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ABSTRACT Science and technology with all its miraculous advancements has fascinated human life to a great extent that imagining a world without these innovations is hardly possible. While technology is on the raising slope, we should also note the increasing immoral activities. With a technical view, “Power Theft” is a non-ignorable crime that is highly prevalent, and at the same time it directly affects the economy of a nation. Data collected over Tirunelveli District, Bhel Trichy proves the ne
    ABSTRACT Science and technology with all its miraculous advancements hasfascinated human life to a great extent that imagining a world without theseinnovations is hardly possible. While technology is on the raising slope, weshould also note the increasing immoral activities. With a technical view, “Power Theft” is a non-ignorable crime that is highly prevalent, and at the same time itdirectly affects the economy of a nation. Data collected over  Tirunelveli District , Bhel Trichy proves the necessity of this project.Detecting and eradicating such crimes with the assistance of thedeveloping scientific field is the “Need of the Hour”. With these views was this paper conceived and designed. Our paper provides a complete and comprehensivetool to prevent power theft which is very simple to understand and easy toimplement(Accepted by T.N.E.B officials). It includes four sections – transmitting,receiving, counter display and processing sections. DESCRIPTION OF OUR IMPLEMENTATION IDEAS :The disc revolutions are sensed into pulses by optical slot sensor.These pulses are shaped and given as control signal to the CMOS switch which bypasses carrier wave generated by PLL provides as input to receiving sectionwhere transmitted signal is selected by the Intermediate frequency transformer. For   each lock a pulse is sent out. The counter section is designed to send out pulse for every six input pulse from the receiver section. This count is parallely distributedin a 7-segmentdisplay and then to µc for further processing. µc performs thefunction of indication and identification. Pindetails, features, connections and softwareemployed for µc89c51 are described in detail.We believe our implementation ideas is a boon to the electricity board offering them a chance to detect accurately the location and amount of  power theft. Logical view for a digital meter is also included in our presentation. SIR, we are ready to present a live demo about our implementationideas(Power theft identifier) CONTENTS  INTRODUCTION  MICRO CONTROLLER BASED AUTOMATION  MODES OF THEFT  MODERN DETECTING TOOLS  BLOCK DIAGRAM  TRANSMITTING SECTION  RECEIVING SECTION  COUNTER CUM DISPLAY SECTION  PROCESSING SECTION  AN OVERVIEW OF IC 8951  OPERATION OF MICRO CONTROLLER   SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION FOR IC 89c51   MONITORING MEASURES  MERITS  CONCLUDING LINES INTRODUCTION: Electricity is the modern man’s most convenient and useful form of energy without which the present social infrastructure would not be feasible. Theincrease in per capita production is the reflection of the increase in the livingstandard of people. When importance of electricity is on the increasing side, thenhow much should theft of this energy or illegal consumption of power from thetransmission lines be averted? Power theft has become a great challenge to theelectricity board. The dailies report that Electricity Board suffers a total loss of 8 % in revenue due to power theft every year, which has to controlled. Our paper identifies the Power theft and indicates it to the Electricity board through Power line. We had also dealt about the remote monitoring of an energy meter. MICROCONTROLLER BASED AUTOMATION :Embedded systems - a combination of software, hardware andadditional mechanical parts that together forms a component of a larger system, to “ TODAY’S TECHNICIANS ARE SO FOCUSSED ON THE TREES OF TECHNOLOGICALCHANGE THAT THEY FAIL TO SEE THE FOREST; THE UNDERLYING ECONOMICFORCES THAT DETERMINE SUCCESS AND FAILURE…”“TECHNOLOGY CHANGES ECONOMY LAWS DO NOT”   perform a specific function. It’s a technology, characterized by high reliability,restricted memory footprint and real time operation associated with a narrowlydefined group of functions. Automation has made the art of living comfortable andeasy. Embedded systems have made the process of automation a most successfulone. Here, we have focused on automotive, an area of embedded controllers, inwhich we have dealt with the Power theft identification and also about the remotemonitoring of an energy meter.The microcontroller chip is preprogrammed to perform a dedicated or a narrowrange of functions as a part of a larger system, usually with minimal end user or operator intervention. Our paper throws light on automated monitoring of theftidentification, which is an application of embedded controllers. MODES OF THEFT: It has been seen that there are 4 common methods of power theft as given below :- ã Bogus seals and tampering of seals. ã Meter tampering, meter tilting, meter interface andmeter bypassing. ã Changing connection. ã Direct tapping from line.Due to introduction of modern electronic metering equipments, power thieves are utilizing more technological methods. Recent cases of power theftdiscovered by British inspectors included customers tunneling out to roadsidemains cables and splicing into the supply, a garage taking its night time power supply from the nearest lamp post and domestic customers drilling holes intometer boxes and attempting to stop the counter wheels from turning. Another method of Power theft is by keeping a strong magnet in front of the disc inthe energy meter and thus arresting the rotation of the disc, connecting the loaddirectly to the power line bypassing the energy meter. But, it can be avoidedeasily by providing a non magnetic enclosure.“ Technology have taken the world by stormperformance ratings and exceptionally value for money prices”
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