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Accreditation and AffiliationLife Skills for Students The education system today is much beyond academics. It focuses on developing life skills of the students. Life…
Accreditation and AffiliationLife Skills for Students The education system today is much beyond academics. It focuses on developing life skills of the students. Life skills are the skills that make students ready to face the outer world and enable them to cope up with the competition ahead. In this fast running world, learning ABCD and tough theorems is not sufficient to ace the competition. Life skills play a crucial role along with academics knowledge in both professional as well as personal growth of an individual. These enable students to handle daily issues in an effective manner.Some of the essential life skills that every student should possess include:•Focus and self- control: The fixed schedule and time table of school helps students to learn self- control and to enhance their focus. •Perspective-taking: This includes understanding other’s point of view and considering them. Group discussions and interactive sessions enhance this skill. •Communication skill: Communication skill is important for maintaining healthy socio-emotional skills. It can be sharpened through speaking, classroom discussions and other school activities.•Making connections: This entails to establishing a connection between two different things around us. The more connections we make, more sense and meaning we make of the world around us. •Critical thinking: It includes analyzing a situation and finding out different solutions. Classroom activities, quiz, games and projects inculcate this skill. •Taking challenges: This skill teaches students to accept failure and keep accepting challenges in life. Sport and other cultural activities encourage the students to become bold.•Self- directed learning: This enables them to maintain the habit of taking self-initiative for gaining more and more knowledge without the need for any instructor or institution.•Decision making: This skill is very important as everyone requires this skill in everyday life. Effective decision making helps in choosing the right path and selecting the right solution. •Personal and social responsibility: Schools should help its students to realize their social and personal responsibility and to be good citizens in their community.Benefits of teaching life skills at school There are oodles of benefits of learning life skills for students. At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, top boarding school in India, we give preference to inculcating life skills and morals. The ambience of the school is such that promotes the holistic development of the students.Here are some benefits of life skills that every student at MIT Vishwshanti Gurukul can leverage: •Life skills help students to develop good judgment and habits.•Students develop self-understanding and get to know about their strengths as well as weaknesses. So, they can lead their life accordingly. •Students learn to solve their problems independently.•Life skills help students to observe the situation, analyze it and come up with the best-suited solutions. •Students learn everyday skills like communicating, stitching, dressing sense, ethics, how to deal with bullies around them and to perform daily basic work. •These build self-regulation.•Life skills teach empathy. •Life skills develop reasoning ability. Students begin thinking beyond what is written in their books and they think logically.Life skills are essential for the development of students. MIT Vishwshanti Gurukul encourages its students to adopt all the necessary skills and develops them holistically. If you wish to mold the persona of your child into a winning personality, then send your child to one of the top boarding schools in India, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul.THANK YOU
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