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mechanical ventilators in icu:-an approach | Lung | Respiratory System

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a little effort to understand the ventilators in icu.
    SEMINAR ONSEMINAR ONMECHANICAL VENTILATIONMECHANICAL VENTILATION GuideGuideDr. G.Singh (MS)Dr. G.Singh (MS)Co-GuideCo-GuideDr. A.M. Lakra (MD)Dr. A.M. Lakra (MD) -Rajan Kumar     IntroductionIntroduction  Cornerstone for intensive care medicineCornerstone for intensive care medicine  Ventilate is derived from Latin wordVentilate is derived from Latin word “ventus”“ventus” meaningmeaning wind.wind.  VentilationVentilation is movement of is movement of air air into and outsideinto and outsidethe bodythe body  The ventilators must overcome theThe ventilators must overcome thepressure generated by the elastic recoil of pressure generated by the elastic recoil of the lung at end inspiration plus thethe lung at end inspiration plus theresistance to flow at the airway.resistance to flow at the airway.  Ventilators provide infusion of a blend of air Ventilators provide infusion of a blend of air or oxygen into the circuit.or oxygen into the circuit.    HistoryHisto   ry  InIn 1543, Vesalius1543, Vesalius demonstrated the ability todemonstrated the ability tomaintain the beating heart in animals with openmaintain the beating heart in animals with openchest.chest.  InIn 1780,1780, such technique were first applied tosuch technique were first applied tohumanshumans  InIn 1887, fell-o-dwyer apparatus1887, fell-o-dwyer apparatus was used for was used for translaryngeal ventilation via a bellows.translaryngeal ventilation via a bellows.  InIn 1928, the drinker–Shaw iron lung 1928, the drinker–Shaw iron lung  based onbased onnegative pressure ventilationnegative pressure ventilation  FromFrom 1930-1950 1930-1950  – such machines were the – such machines were themainstay in ventilation of mainstay in ventilation of  victims of poliovictims of polio  epidemicsepidemics    Basic anatomyBasic anatomy
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