Unretirement  Index, visit the Web site at www.unretire-mentindex.com. New Index Helps Determine Future Of Retirement  2 ã   MARCH 2009 ã www.lowcountrysun.sc  www.lowcountrysun.sc ã MARCH 2009 ã 3 1-888-888-8888,TTY: 711 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, any day of the week. Our family of Medicare products and services includes:At SecureHorizons, we recognize the valuable contributions seniorsand other eligible Medicare beneficiaries make to our communities,and we are committed to providing quality health care coverage forpeople with Medicare across the country. No matter where you live,our Medicare Advantage plans can help you stay healthy and get morefrom Medicare. SecureHorizons ® Health Plansappreciates our seniors and othereligible Medicare beneficiaries. www.AARPMedicareComplete.comwww.SecureHorizons.com    By Bill Farley Night Writer Service   The time has come to putthe cards on the table and tellit like it is! The Post & Cou-rier is running scared. Thenewspaper’s editors undoubt- edly rst became anxious after seeing Cappy Rearick’slively column of personal re- ections in the Lowcountry Sun. Then, “In This Cor-ner…” became a regular fea-ture in the Sun and within twomonths the P&C had pulledtwo of its biggest guns – KenBurger and Brian Hicks – off their beats to hammer outtheir own columns of obser-vations and opinions. Coinci-dence? I think not!!!Truth is, the local daily undoubtedly nally realized it needed some local voices,not just those views promul-gated by syndicated punditswhose home bases are ev- erywhere from Kalamazoo to Kankakee, from Arkansas toWashington, D.C. So, imita-tion being the sincerest form of attery, the LowcountrySun can feelpatted on itseditorial back.Of the twonewcolum-nists –bothof whom are rst rate, by the way - Iprobably feel most simpaticowith Ken Burger, who in anearly column bemoaned thetrials and tribulations of hav-ing toiled so many years asa sports writer. I, too, put inmy time on the sports beat,albeit in network television,not print. I can concur that itwas not always a bed of ros-es, or even chrysanthemums. All those rst class ights to pedestrian events suchas the Indianapolis 500, theKentucky Derby, and the U.S Open! All those boring ve star hotel rooms and tediousexpense account gourmetdinners! Those damnable 50yard line seats and free PressRoom beers and buffets! Hav-ing to become friends withfamous professional athletes!The horror!!! It’s enoughto make any sane reporter plead for a few juicy zoning board and planning commis-sion meetings to cover, or theluxury of transfer to the balletand symphony beat.But, I digress. The realmessage here is that readersrelate best to writers who livein their area and tend to share their localized points of view. That’s why most Lowcountryresidents are more apt to turnto “The South’s Oldest DailyNewspaper” for their dailydose of current events than,say, to the Boston Globe, ev-enthough the latter may havefar greater newsgathering re-sources. In the same manner,the rapidly growing50+ population in thetri-county area increas-ingly turns to theLow-country Sun for articlesthat address their specif-ic interests and for infor-mation from savvy adver-tiserswho understandthevalue of reaching their afuent demographic ratherthan…rather-than…well, there isno competition.That’s why it’s myhonor and pleasure tobe allowed to air someof my own views righthere in these pageseach month. Granted,I’m a native-bornYankee and onlya fairly recentresident of our very spe-cial coastalparadise. But, I feel as if afterspending most of my life inAmerica’s largest metropoli-tan areas, I’ve found a homein Charleston.Of course, this columnwas created to offer opinions,observations and even pre-dictions on a wide range of subjects, so, here goes:1) Even though they werenot in the 2009 Super Bowl,the New York Giants haveto be considered the great-est team in the NFL. I mean,they’re called “giants” forPete’s sake! “Giants” areeven