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Learning Italian eBook | Verb | Adjective

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Learning foreign languages, simple phrases, words and grammar.
    Italian I  1.Some Basic Phrases 2.Pronunciation 3.Alphabet 4.Articles and Demonstratives 5.Useful Words 6.Subject Pronouns 7.To Be and to Have 8.Question Words 9.Numbers / Ordinals 10.Days of the Week 11.Months of the Year 12.Seasons 13.Directions 14.Color 15.Time 16.Weather 17.Family and Animals 18.To Know People and Facts 19.Formation of Plural Nouns 20.Possessive Adjectives 21.To Do or Make   22.Work and School 23.Prepositions 24.Prepositional Contractions 25.Countries and Nationalities 26.To / In and From places 27.To Come and to Go 28.Conjugating Regular Verbs 29.Reflexive Verbs 30.Irregularities in Regular Verbs 31.Past Indefinite Tense 32.Irregular Past Participles 33.Essere Verbs 34.Food and Meals 35.Piacere and Servire 36.Fruits, Vegetables, Meats 37.To Take, Eat or Drink 38.Commands 39.More Negatives 40.Holiday Phrases Italian National Anthem  Italian II  41.Stare 42.Present Participles 43.Imperfect Tense 44.Places 45.Transportation   46.To Want, to Be Able to, to Have to 47.Asking Questions 48.House and Furniture 49.Comparative and Superlative 50.Irregular Forms 51.Clothing 52.To Wear 53.Future Tense 54.Preceding Adjectives 55.Adjectives: Feminine & Plural 56.More Adjectives 57.Position of sempre and anche 58.Sports 59.To Play 60.Nature 61.Object Pronouns 62.Parts of the Body 63.Interrogative Pronouns 64.Relative Pronouns 65.To Read, to Say/Tell, to Laugh 66.Disjunctive Pronouns 67.Ci and Ne 68.Animals 69.Pluperfect 70.Suffixes  Italian III    71.Adverbs 72.Passive Voice 73.The Impersonal Si  74.Post Office and Bank 75.To Give and to Receive 76.Infinitives followed by Prepositions 77.The Beach 78.To Follow 79.Fare Causative 80.Office / School Supplies 81.Conditional Tenses 82.Parts of a Car / Gas Station 83.To Drive 84.Travelling / Airport 85.Directional Words 86.Use of the Infinitive 87.Subjunctive Mood 88.Uses of the Subjunctive Mood 89.Possessive Pronouns 90.The Farm 91.Historical Past 
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