bigger andmeaner than“titans” andcan certainlyintimidateand crushteamsnamed forlittle bird- ies, or sh, or wild animals,not to mention meatpackers, iron workers, steerwranglers, holy men and thelike. And, just for the record,what the heck is a Cleveland“brown” anyway???2) In 2009, after a centuryof futility, the Chicago Cubsshould and will change theirname to the “Chicago Bil-lygoats.” This will lead to theimmediate lifting of the curse that has aficted the team since 1945 and will result inan unprecedented 162 game“perfect season” winningstreak culminating in a fourgame sweep of the World Series and Ron Santo nally being inducted into the Hallof Fame. Also, a mysterioustsunami will sweep U.S. Cel-lular Field and every trace of the White Sox into the depthsof Lake Michigan.3) During the courseof extensive genealogicalresearch, America’s 44thPresident will discover aheretofore hidden apostro-phe in his surname. He willbegin speaking with thesame brogue made famous by Barry Fitzgerald in “Go - ing My Way” and will y to New York City on March17th to serve as Grand Mar-shall O’Bama in the annualSt. Patrick’s Day Parade.Corned beef and cabbagewill replace Duck a l’Orangeas the entrée for all futurestate dinners.When you’ve dealt inhard facts for so many years,it’s empowering to be ableto lighten up and just writeabout what interesting thingsyou’ve seen and what wildideas have crossed yourmind. If you make an obser-vation or a prognosticationand it turns out to be wrong,all you have to say is “Hey,that was just my opinion!”Messrs. Burger andHicks, may you continue toamuse and enlighten us withyour incisive insights and lit-erate styles. Just don’t forget who got there rst.    Bill Farley denies that heever scalped his press cre-dentials for the Professional  Bowlers Association Tourna-ment of Champions…or thePresidential Inauguration. He can be contacted at su-  perfghter@ bellsouth.net  A BETTER HEARING SOLUTION East CooperHearing Centers Specializing in Noise InducedHearing Loss Multiple Manufacturers Call 843-881-8666 ã Home Visits Available ã 30 Day Trial Period ã Mail Supplies To Home ã Repairs On All Makes ã Musicians Earplugs J OSEPH G ILLESPIE , A UDIOLOGIST Mt. Pleasant ã Downtown ã Goose Creek  ã Moncks Corner ã Kiawah Island Need Help? Personal Assistancethat PromotesIndependence ã Care for seniors, new mothers, disabledindividuals, and others . ã Assistance with dressing, bathing,shopping, etc.ã No hourly minimum requirement.ã Free, comprehensive, in-home evaluation.ã Thoroughly screened and credentialedcaregivers.ã Acceptance of long-term and privateinsurances . ã Quick turnaround for care - often within24 hours . Contact Us T oday! (877) 629-4680 www.maximhomecare.com 4 ã   MARCH 2009 ã www.lowcountrysun.sc The Tri-County’s Premier Publication for the Young and Active After 50 Over 200 Distribution Points and 30,000 Readersin the Greater Charleston Area The Lowcountry Sun is a monthly newspaper dedicated to informing,serving and entertaining active senior adults in the Greater Charlestonarea.Subscriptions are available, prepaid with order, at $31 for one year. Send subscription orders to:  Lowcountry Sun, 1961 Treebark Drive, Charleston, SC 29414 Orders received by the 15 of the month will start with the next issue.Publication of advertising contained herein does not necessarily consti-tute endorsement. Signed columns are the opinion of the writers and notnecessarily the opinion of the publisher, advertisers or their agencies. Copyright 2008 - Neighborhood Newspapers, Inc. All rights reserved. Contributing Writers  Bill Farley, Liz Sharp,Wendy Trigger, CappyHall Rearick, WTMA’sRocky D. Publisher/Sales  Torrey Monroe843-345-1314 Graphics/Layout Jill Lancaster L et us mail the Lowcountry Sun to your home.Only $31 for one year. NameAddressCity/State/ZipPhone Email Mail coupon to1961 Treebark Drive, Charleston, SC 29414 843-345-1314 ã Fax 843-556-7810
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